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Stone Sinks

Stone Sink Production - Stone Sinks for Sale

Each of the stone vessel sinks can be produced in variety of colours and stone types. Boxes in each picture indicate colour options. Click the “Details” button in order to find out more about a particular natural stone sink. Have a look at descriptions and galleries of products, which contain both product pictures and lifestyle photos. Some of stone sinks make entire collections for stone bathroom sink design. Apart from stone vessel sinks, you may find bathtubs, stone wall claddings, stone mosaics, pebble tiles, or even bathroom sets in our offer. If you want to produce your own collection of stone sink or stone basins- we will do it.


Marble Stone Sinks Bathroom Collection:

Natural Stone Sink Collection:

Stone Vessel Sinks & Pedestal Stone Sinks Collection:

Explore Our Artisan Stone Sink Manufacturing - Trusted by Thousands Worldwide!

Stepping into a bathroom where elegance meets nature, where each detail speaks of timeless beauty, and where each element simply fits… Our collection of stone sinks makes this dream come true. Each stone sink is a pure embodiment of sophistication and a testament to the artistry that nature has bestowed upon it.

Crafted from the finest materials, our stone vessel sinks are carved from single blocks of natural stone. Every natural stone sink we offer is unique, with its own distinct patterns and colors. Want one of those stone sinks bathroom that exudes a modern vibe? Or maybe the one that radiates rustic charm? Every taste is catered to in our collection.

Our natural stone vessel sinks are designed to last for years to come. The specific nature of stone makes each sink resistant to wear and tear, promising longevity and a lasting allure. This bathroom stone sink not only adds functionality – as it should – but also contributes to the aesthetic of your space.

Incorporating a stone vessel sink into your bathroom design creates a focal point that draws the eye. These stone sinks are perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life – and want their home to reflect that. Each stone bathroom sink is a unique creation, with natural variations in the stone that make it impossible for any two sinks to be alike. 

Our collection includes various styles and sizes to suit different needs and preferences. From sleek, contemporary designs to more traditional, ornate options – our stone basins for bathrooms can meet any design requirement. 

One of the most notable features of our stone wash basins is their versatility. They can harmoniously fit into any bathroom design, from minimalist and contemporary style to cozy farmhouse. The natural stone basins are also extremely easy to maintain, making them a practical choice for busy households. A simple wipe-down is often all that’s needed to keep them looking pristine!

Our bathroom stone sinks are handcrafted by skilled artisans who understand the intricacy of natural stone. To ensure high quality, we rigorously check each and every stone bathroom basin. This attention to detail, in addition to other characteristics, sets our stone sinks apart from the rest.

We also offer customization options so that you can choose the exact size, shape, and type of stone for your stone sink. Natural stone vessel sinks made to your specifications will perfectly complement your bathroom’s décor. Whatever size stone basin you need for a large bathroom or a compact stone wash basin for a small bathroom – we can make it!

A stone vessel sink brings a touch of luxury to any bathroom. Our extensive range of stone basins for bathrooms is sure to have a piece to match your style and needs. Make a lasting impression in your luxurious bathroom with a natural stone basin.


All You Need to Know About Stone Sinks: Frequently Asked Questions Answered.

Feel free to reach out using the form below to specify your requirements for stone sinks, including quantities and preferred delivery date.

Our team strives to respond promptly within 48 hours during business days. If you don’t hear from us, please check your spam folder or contact us via WhatsApp for immediate assistance.

If If you are an individual customer seeking a single stone sink or stone basin, you can make a direct purchase from our factory. Alternatively, we can direct your inquiry to an importer of our stone sinks in your country, if available.

For wholesale customers or architects, the most advantageous approach is to initiate collaboration directly with us, bypassing intermediaries.

Buy Directly from the Manufacturer: Stone Sink Pricing Explained

Purchase your stone sink directly from us, the manufacturer. The cost of our stone sinks varies based on your order quantity, the type of stone selected for the basin, and the delivery timeframe. Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific requirements and receive a customized quote.

Please note, while we maintain control over our product pricing, shipping costs to your location may vary. Contact us for more details on shipping options and associated costs.

Our collection includes a wide range of stone sinks available for sale, including custom-made stone vessel sinks tailored to your specifications. We offer marble sinks, granite sinks, onyx sinks, river stone sinks, petrified wood sinks, freestanding stone sinks, countertop stone sinks, farmhouse sinks, kitchen sinks, and more. Additionally, we have several dozen river stone sinks in stock for immediate purchase. Each sink option comes with detailed photos and videos to help you make an informed decision. If you have specific ideas for a bathroom stone sink, feel free to share them with us—we’re here to bring your vision to life.

If you need a custom stone sink in sizes or shapes different from our standard offerings, please share your requirements with us. We’ll evaluate the feasibility of producing a stone sink according to your specifications.

If you’re interested in viewing photos of our current inventory of stone sinks available for sale, please inform us, and we’ll provide detailed images of the available options. Should none of these sinks meet your needs, we’re prepared to create a custom stone sink that aligns with your design preferences.

Purchasing directly from the manufacturer ensures you have a broad range of choices and the ability to personalize the appearance of your stone bathroom sink to suit your exact preferences.

The cost of delivery for stone sinks varies based on their weight, size, and the destination for delivery. Shipping a single stone sink individually will have a different cost compared to shipping a pallet or container of stone sinks. Similarly, the delivery cost will differ between small countertop stone basins and larger freestanding stone sinks or pedestal sinks. Please note that these costs are beyond our control.

We collaborate with multiple transportation companies to secure competitive shipping rates for our customers. Alternatively, you have the option to arrange shipping with your preferred transportation provider.

Additionally, we offer expert guidance on the process of receiving and installing the stone sinks in your space. Our team is always available to assist and ensure a smooth installation process.

Based on our experience, consolidating multiple basins on one pallet can sometimes be more cost-effective than shipping individual units. The larger the shipment, the lower the per-unit shipping cost. Regardless of your choice, purchasing directly from the manufacturer of stone sinks ensures cost savings compared to buying from an importer.

  • No one else can probably boast such a number of satisfied customers in this industry. Our experience in exporting stone sinks and bathtubs spans almost 20 years, with some of our craftsmen producing these products for over 30 years.
  • Our stone sinks and bathtubs are trusted by clients who prioritize craftsmanship and affordability. They have been installed in over 203 hotels and resorts across more than 57 countries worldwide. Our esteemed clientele includes renowned establishments like De Moksha Resort in Bali, Mercure Hotel in Zakopane, Margot Restaurant in Los Angeles, One & Only Palmilla Resort in Mexico, Six Senses Crans in Switzerland, Hatherley Birrell Hotel in Tasmania, Nonsuch Bay Resort in Antigua, and many others. This widespread adoption attests to the quality and appeal of our products.

    Additionally, our stone sinks have garnered acclaim from over 15,000 individual customers who appreciate their competitive pricing and unmatched quality in the market.

  • We have showcased our stone sinks and bathtubs at international trade fairs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

  • In many countries, our stone sinks and bathtubs have received awards and accolades for their highest quality and unique design.

  • We stand out as the premier Indonesian manufacturer of stone sinks, boasting a diverse portfolio of global clients. Our extensive collection includes customer-endorsed photos and over 3,000 images showcasing the quality and variety of our stone sinks. These elements collectively reinforce our esteemed reputation in the industry.