The importer ordered river stone washbasins from someone else, and here’s what went wrong

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The importer ordered river stone washbasins from someone else, and here's what went wrong

The importer ordered river stone washbasins from someone else, and here's what went wrong

 With the help of one of our partners, who previously purchased a whole container of river stone washbasins from the “producer” without experience, we managed to prepare documentation using photographs to demonstrate several errors in the production of stone washbasins that make it impossible to connect such washbasins in a bathroom.

Defect number 1:
The drainage holes in the washbasins were drilled crookedly, likely done manually. As a result, the recess for the drain plug is 2 mm on the right side and 8 mm on the left side. The drain plug will not be level, meaning the pipe under the washbasin cannot be connected. Additionally, a push-down/pop-up type plug will not be able to function. This defect alone renders the washbasin unsuitable for use. Furthermore, water will not be able to drain completely, and there will always be some remaining in the lowest point of the drain hole.

Defect number 2:
The drain hole is too wide. The diameter of the drain hole is approximately 0.5 cm wider than standard drain plugs. This causes any dirt, which cannot be cleaned, to accumulate around the drain plug. Additionally, there is a real risk of water seeping under the plug and leaking under the countertop instead of flowing into the drain pipe. This disqualifies such washbasins.

Defect number 3:
The drain hole is not polished. This will cause the washbasins to absorb moisture and water in that area, potentially increasing the weight of the washbasin by up to 3 times. While this doesn’t completely disqualify the washbasins, it poses a real risk for suspended cabinets on which such washbasins will be placed.


In summary:
Attempts to install washbasins that, at first glance, appear to be properly made can expose the bathroom owner to significant problems, not only in terms of usage and everyday comfort when using such washbasins, but above all, pose a risk in case of water leakage or an increase in the weight of the washbasin.

Lux4home makes every effort to ensure that each stone washbasin meets the following quality standards for a good reason:

Uniformly drilled drainage hole: Each washbasin has a precisely drilled drainage hole of the same depth. This ensures proper functionality and compatibility with standard drain systems.

Polished surfaces in contact with water: Every part of the washbasin that comes into contact with flowing water is meticulously polished to prevent water absorption. This helps maintain the integrity and durability of the washbasin over time.

Diameter matching country standards: The diameter of the drainage outlet is specifically tailored to meet the standards of the country in which the washbasin is intended for use. This ensures seamless integration with local plumbing systems.

Level base for proper water flow: The washbasin’s base is perfectly leveled to facilitate the smooth flow of water. This allows for efficient drainage and prevents water from pooling or stagnating in the basin.

Polishing instead of waxing: Lux4home prioritizes the use of polishing techniques over waxing. This ensures a long-lasting, lustrous finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the washbasins.

That is why our washbasins significantly differ from others, and our partners are well aware of this distinction.

Unique Petrified Stone Sink inside a bathroom

natural petrified wood stone washbasins.

Unique Petrified Stone Sink inside the bathroom

Another unique and atmospheric implementation of our petrified wood washbasin.

We have produced a very large countertop washbasin (petrified wood stone sink), which is 37 cm high and 65 cm wide. The uniqueness of this washbasin lies in the fact that it is made of an exceptionally rare material, which is petrified wood (a real tree trunk that transforms into stone for millions of years below the earth’s surface, without access to oxygen) and that its size is equally impressive for a countertop washbasin. It has been installed in an awe-inspiring, atmospheric bathroom where it harmonizes with the natural colors of green, black and twilight. No unnecessary elements. The interior somehow forces you to calm down, relax and refers to nature. Minimalism at its finest form. A piece of art exhibited between the corners of the bathroom

Petrified Wood Stone Sink

From the same material, we are able to make a stone bathtub (although it is more and more difficult to find it), or a bathtub made of petrified wood. These very unique and unrepeatable items cost much more than river stone or marble bathtubs, but they are also of a completely different value – we estimate that in a few years this material will be completely unavailable, because it is more and more difficult to find. Nobody’s perfect.. Well, maybe except for Lux4home™ natural 
Unique Petrified Woos Stone Sink
Unique Petrified Woos Stone Sink
Unique Petrified Woos Stone Sink
Unique Petrified Woos Stone Sink
Unique Petrified Woos Stone Sink
which are always looking naturally. In case there is a river boulder that looks a bit odd, we don’t try too hard to make it look like a perfect rock sink. We just move forward to another one. Ruthless, one may say.. but we keep the “special” rocks for special occasions. Everyone is given a chance at our factory, but we stick closely to standards that work for particular groups of clients. This point comes from frequent feedback from bathroom designers and architects. “Guys! We are extremely worried about the drain hole. What if we are unable to install your bathtub?”. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Our rock bathtubs and rock sinks are delivered to Europe, Middle East, Asia, USA and Australia. That includes the Petrified Wood Stone Sink. Each of these regions have different drainage standards. That is why the last thing we do on either a natural stone sink or stone bath is drilling the proper drain hole which would work for a local standard. Our freestanding stone tubs are installed just as any other bathtubs. We have been operating on the market for many years, gaining invaluable experience that allowed us to get us where we are today. We guarantee our clients that they will receive products that are 100% compatible with their personal vision. The Lux4home team are passionate people who are always ready to help and bring their ideas to make this experience unmatched, and create modern stone sinks and bathtubs that will last for years. The production of Petrified Wood Stone Sink is based in Indonesia, on Java island where the rocks are diverse and the sun is shining all over the territory. Owing to intense volcanic activity in the area called the Circle of Fire, Indonesia offers many solid and beautiful rocks and boulders. You will not find the same quality of stone anywhere else.

Natural stone sinks are eco-friendly!

Boulder Stone Sink

Natural stone sinks are eco-friendly!

We produce the most eco-friendly bathroom equipment out there!

Have you ever considered the impact of the bathroom remodelling on the environment? All the debris might appear insignificant, however, if you multiply it by millions of remodels every year it may add up to a terrifying number. Now, imagine working with stone bathtubs or stone sinks.

Boulder Stone Sink – Pedestal Sinks

Not only sinks but stone bathtubs make interiors shine!

We have no doubts that people who own our sinks are generally happier people. We know that directly from them. Those happy customers invite nature to their interiors and they don’t look back, really. It does not matter whether the water enters the rock or leaves it, together they fit like a glove!

Apart from personal preferences, it is also known that natural stone sinks are more eco-friendly than common ceramic sinks. Nature will be happy to accept the natural stone back, but it will not be happy to receive a ceramic sink that is hard to recycle. We are proud to contribute to the popularity of those sinks, as each year we handle dozens of individual interior design projects where natural river rock tubs and sinks are desired by architects and final users.

This might seem insignificant, but it is not, really. Small details like these are important in the age of climate challenges and the strategy of balanced development. What also contributes to the eco-friendliness of natural stone is its durability. The reason why there is no need to replace it anytime soon is its robustness. This results in less consumption in the years to come which you may use, for example, to invest in solar panels.

Boulder Stone Sink – Pedestal Sinks
natural stone bathtubs flumen
Boulder Stone Sink – Pedestal Sinks
matching stone sinks and stone bathtubs
Boulder Stone Sink – Pedestal Sinks

Solid River Stone Pedestal Basins are produced by us from a single river rock boulder – just like our stone bathtubs Flumen, a classic rock tub. The outside is left untouched, while the inside is meticulously polished to provide a wonderful user’s experience.

Do these freestanding natural stone sinks have any flaw? Some of them certainly do, but if they happen to be unaesthetic it is the duty of our team and Quality Control personel to reject such a sink and give it back to the nature. Our brand relies on only the best quality natural stone items which, believe it or not, is a very rare procedure! Lux4home™ was once called a very efficient filter that only delivers stone sinks and bathtubs that are first quality. 

Let’s show the world how important it is to preserve nature in this rapidly changing world. Contact us directly and join us in this mission! Natural Stone basins and tubs are the future. 

If you would like to learn more about stone bathtubs and other amazing products made and delivered by Lux4home™, you can visit where a lot of interesting articles and resources can be found.
Many of our clients had no idea about stone bathtubs and rock sinks, but we are here to tell you all about these products and help you in choosing the best fit for your interior!


The queen of the stone basins. Meet Solid River Stone Pedestal

Pedestal Stone Sink

The Queen of the Natural Stone Sinks Meet Solid River Stone Pedestal

Ever heard of the River Stone Collection?

One of our collections does not need any introduction – River Stone collection. These types of stone sinks and bathtubs have been successfully earning their reputation ever since they entered the “mainstream” of interior design on a global scale.

We proudly to deliver dozens of these sinks each year, which translates into the rising recongnizability of river rock bathtubs and stone sinks not only by interior designers and contractors, but also by private customers all over the world.

Why us? First of all, impeccable quality which is appreciated in every continent. Thanks to the years of production development we are confident to state that Lux4home™ is probably the only producer with such low quality complaints.
Secondly, it is thanks to the wide catalogue and flexibility. On our website you can see products that cannot be found elsewhere. As experienced producers, we are also doing a great job in customized products, always leaving the customer satisfied.

But recently, we clearly see a trend to purchase one natural stone basin. One and only.
Some interior designers call her: “the Queen of Stone Sinks”! Minimalism combined with nature needs no more! 

Pedestal Stone Sink – Natural River Stone Sinks

Solid River Stone Pedestal Basins are produced by us from a single river rock boulder – just like our stone bathtubs Flumen, a classic rock tub. The outside is left untouched, while the inside is meticulously polished to provide a wonderful user’s experience.

Once designers get to know these products, they usually use them in more than a single project. Let’s show the world how important it is to preserve nature in this rapidly changing world. Contact us directly and join us in this mission! Natural Stone basins and tubs are the future. 

Solid Pedestal River Rock Basins Freestanding

Marble black pedestal sink crl 142

Freestanding Marble Sinks  CRL 142

Freestanding Marble Sinks CRL 142

Inspite of being wholesalers, we work with hundreds of architects and interior designers all over the world. They use stone sinks, bathtubs, and stone mosaics we produce with their commercial and residental projects all over the globe.

Please have a look at this black marble pedestal sink with of Lux4home™ blended into the interior of the bathroom by one of them.

It is a challenge to fit black stone pedestal sink in a bathroom. Especialy if you put it next to ceramic tiles, wood and steal. However when you do it right, the effect is astonishing. Did you notice how nice light, linear shapes on tiles emphesize natural structure of column of the marble sink? Dark grey wall tiles behind the sink are in the opposite with white floor and walls. Altogether it looks spectacular and cozy. It is only one of the countless options of interior arrangement that includes freestanding marble sinks. Make sure to see the rest of our products, like rock sinks, boulder bathtubs and pebble tiles which may twist the interior even more!

Freestanding marble sink CRL 142 black marble is handmade in 100%. It has nothing to do with Chinese mass production. Manually drained, shapped and polished, each single piece is unique.


freestanding marble stone washbasins
Black Stone Sink – Standing Stone Sinks
freestanding stone sinks
freestanding stone sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding stone sinks
freestanding stone sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding marble sinks

Interior designers, distributors, importers of natural stone or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to contact us regarding the possible cooperation. Our team is waiting for your call.
Lux4home™ is a producer & exporter of freestanding marble sinks (like this), freestanding stone sinks, vanity sinks etc.

Extra long marble sink

long sink stone

Extra long  marble sink

Extra long marble sink

Lavoir Smooth is one of the largest vanity sinks we produce. It is 120cm x 40cm 10cm big. The one you can see on the pictures is made of Indonesian cream marble. It can be also made of grey or yellow marble, black andesite or honey onyx. The most important thing is that it is made of one single piece of stone always! No glue nor putty is ever used. Also it was CE tested, so can be used all over the world, including Europe and America. Lavoir Smooth is designed in minimalistic form. Straight sidewalls and regular shapes make it look very luxury and beautiful. It fits perfectly modern bathroom designs.  It is only 10cm high and that way looks very light and smooth.

This particular sink got Golden Customer Award in 2014 in Poland as the finest and the most extraordinary bathroom equipment.

long marble sink - Lux4home



These 2 unique Illuminated onyx sinks will charm you.

Illuminated  onyx sinks.

Illuminated onyx sinks.

Pedestal Hammered stone sinks by Lux4home™ are the very first in Europe made all of onyx. More demanding clients, who look for unrepeatable solutions, know that onyx sink can be illuminated, & so can these sinks. It changes every single bathroom in its very own special way. With one sink you get two different faces – one with its natural shade, without lightening, & second when you get amazing sensation with illuminated sinks. How to illuminate Onyx Sinks Lux4home™? Pedestal hammered onyx sinks has an empty space inside its column. This is to hide all the pipes & water system, but not only. This empty space can be easily used to put e.g. LED lightning system. In that simple way you can illuminate the basin & the column too. All the rest is just a case of your imagination. No matter if you use a light bulb, or LED system you always get astonishing effect. Lux4home™ is the very first who made this kind of free standig onyx sinks. Admire the pictures below: pedestal onyx sinks      

                                              onyx sink                                     Illuminated onyx                                   illuminated sinks                       onyx sinks                         onyx vanity sinks                                                  

See full Youtube Video about Illuminated Onyx Sinks

How do we achieve a stone basin that is translucent and can created astonishing illumination effect? It is more simple than you think. First and foremost – the finest quality. Before we begin the production, we always make sure to acquire only the best stone resource. In order to do that, we often go beyond our Javanese region and travel to different Indonesian islands. All this effort to provide our clients with the stone sink useable for long long years.

Once we have the right material, we are moving on with the production. Our products are made from solid pieces of stone only. No artificial substances used in the manufacture. It guarantees perfect translucency. Once the product is finished, it is tested as part of our multi stage quality control. No product is shipped to a client until it meets all necessary criteria. Lux4home™ is a brand that guarantees high product quality. We are the one and only supplier in Indonesia, because we have worldwide experience.

If you take a look at our portfolio, you will find many beautiful examples of projects that required our royal onyx wash basins. Keep in mind that this is only one type of stone sinks that we specialize in. Other than that, you can find Cream and Grey Marble wash basins, River Stone wash basins, but also Stone bathtubs and Shower Trays. Our offer caters both for classic and modern bathroom trends. Each year we also release our designer collections that you will not find anywhere else. Moreover, we are happy to run the production of your customized models. Sky is the limit. Get in touch with us and find out the possibilites of improving your business and creating brand new opportunities for your clients. We are waiting for your call. Our team is always willing to advise and support your business even if this is a completely new venture. A lot of our partners started from the bottom and were positively surpised about the stone sinks reception. 

Interior designers, bathroom articles distributors, importers of natural stone or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to cooperate with us. Lux4home™ in a manufacturer / producer & exporter of freestanding onyx sinks (like this), freestanding stone sinks, vanity sinks, tubs etc.

Retro style kitchen

Retro style stone kitchen  Stone Farm Sink

Retro style stone kitchen - Stone Farm Sink

Lux4home™, in spite of many bathroom building materials, like stone wall claddings, marble tiles or stone bathtubs, also produces kitchen furniture e.g. sink San Marino cream marble.

Please look at this nice retro style kitchen with granite counter tops, marble sink, and bricks on walls. All together with wooden cupboards looks absolutely phenomenal.

Retro style kitchen sink San Marino is made of one piece of Indonesian marble. It is manually drained and polished by our best craftsmen in Indonesia. Please notice that no glue, nor paint nor even cement is used. It may be also produced out of gray marble, yellow marble or black andesit. It fits retro style kitchen like this perfectly. Please look at these beautiful grey veins on quartz inside marble. Both inside and outside walls are manually polished. There is no paint used. Classic shape with rounded corners look just great! Doesn’t it?

Retro style kitchen is very popular in USA where we export San Marino sink most of all. However you can also get it from our European dealers.

Lux4home™ is a manufacturer / producer & exporter of farm sinks (like this), kitchen stone sinks, vanity sinks etc. Interior designers, distributors, importers of natural stone you are all welcome to cooperate with us.



Stone Bathroom design and stone interior catalogues

Marble Sinks Producer

Stone bathroom and interior design catalogues 2019 Collection and more

Natural marble mosaics and more perfect for your stone bathroom.

Unique Stone Bathroom and interior design catalogues for 2019

We present to you a brand new set of catalogues of our products for the year 2019.

• Stone sinks collection by Lux4home™ 2019.
Contains pure novelties introduced only recently to our offer. The innovative design of the marble sinks is based on current bathroom trends that could be observed in the most exclusive interior design shows all over the world. The shapes of the washbasins are modern and minimalistic, adjusted perfectly to the stone qualities and structure. Find the catalogues under this link.

Marble Sinks 2019Download Countertop Stone Sinks Collection catalog 2019

Main Stone SinksDownload Main Stone Sinks Line Collection catalog

• Freestanding natural stone bathtubs catalogue
Includes the top favourite bathtubs among our global customers. Perfect if you wish to transform a regular bathroom into a original stone bathroom. Inside, you can find some ideas and pictures on how to install a pebble bathtub basing on our clients’ ideas from last year. Natural stone tubs are reminding us year by year that the beauty of pristine Indonesian stone has no competition. Those who were lucky to take a bath inside a beautiful stone tub know that the comfort and sensations are simply uncomparable to any other bathtub. Download the full catalogue here.

Ston TubeDownload Freestanding natural stone bathtubs catalog

• Natural Stone Sinks in different batrooms
As the very first ones, we prepared a lifestyle catalogue with bathroom ideas and inspirations of interiors equipped with natural pebble stone sink. River stone collection has been growing more and more popular in designers’ minds, that is why this catalogue is a hat full of bathroom ideas and a perfect representation of how natural stone sinks look in context of different interiors. See the full catalogue.

River Stone Sinks CollectionDownload Natural Stone Sinks in bathrooms catalog

• Pebble Tiles & Pebble Mosaics Catalogue.
Discover the possibilities in applying the natural Stone Pebble Tiles on mesh. Not only in a stone bathroom. Click here to see the video with example use of Flat Pebble Mosaics. We proudly present the opportunities that you can create for your clients thanks to our diverse and colourful Pebble catalogue. Many importers specialize solely in distributing these mosaics thanks to their versatility and growing popularity. See the catalogue here and bring Indonesian shore to any place in the world!

Pebble Tiles SerieDownload Pebble Tiles & Pebble Mosaics Catalog

Brought to you by Lux4home™

Countertop and pedestal onyx sinks

illuminated sinks

Countertop and pedestal onyx sinks

Countertop and pedestal onyx sinks

Countertop and pedestal onyx sinks

Onyx wash basins that we produce in Indonesia come in different sizes and shapes. They could even be customized for our customer – once we receive all the necessary details and specifications, we can start producing a fully personalized product. It can also be exclusive – the client decides whether the custom washbasin should remain reserved just for them or their company so that no other person may purchase the same model.

We are one of the very few manufacturers who produce freestanding onyx sink bowls combined with marble – for example, pedestal wash basin consisting of onyx bowl and marble base. We always make our products from a yellow onyx – it is the most common type of onyx in Indonesia.

It is worth pointing out that our sinks can be illuminated with external light systems (e.g. LED) to create a state-of-art piece of bathroom equipment. It is because we never use any paint, varnish, dyes or fillers to make up for cavities and flaws – Lux4home™ products simply do not need them. Our customers always receive a 100% natural onyx stone ready to be illuminated thanks to the strict product control phase and passion that we put in our onyx vessel sinks. Additional lightning gives the product two faces – the one that is pure and natural and the magical one under the spell of illumination coming from underneath or behind of it.

The range of application of such a wash basin goes far beyond a mere home bathroom – it can be applied to spas, hotels, sanatoriums, drinking water fountains and many other.

We are inviting importers, interior designers, home depots, wholesalers and distributors to cooperate with us!

Modern pedestal sink - Modern Stone Sinks Standing

onyx pedestal sink - Free Standing Onyx Sinks
onyx pedestal sink – Free Standing Onyx Sinks

onyx pedestal sink - Free Standing Onyx Sinks

onyx pedestal sink - Free Standing Onyx Sinks

free standing marble basin - Pedesta Stone Basins Sinks

Free standing marble sink - Standing Stone Sinks

free standing Onyx sink - Pedestal Onyx Sinks

free standing Onyx sink - Pedestal Onyx Sinks

free standing Onyx wash basin - Onyx Sink Bathroom

free standing stone wash basin - Pedestal Stone Sink

lighted onyx sink pedestal - Illuminated Onyx Sink

lighted onyx sink pedestal - Illuminated Onyx Sink

lighted onyx sink pedestal - Illuminated Onyx Sink

lighted onyx sink pedestal - Illuminated Onyx Sink

lighted onyx sink pedestal - Illuminated Onyx Sink

lighted onyx wash basin - Illuminated Onyx WashBasin

lighted onyx wash basin - Illuminated Onyx WashBasin

lighted onyx wash basin - Illuminated Onyx WashBasin

Modern pedestal sink - Modern Stone Sinks Standing

Modern pedestal sink - Modern Stone Sinks Standing

Onyx wash basins - onyx sinks

Vanity onyx sink - stone sinks onyx

Yellow Onyx sink vessel - onyx wash basin

Onyx sinks - Bathroom Lux4home™ (6)

Onyx sinks

Onyx sinks
Onyx sinks

Onyx sinks

Onyx sinks

Onyx wash basins - onyx sinks

Onyx wash basins - onyx sinks
Onyx wash basins – onyx sinks