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About Lux4home™

Lux4home™: Excellence in Natural Stone Craftsmanship

Lux4home™ is a distinguished manufacturer of natural stone products, with its main production facilities in Indonesia and its primary headquarters in Europe. With extensive experience, deep-rooted tradition, and a passionate team, we craft superior stone articles that set industry standards.

Stone Sinks

Key Features of Lux4home™

Global Reach with European Assurance:

Though our production is based in Indonesia, our primary headquarters are registered within the European Union. This strategic registration ensures our trade partners benefit from the high standards and security protocols mandated by EU regulations. The EU headquarters provide full legal accountability of Lux4home™ to every client, regardless of their country of origin, which is not achievable if a company is only registered in Indonesia. We are the only company from Indonesia adhering to such rigorous standards, ensuring we are a trustworthy partner for clients worldwide.

International Presence:

Lux4home™ supplies its exquisite stone products to customers in most countries around the globe, making us a truly international player in the natural stone industry.

Trendsetter in Stone Articles:

As a trendsetter, we lead the market in designing natural stone products for bathrooms, gardens, and bedrooms. Our innovative designs inspire other manufacturers and are renowned for their exceptional quality.

Quality Above All:

At Lux4home™, quality is our foremost priority. We are committed to delivering the highest standard of craftsmanship in every product, ensuring durability, beauty, and customer satisfaction.

We listen to our clients:

We listen to our clients' needs, observe global trends, and continuously expand our knowledge to provide optimal solutions. Our dedicated team of creative, committed, and positive individuals supports our clients with their expertise and experience, ensuring Lux4home™ is perceived as a reliable business partner. 3

Choose Lux4home™ for unparalleled quality and craftsmanship in natural stone products, the ability to make informed decisions about your purchases, and full accountability for the delivered products.

Who we are

Years of Experience
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We know how to do it and we do it right. Like no other supplier in Indonesia.

Export countries
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Because all our products meet worldwide standards.

Wholesale customers
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We appreciate the trust of Importers, Distributors, Hotels, Architects…

Achievements & awards Lux4home™

Consumer's Laurel Awards

In 2012 and 2014, Lux4home™ products were awarded by consumers in Europe in the “Consumer’s Laurel” poll, which evaluates the quality and attractiveness of products and services. Lux4home™ products were announced and acclaimed as the Discovery of the Year in 2012 and awarded the Silver Laurel. In 2014, Lux4home™ received the Gold Laurel and the Grand Prix for winning consecutively.

Attestation from the National Institute of Public Health NIH – National Research Institute

In 2013, we received the Hygiene Certificate NIZP-PZH No. HK/W/0825/01/2012 from the National Institute of Public Health NIH – National Research Institute in Poland. This certificate verifies that our stone sinks and bathtubs are safe for contact with food and skin. Lux4home™ is the only company in Europe with such a certificate for these products. This allows us to supply bathtubs and sinks to hotels, spas, and public facilities.

Lux4home™ in the Media

Since 2008, Lux4home™ has been featured or mentioned in newspapers and magazines across various languages and countries. We have appeared in over 100 publications, including “Newsweek,” “Dobrze Mieszkaj” (01/2009, 05/2009), “Świat Rezydencji Wnętrz i Ogrodów” (No. 5/2009), and “Home&Home” (07/2011). Our Gemma 516 sink was also featured in the TV series “Desperate Housewives.” Additionally, in 2012, Hollywood actress Izabella Miko endorsed Lux4home™ stone sinks.

We have participated in international trade fairs

In 2022, Estative noticed our products at a trade fair in Saudi Arabia and conducted an interview with us. Additionally, we showcased our products at trade fairs in the USA (Los Angeles and Chicago), Germany (Cologne), the UAE (Dubai), Sweden, Denmark, Poland, and Italy.

atest pzh

Our Team

Celebrating Our Skilled Artisans

At Lux4home™, we believe that our true strength lies in the hands of our dedicated artisans. Unlike many companies, we choose not to highlight our executives but rather the skilled craftsmen who meticulously carve each stone sink and bathtub by hand. It is their dedication and expertise that ensure our products are timeless and of the highest quality.


Stone Wall
Indonesia Stone Export

Prioritizing Employee Welfare and Ethical Standards

Our commitment extends beyond just the products. We deeply care for each of our employees and prioritize their well-being. In our factory, we strictly do not employ minors, adhering to ethical labor practices that are of utmost importance to us.

The Legacy of Master Craftsmanship

Our artisans are masters of their craft, with knowledge and skills passed down through generations. This rich heritage and extensive experience make our production team an authority in stone craftsmanship, respected even by other manufacturers. Without the invaluable contributions of our craftsmen, there would be no management team. It is their hard work and passion that bring Lux4home™ products to life, making them truly exceptional.


Lux4home stone bathtub production (3)
Lux4home stone bathtub production (2)

A Global Team Crafting Excellence

For years, we have been building the international Lux4home™ team, consisting of dozens of individuals who uniquely combine European quality standards with the knowledge and expertise of Indonesian craftsmanship in the processing and selection of natural stone.

Stone Bathtub Instalation
Natural Stone Bathtubs
Indonesia Stone Export min
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Trade Security

We serve clients from all over the world, ensuring legal responsibility and the highest level of trade security.

We are a company registered in the European Union, in addition to Indonesia, to ensure the highest level of trade security for our partners. We comply with stringent trade regulations, and transactions with us are secure worldwide. EU commercial law imposes full responsibility on the seller-exporter worldwide, which is not the case with Indonesian law. This requirement was driven by major import companies that purchase several containers from us annually. Additionally, all transactions are based on invoices and bank transfers, ensuring transaction security and proof.