Petrified Wood Bathtubs are one of the rarest of their kind

Amazing Petrified Wood Bathtubs  are one of the rarest of their kind

Amazing Petrified Wood Bathtubs are one of the rarest of their kind

Typical human lifespan is 79 years. It is much too short not to try, at least once, taking a bath in a Fossil Wood Bathtub that ages at least a few millions of years.

Petrified Wood?
Yes indeed. In other words, a tree that spent so much time in the volacanic ashes of Indonesia that it simply decided to turn into stone. Well, it wasn’t really that tree who decided that, as instead it was mother nature in the flesh. That is why we trust her decisions and would like to show you a gift from her which we carefully honed.

Fossil Wood Bathtub LIGNUM is made only from that million-years-old tree log. Therefore, it does not need much treatment. Having survived millions of years underground, who would need it?
The bathtub is manually polished, with no use of toxic or harmful materials. It is quite heavy, usually it weights up to a ton, but that’s the least of our worries. It is rare and, therefore, quite expensive..

A standard model costs over 35 thousands of US dollars. It is the price of having something only a few people on earth have, so we believe it is well worth it. Especially considering that one day we will simply run out of this extraordinary material. Just look at the direction that humanity is following – abandon fossil fuels! Quite right, though.

If you don’t feel like spending tens of thousands of dollars on the stone bathubs? No worries! We’ve all been there. There is an equally beautiful alternative, namely, River Stone Bathtub Flumen, our undeniable best-seller. It costs over ten times less than a standard Petrified Wood Bathtub, so you don’t really need to inherit a fortune in order to become a stone tub lover.

I thought not.
However, if any appear, don’t hestiate to use the contact form below. Charge yourself with Zen energy, either in a River Stone Tub or Petrified Wood Bathtub.
If you are still not fully convinced, below gallery will fix that.

Brown Fossil Wood Bathtub

Dark Fossil Wood Bathtub


5 amazing Stone Bathtubs designs you should see in 2020

5 amazing stone bathtubs designs you should see in 2020

5 amazing Stone Bathtubs designs you should see in 2020

Although it has been a tough year for most people and industries, we would like you to find comfort in the following pictures which present natural stone bathtubs designed and produced by Lux4home™. Is there something better than a relaxing bath at the end of the day? Yes indeed, a bath in a natural river boulder tub.

Boulder Stone Bathtub

Each rock bathtub is made manually in Indonesia, by our very professional craftsmen. Depending on whether we produce basalt rock tub or marble bathtub for sale, the production method is different. Freestanding bathtubs with rough exterior are made from the boulders that are retrieved from Indonesian rivers. Marble bathtubs are made from high quality marble blocks that come from the best Javanese mines.

Freestanding Stone Bathtub

Why bathtubs from Lux4home™? First of all, we care to employ only the best craftsmen and to provide them with the best working conditions that are possible. As checked by numerous private clients’ audits, we believe that creating a safe and comfortable working environment results in mutual profit of everyone involved in the process. Secondly, as one of the very few suppliers we perform a strict Quality Control each time the production is finished. Thanks to that, our products can be found in almost every continent.

Granite bathtub - stone tub

If you wish to discover more about these outstanding natural stone bathtubs, get in touch with us and we will guide you through the world of Indonesian stone. Apart from rock tubs and marble bathtubs, we are known from producing high quality stone sinks, freestanding wash basins and vessel basins. We encourage you to inspect our catalogues. Here is to a hot bath in a stone bathtub in 2020, we all need it!

Natural Stone BathTub

Freestanding Marble Bath Tube

Zen Stone Bathtub drained in rock

stone freestanding bath

Stone bathtub drained in rock  Stone Soaking Tub

Stone bathtub drained in rock

Lux4homestone bathtubs are mostly made to order. If clients of yours decide to have rock bathtub, they definitely want it to be unique and to fit their expectations perfectly, regarding size, color, stone material and shape. Natural river stone bathtubs Flumen are produced in Indonesia, Java island. Each one weight about 1500kg. We need approximately 2 to 3 weeks to produce your dream zen bath. It is not long, especially if you consider that each single product is handicraft made manually by our best craftsmen from Java. After getting stone from the source, our craftsmen crosscut it and drain. Flumen bathtub is only drained and polished inside. The exterior remains untouched, just as it was created by Mother Nature. Thanks to that, each tub is unique and the products always differ one from another. Each piece has unrepeatable shape and shade. Also fossil plants often appear. That make these stone bathtubs absolutely phenomenal.

Please also notice, that unlike many others producers Lux4home™ does not use glue, adhesives, paint and dyes during the process of manufacturing. All that we produce and export is nature by itself.

Each of our distributors  confirm that their clients who put natural river rock bathtub in their bathrooms claim that stone is not cold. It adopts room temperature. That is why it gets warm easily and quick during bath time, and keeps the temperature longer than regular bathtubs. Taking a bath in this piece of art like is immensly relaxing and pleasant. 


River stone bathtub
River stone bathtub







Lux4home™ produce marble bathtubs, river stone bathtubs, onyx bathtubs & andesite bathtubs – black bathtubs. The whole collection is free standing tubs.

Interior designers, distributors, importers of natural stone or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to work with us. Why should you choose Lux4home™? Have a look at this video.

Lux4home have become a number 1 expert in choosing the perfect basalt boulder bathtub…

We have become a global expert in choosing the perfect  basalt boulder bathtub...

We have become a global expert in choosing the perfect basalt boulder bathtub...

The period of last few months is a proof of Lux4home™ expertise in delivering bespoken bathtubs made from River Stone. We attracted many new customers, as well as worked with our regular partners producing a number of stone tubs with great diligence. Each project assumed different colouristics and size, each customer had their own vision of a dream bathtub. We are proud that it was us who completed all those projects with flying colours. Have a look at those beautiful baths:

Big rock bathtubs for 3-5 people
We have produced a freestanding stone tub that will be holding up to five people in a wellness center. It is made from one piece of River Stone boulder and the final dimensions are 260 by 180 centimeters. The overall weight is almost 2 000 kilograms. After it was delivered to a four-star hotel in Dubai, we immediately had to deliver two more pieces to a resort in Mexico.

Basalt boulder bathtub - stone tubs
Basalt boulder bathtub – stone tubs
Basalt boulder bathtub - stone tubs
Basalt boulder bathtub – stone tubs

Other project included a basalt boulder bathtub made from our design. It resembles our stone sink Lavabo Batu Kali – the edges remain rough and natural. This particular rock tub imitates a stranded rock which is a great illustration of nature. Last few months have proven, that these lava stone bathtubs tend to be more popular than the regular, top-cut counterparts.
It is worth noting that these type of tubs are sometimes referred as granite boulder bathtubs whereas in fact, these are basalt boulder bathtubs.

Basalt boulder bathtub - stone tubs
Basalt boulder bathtub – stone tubs

lava stone bathtub - rock bathtub

The project which blazed a trail for us in terms of complete design assumed a freestanding stone bathtub and a washbasing made from the very same riverstone rock. One of the client, who turned to us by recommendation, demanded such a two-pieces twin set. In this case, the long sink was a sort of “lid” of bathtub’s rock. Basin’s external structure was identical and integral to the bathtub’s. This is a perfect example of our flexibility that enables to make client’s visions come true.

Rock Bathtub - Granite stone bathtubs
Rock Bathtub – Granite stone bathtubs

The distance which Lux4home™ baths travel should not be a surprise anymore. You may find our lava stone bathtubs in most of the continents. They decorate prestigious interiors and exteriors in: New Zealand, Dubai, Mexico, USA, Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, South Africa, Fiji, Indonesia, Antigua and more. Our basalt stone tubs are installed in gardens, Spa & Wellness centers, hotels, private houses and apartments, massage massage parlours and many more.

Our customer service team is always willing to help and provide valuable advices throughout the process of purchasing and producing. The production team in Indonesia is one of the most experienced and meticulous in the whole country. All this is supplemented by our strict Quality Control process. For this purpose, we employ separate QC personel whose role is to inspect each and every stone basin or rock bathtub before it leaves our factory. This possibly makes Lux4home™ the best supplier of natural stone sinks and basalt boulder bathtubs in the whole region. This video presents what you can expect from other suppliers versus what can you expect from the well-known quality of our company.

Stone Marble Bathtubs - granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs – granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs - granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs – granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs - granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs – granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs - granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs – granite boulder bathtubs

Stone Bathroom design and stone interior catalogues

Marble Sinks Producer

Stone bathroom and interior design catalogues 2019 Collection and more

Natural marble mosaics and more perfect for your stone bathroom.

Unique Stone Bathroom and interior design catalogues for 2019

We present to you a brand new set of catalogues of our products for the year 2019.

• Stone sinks collection by Lux4home™ 2019.
Contains pure novelties introduced only recently to our offer. The innovative design of the marble sinks is based on current bathroom trends that could be observed in the most exclusive interior design shows all over the world. The shapes of the washbasins are modern and minimalistic, adjusted perfectly to the stone qualities and structure. Find the catalogues under this link.

Marble Sinks 2019Download Countertop Stone Sinks Collection catalog 2019

Main Stone SinksDownload Main Stone Sinks Line Collection catalog

• Freestanding natural stone bathtubs catalogue
Includes the top favourite bathtubs among our global customers. Perfect if you wish to transform a regular bathroom into a original stone bathroom. Inside, you can find some ideas and pictures on how to install a pebble bathtub basing on our clients’ ideas from last year. Natural stone tubs are reminding us year by year that the beauty of pristine Indonesian stone has no competition. Those who were lucky to take a bath inside a beautiful stone tub know that the comfort and sensations are simply uncomparable to any other bathtub. Download the full catalogue here.

Ston TubeDownload Freestanding natural stone bathtubs catalog

• Natural Stone Sinks in different batrooms
As the very first ones, we prepared a lifestyle catalogue with bathroom ideas and inspirations of interiors equipped with natural pebble stone sink. River stone collection has been growing more and more popular in designers’ minds, that is why this catalogue is a hat full of bathroom ideas and a perfect representation of how natural stone sinks look in context of different interiors. See the full catalogue.

River Stone Sinks CollectionDownload Natural Stone Sinks in bathrooms catalog

• Pebble Tiles & Pebble Mosaics Catalogue.
Discover the possibilities in applying the natural Stone Pebble Tiles on mesh. Not only in a stone bathroom. Click here to see the video with example use of Flat Pebble Mosaics. We proudly present the opportunities that you can create for your clients thanks to our diverse and colourful Pebble catalogue. Many importers specialize solely in distributing these mosaics thanks to their versatility and growing popularity. See the catalogue here and bring Indonesian shore to any place in the world!

Pebble Tiles SerieDownload Pebble Tiles & Pebble Mosaics Catalog

Brought to you by Lux4home™

Freestanding stone bathtubs for sale

Freestanding stone bathtubs  for sale

Freestanding stone bathtubs for sale

Freestanding stone bathtubs for sale, but always well suited to the needs of a customer. Our bathtubs (made of natural stone) are always manufactured in a way to closely meet the recepient’s requirements, regardless whether the soaking river stone tub is made for a wholesaler, interior designer, or an architect who made a project for a client and demands exact shape or colour. The natural stone bathtub is never ready for us until it fully satisfies the recepient. It may sometimes take as long as few months to perfect an exceptionally complex orders, but the effect is truly worthwhile.

Below, you can find examples why, in case of the bathroom or SPA projects, we always have to start planning beforehand. That would provide us with all the necessary time to present all the possibilities and get everything right. Each stone bathtub comes directly from our factory in Indonesia.

A couple of project examples created by interior designers who used our model of soaking pebble bathtub.

River Stone Bathtub

freestanding marble bathtub - marble bathtubs producerNatural Stone Bathtub Ideas Stone Bathtub
Black Stone Marble Bathtub - Gratnie Bathtubs

There are similar tubs made of stone but not the same as Lux4home™

Amazing Stone Tubs for sale

Stone Tubs for sale Rock Bathtubs

Stone Tubs for sale

Amazing Stone Tubs for sale

Natural Stone bathtubs Flumen, made by us in Indonesia, are getting more and more popular in the whole world. Back in the day, stone tubs like this might have been spotted mainly in the hotels on the island of Bali. Today, Lux4home™ is proud to present the photos of these soaking tubs for sale in many countries. Including: Indonesia, Poland, Germany, USA, The Caribbean or Dubai but also in Mexico.

One&Only Palmilla Los Cabos Mexico Resort – the place where interiors were decorated with stone bathtubs from Indonesia. This prestigious element filled the place with magnificence and excitement.

This is yet another location which, thanks to the natural products of Lux4home™, offers relaxation and pleasant sensations for the body and skin. The stone baths may be manufactured in different ways. However, the fact that Lux4home™ is privileged to add the final touches to places like leaves no doubt as to the significance of our products.

We always pay extra attention to every detail, no matter what kind of natural stone is involved. Our marble bathtubs are manufactured just as fine as the River Stone counterparts.
What is more, we are able to dropship them all over the world, so the interiors (and exteriors) of our clients can be admired for long years in any part of the world. The pureness of Bali may come into your house to stay.

 The excellence of Lux4home™ products is achieved without using artifical substances. We only enhance what nature already gave us. Our stone bathtubs are made from one piece of rock only. It guarantees long durability and no problems in maintenance at all. We encourage you to see our video showing what differentiates us from other Indonesian suppliers. You can watch the guide by clicking here. As many Indonesian suppliers try to find a shortcut, we never consider half measures as an option. Thanks to this strict policy and meticulous production methods, we are being chosen by many prestigious and ambitious customers who are looking for completely new solutions in their developement projects.

Apart from stone bathtubs, our specialty are also stone sinks. Depending on the type of interior, we produce countertop stone basins and freestanding pedestal sinks. We are also able to match the sinks to the bathtub! This option is appreciated by many clients who acquire a perfect and natural set of sanitaryware for their bathrooms. Although we mainly supply bigger distributors and dealers, it may be the case that there is no company in your region who could deliver one of our beautiful bathtubs. In that case, please do not hestitate to contact us. We are able to dropship virtually to any place in the world. Our professional team is ready to provide you with a service to remember. We are waiting for your sign.

We invite importers, interior designers, bathroom hardware and interior stores to work with us. We manufacture and export our products from Indonesia to any destination.
You can always count on our help and support.

Natural Stone - Bathtub
Natural Stone – Bathtub
Stone bathtubs for sale
Stone bathtubs for sale
River Stone Tub - Soaking Bathtub
River Stone Tub – Soaking Bathtub
Stone Bathtubs prices for sale producer Bali Indonesia
Stone Bathtubs prices for sale producer Bali Indonesia

Best natural stone bathtubs

stone freestanding bath

Best natural stone  bathtubs

Best natural stone bathtubs

Best natural stone bathtubs

As the only ones in the world we boast of such pictures. Best natural stone bathtubs manufactured by Lux4home™ in Indonesia. Natural stone baths Flumen are produced very carefully, precisely and with great experience. We take care of every detail because our customers expect it.

Our natural stone bathtubs make a one-of-a-kind focal point around which you can plan and arrange everything else up to your tastes and desires. One of the top contemporary tendencies in the interior solutions is the application of natural and eco-friendly materials. With outstanding qualities, versatile applications and allowing a wide range of design options, these materials add a topnotch luxury in the home interior décor. The trend is inspired by Mother Nature’s eternal beauty and tends to find the perfect blend between traditional values and modern times technology.

Following this trend are the natural stone bathtubs. The market offers a large variety of freestanding bathtubs, but only stone bathtubs Lux4home™ have so high quality. From river stone we produce vanity sinks, free standing washbasins, shower trays, cosmetic boxes. Thanks to our great relationship with our Customers and business Partners we would like to share with you some inspirations on how to use Lux4home products. We would like to offer you stronger cooperation with our company through presenting to you our new products that are especially dedicated for you. As you already know, we guarantee to our partners high quality, reliability as
well as we always go an extra mile in order to satisfy our customers. 

River Stone Bathtub - Natural stone bathtubs

River Stone Bathtub - Natural stone bathtubs

Natural Stone Bathtubs - River Stone Bathtub

Natural Stone Bathtubs - River Stone Bathtub

Natural Stone Bathtubs - River Stone Bathtub

Natural Stone Bathtubs - River Stone Bathtub

River Stone Bathtub - Natural stone bathtubs

River Stone Bathtub - Natural stone bathtubs

River Stone Bathtub - Natural stone bathtubs

Get to know us! We are looking for importers & interior designers from your country…

• top quality of rock bathtbus & river stone bathtubs
• we can dropship all over the world
• always available on our stock
• for architects (CAD files)
• for dealers/shops (pictures, service, catalogs)
• bathtub pictures befor shipping
• FCL / LCL / dropshipping
• Order & recive

The best river stone bathtub producer

natural stone tub

River stone bathtub manufacturer Boulder Bathtubs

River stone bathtub manufacturer

soaking bath

Soaking baths made of natural stone have become more and more popular within recent years. This is mostly due to natural beauty and uniqueness of each single bath. Also, when made of stone, bathtubs are more durable than acryl ones. That is why stone baths and sinks are very popular…

soaking bath of stone

If you already had a bath in a stone bathtub you mast have realized that it is way more comfortable and relaxing than when in acryl tub. Did you also notice that water remains hot much longer? This is due to natural properties of a stone. If you have a look on these pictures you realize quickly, that stone sinks and baths are like pieces of art. Handmade, never with equally the same patterns or shade. With them inside, your bathroom can be easily transformed into most peaceful, and relaxing place you can think of. Just like your favorite spa.

It is true, that they are heavy, but this is stone, and it is supposed to be heavy. Nevertheless, with a little work you can fit them to every single bathroom.

As you can see on the pictures, natural stone fits classic style, oriental style or even new age designs. With a little help of your interior designer you can make your bathroom unique and spectacular. This particular model is called River Stone Bath. We manufacture it together with other stone bathtubs and stone sinks in East Java. These particular pictures you can see, we received from clients, and some interior designers we work with. Don’t you think they are magnificent?

Astonishing stone wall in luxury apartament

Stone Wall Cladding

Astonishing stone wall in luxury apartament Stone Panels

Astonishing stone wall

Wall cladding Marble stone

Slate stone wall in living room released by Lux4home™ is made of marble. However stone siding are made so, that a single slices interlock in such way, that the whole slate on the wall do not show where the slices combine…
It is most common for the interior designs, such as living rooms, that wall covered with stone slate look so that individual elements of the slate overlap. however the whole slices do not! It neither looks good nor prestige, nor even spectacular. And after installation it has nothing to do with beauty of natural stone.
Decorative wall in the living room or hallway should be refined. Therefore collection of stone wall claddings designed by Lux4home™ is made that way, that when combining 2, 3, 4 or even 100 slices, whole surrface always looks as it was was arranged with individual components of stone. As a result, decorative stone walls in the living room look like on the pictures below ….

Wall cladding Marble stone
Wall cladding Marble stone
Wall cladding Marble stone
Wall cladding Marble stone
Wall cladding Marble stone

Wall claddings of Lux4home are made of marbles, onyx, sand stones, or even volcano stones. Cream marble and yellow sand stone are most common. They are used as indoor and outdoor decorative materials. We can supply you with entire collection full of variety of patterns, colors, and stone materials. As a distributor or whole sale you have also an opportunity to join these products with stone mosaics, pebble tiles, or even stone sinks and bathtubs, that we produce. That way you are fully covered to fit you clients expectations. Also you may want to create your own collections based on our products! It has never been so easy! Importing stone products from one supplier gives you never ending possibilities to create your company’s identity.