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Natural stone sinks are eco-friendly!

We produce the most eco-friendly bathroom equipment out there!

Have you ever considered the impact of the bathroom remodelling on the environment? All the debris might appear insignificant, however, if you multiply it by millions of remodels every year it may add up to a terrifying number. Now, imagine working with stone bathtubs or stone sinks.

Natural Stone Sinks
Boulder Stone Sink – Pedestal Sinks

Not only sinks but stone bathtubs make interiors shine!

We have no doubts that people who own our sinks are generally happier people. We know that directly from them. Those happy customers invite nature to their interiors and they don’t look back, really. It does not matter whether the water enters the rock or leaves it, together they fit like a glove!

Apart from personal preferences, it is also known that natural stone sinks are more eco-friendly than common ceramic sinks. Nature will be happy to accept the natural stone back, but it will not be happy to receive a ceramic sink that is hard to recycle. We are proud to contribute to the popularity of those sinks, as each year we handle dozens of individual interior design projects where natural river rock tubs and sinks are desired by architects and final users.

This might seem insignificant, but it is not, really. Small details like these are important in the age of climate challenges and the strategy of balanced development. What also contributes to the eco-friendliness of natural stone is its durability. The reason why there is no need to replace it anytime soon is its robustness. This results in less consumption in the years to come which you may use, for example, to invest in solar panels.

Natural Stone Sinks
Boulder Stone Sink – Pedestal Sinks
Natural Stone Sinks
Boulder Stone Sink – Pedestal Sinks
matching stone sinks and stone bathtubs
Boulder Stone Sink – Pedestal Sinks

Solid River Stone Pedestal Basins are produced by us from a single river rock boulder – just like our stone bathtubs Flumen, a classic rock tub. The outside is left untouched, while the inside is meticulously polished to provide a wonderful user’s experience.

Do these freestanding natural stone sinks have any flaw? Some of them certainly do, but if they happen to be unaesthetic it is the duty of our team and Quality Control personel to reject such a sink and give it back to the nature. Our brand relies on only the best quality natural stone items which, believe it or not, is a very rare procedure! Lux4home™ was once called a very efficient filter that only delivers stone sinks and bathtubs that are first quality. 

Let’s show the world how important it is to preserve nature in this rapidly changing world. Contact us directly and join us in this mission! Natural Stone basins and tubs are the future. 

If you would like to learn more about stone bathtubs and other amazing products made and delivered by Lux4home™, you can visit our blog where a lot of interesting articles and resources can be found.
Many of our clients had no idea about stone bathtubs and rock sinks, but we are here to tell you all about these products and help you in choosing the best fit for your interior!


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