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Outstanding stone wash basins everyone needs to see. River Stone wash basins

Discover Exceptional Stone Wash Basins: Must-See Designs for Everyone

River Stone wash basins

soaking bath

It is not a secret that river stone wash basins can transform any bathroom into unique and spectacular interior. These are not the basins only, that you may find in River Stone Collection, but also large pedestal stone sinks, magnificent boulder bathtubs, bathroom sets, soap disposer, candle holders, and many others…

soaking bath of stone

Most people nowadays declare to decorate their apartments in more natural way. Stone and wood are becomming more and more popular again. Bathroom is not an exeption. Stone and wooden countertops, sinks or even bathtubs are becoming very common. Can you think about any more natural design, but this made by mother nature. That is what describes river stone collection. Vanity or pedestal sinks together with stone shower try, or riverstone bathtub works perfectly with bamboo countertops or teak wood wall cladding. Even in small bathrooms river stone sinks look adorable. Natural style finds beauty in aged, utilitarian design. The look is simple, clean and rugged. River stone bathtub, made of river boulder can make ultimate bathroom sanctuary in your home.

Handmade, never quite with equally the same patterns or shades. With them inside, your bathroom can be easily transformed into most peaceful, and relaxing place you can think of. Just like your favorite spa.
See this video and check how a Lavabo Cut sink from the river stone collection looks like in detail.

It is true, that they are heavy, but this is stone, and it is supposed to be heavy. Nevertheless, with a little work you can fit them to every single bathroom.

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