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    Welcome to Lux4home™

    The World of perfectly made stone products.

    Get to know Our Company and Our Products. You and your customers will be astonished with Our Offer.

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    Natural Stone Sinks Lux4home™

    All different types.

    Our standing sinks and top-shelve washbasins will be made according to your specifications and will exceed your expectations. They are hand-made to perfection. They are produced from various natural stones in many colours. All our stones carry certificati

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    Lux4home™ Pebble products.

    They are hand picked, sorted and assembled.

    Our pebbles are of uniform thickness and similar diameter. All our pebble tiles are precision made. Our pebbles are glued precisely onto high quality mesh.

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    Wall products from Lux4home™

    Our wall cladding, pebble walls and mosaic walls are of great quality.

    We sell a variety of Wall Claddings, Mosaics and other products perfect for your walls. We offer full marketing and technical support, warranty as well as catalogs and of from finished projects