A Symphony of Rarity: Petrified Wood Bathtubs – Where Luxury Meets Nature!

Petrified Wood Bathtub

A Symphony of Rarity: Petrified Wood Bathtubs  – Where Luxury Meets Nature!

A Symphony of Rarity: Petrified Wood Bathtubs – Where Luxury Meets Nature!

Embark on a fascinating journey through time and nature with us, discovering the uniqueness of bathtubs crafted from petrified wood – true gems in the world of bathroom design.


Ever wondered what Petrified wood is?

Petrified Wood Bathtub
Petrified Wood Bathtub for sale

Petrified wood, also known as fossilized wood, is a type of fossil. The process of petrification – the transformation of wood into stone – occurs when ancient ferns or trees, organic wood, undergo mineralization. This means that the organic structures of the wood are replaced or preserved by minerals, typically silica (quartz) or calcite. This process takes place over an incredibly long period, often tens of millions of years, during which the former tree or wood gradually transforms into genuine stone.

What had to happen for ancient wood to turn into stone?

The formation of petrified wood is a true masterpiece of nature, requiring time, time, and more time. It all began millions of years ago when ancient ferns or trees fell and ceased to grow. This marked the “Wood Embedding” phase – the start of the process when wood was engulfed by sediment layers, such as sand, mud, or clay. The wood had to be covered, disappearing beneath the surface to be protected from air and bacteria, which would typically lead to its decomposition.

extracting petrified wood
Searching for and extracting petrified wood from the ground

Thousands of years below the surface, tightly sealed within the earth, initiated the “Mineral Absorption” phase. Over time, the wood started absorbing minerals from the surrounding soil. Water, saturated with minerals (such as silica), slowly permeated the cellular structure of the wood.


extracting petrified wood from the ground
Searching for and extracting petrified wood from the ground

Successive tens of thousands of years of saturation led to the “Conversion of Cellulose into Silica.” In the mineralization process, silica (a siliceous mineral) began replacing the organic matter of the wood, such as cellulose and lignin. This meant that the appearance – the cellular structure of the wood – was preserved, but minerals replaced the wood’s original components.

All of this led to the hardening process: As mineralization progressed, the wood gradually became harder. Silica acted as cement, over the ages solidifying the wood’s structure.


 petrified wood stone
Searching for and extracting petrified wood from the ground


The final stage of transforming wood into fossil was “Petrification.” The entire process concluded when the wood completely mineralized, creating petrified wood. The ultimate appearance depended on the types of minerals absorbed by the plant. For example, the presence of various soil impurities could give petrified wood diverse colors such as red, brown, or gray.


Searching for and extracting petrified wood
Searching for and extracting petrified wood from the ground


Now, after everything began many millions of years ago, we discover the end result – wood that retains its original structure, appearing just as it did millions of years ago, but now transformed into stone, harder and more durable than the original tree or fern.

Searching for and extracting petrified wood from the ground
Searching for and extracting petrified wood from the ground


Petrified wood production
Searching for and extracting petrified wood from the ground


Why is petrified wood so unique?

Petrified wood can be found only in a few places worldwide, and not every plant underwent the petrification process. Most trees or plants remained on the earth’s surface, rotting or undergoing the decomposition process, failing to transform into fossils. In Indonesia, various species of petrified wood can be found. Here are some tree species that have petrified: Araucaria (Araucariaceae): This family includes coniferous trees, but only some of them may be found in the form of petrified wood. Cycads (Cycadophyta): This group of plants has existed since prehistoric times. Petrified remains of cycads can be found in petrified wood. Deciduous trees: Although coniferous trees are more commonly petrified, some deciduous tree species can also be immortalized in the form of petrified wood.

Petrified wood history (1)-min

Petrified wood history (1)-min


Why does petrified wood from Indonesia typically have a black or brown color?

Regarding the color of petrified wood, it can vary, depending on the fossil excavation site and the types of minerals that replaced the wood cells. Petrified wood comes in different shades, including brown and black. Differences in color mainly result from the types of minerals present in the mineralization process. Petrified wood with a brown color may contain various minerals, such as iron oxides, giving it a warm hue. On the other hand, petrified wood with a black color may contain organic carbon or other minerals, giving it a darker appearance.


Brown Petrified Wood Slab
Brown Petrified Wood Slab



Black Petrified Wood Slab
Black Petrified Wood Slab



How Lux4home™ Sources Raw Material for Petrified Wood Sinks and Bathtubs in Indonesia?

Contrary to common belief, petrified wood doesn’t come from mines. Extracting the raw material, carefully selected petrified wood, is a highly demanding task. Commitment to sustainable mining practices and environmental respect are crucial values in the process of obtaining this exceptional resource. Searching for raw material requires intuitive experience and government permits. In an effort to preserve the natural environment, Lux4home™ sources the material only through exploration of areas designated for palm oil cultivation or other commercial tree and vegetable plantations. This way, we avoid environmental destruction, digging only in areas designated for cultivation. Material exploration extends to a depth of 4 meters below the surface. This is why this material becomes increasingly rare and more valuable year after year. We estimate that in a few decades, it may attain collector’s status. Unfortunately, there are instances of predatory searches by other companies or individuals, destroying, for example, jungles in the quest for such a treasure. However, authorities in Indonesia are increasingly cracking down on such activities, imposing strict penalties.

Now that you understand why our sinks and bathtubs crafted from petrified wood are particularly cherished for the combination of elegance, durability, and the history they carry within.

Exceptional durability, patterns, and colors achieved through this million-year process make each petrified wood bathtub a unique work of natural art.


See how large a tree was found underground. Now it’s petrified wood, a plant that lived millions of years ago.


Petrified Wood Bathtubs – A Symphony of Rarity.


Petrified Wood Bathtub
Petrified Wood Bathtub

Now that you know how long it took for the material for a petrified wood bathtub to form, you should also know that after such an extended period, even when we find a tree turned into stone underground, finding a piece long and wide enough to make a bathtub is exceptionally rare. Firstly, there’s the difficulty in diameter – the width of the bathtub. If the bathtub should have a minimum height and width of 60 cm, this means finding a massive tree that has turned into stone – small trunks are too narrow to craft a bathtub. Secondly, there’s the issue of length. Even when we come across a sufficiently large former tree trunk, it’s often cracked or fragmented – even if the entire tree was 20 meters long, time has taken its toll. Underground, this tree has endured an unknown number of earthquakes, soil movements, groundwater flows, etc. All of this makes petrified wood bathtubs unique rarities, limited by raw material availability. They are among the rarest, and consequently, the most prestigious interior fittings. The vision that in a few decades it might not be possible to find (perhaps legally) the raw material to produce such products makes them true works of art that will increase in value over time.


How We Produce Petrified Wood Bathtubs.

We craft sinks and bathtubs from petrified wood by hand. While we use a large saw to cut the edges, the hollowing of the bathtub’s usable surface, polishing, and the entire process are done manually. This allows us to control every centimeter of this unique material, ensuring that the petrification occurs at the full thickness. This approach also lets us use skills and avoid excessive strikes that could cause material vibrations, preventing fractures. Since we work with a material created by nature, we have no influence over its structure. Therefore, to achieve a very smooth interior and exterior of the bathtub, we use small amounts of resin for polishing to strengthen the material’s structure and induce consolidation. Ultimately, we deliver incredibly beautiful pieces of art to our exceptional clients that cannot be replicated. Those who decide and can afford such a purchase bring millions of years of history transformed into a bathtub into their bathroom. The awareness of bathing in a material that was a growing tree many million years ago rightly makes one feel exceptional.


Petrified Wood Bathtub Production
Petrified Wood Bathtub Production


Petrified Wood Bathtub Production
Petrified Wood Bathtub Production


Petrified Wood Bathtub Production
Petrified Wood Bathtub Production


For Whom are Petrified Wood Bathtubs?

Our proposition is an encouragement to discover uniqueness. Undoubtedly, these are products for those who appreciate unique solutions, products that offer something extraordinary. In this case, it’s where time meets luxury, and nature becomes an immortal work of art. Petrified wood bathtubs are for those who appreciate the beauty of nature combined with craftsmanship – bathtubs from petrified wood represent an unrivaled masterpiece of nature, not ours.


Petrified Wood Bathtub for sale
Petrified Wood Bathtub for sale


Petrified Wood Bathtub for sale
Petrified Wood Bathtub for sale


What else do we craft from this stone – this fossil?

Not just petrified wood bathtubs. Petrified wood is also transformed into countertop sinks or freestanding sinks made from petrified wood, decorations, dining tables from petrified wood, countertops from petrified wood, coffee tables, and other bespoke items for our clients worldwide.

If you, too, would like to have such a treasure for yourself, use the form below and write to us about what you’re interested in. Keep in mind that especially for the production of petrified wood bathtubs, it might take several months, so reach out to us as early as possible.
Feel free to get in touch! 🌿

10+ Most Common Questions About Natural Stone Bathtubs

Bathroom Stone Tube

10+ Most Common Questions and Answers About Natural Stone Bathtubs. Part II., Are Stone Bathtubs...?

Are Stone Bathtubs...?

In response to the burgeoning interest and frequent inquiries from potential buyers, Lux4home™ is delighted to present the second part of its comprehensive Q&A series focused on natural stone bathtubs. This installment specifically addresses prevalent queries gathered from customers over the past three years, aiming to offer detailed information and guidance. [Part I here].

How heavy is a stone bath?
/ Are stone baths heavy?

The weight of a stone bath – bathtub can vary depending on the size and material it is made from.


How heavy is a stone bath? / Are stone baths heavy?


  • Each type of stone has a different density, meaning that 1 cubic centimeter will have a different weight depending on the stone type, even if the size is the same.
  • Information found in some online guides suggesting that a stone bath weighs between 120-150 kg is either inaccurate or does not apply to baths made from genuine natural stone.
  • The final weight of a stone bath is influenced by the type of stone, bath size, and bath model – some bath designs have thicker side walls, varying thicknesses in the base or bottom.

The average weight of a river stone bath (which is heavier than onyx, marble, similar in weight to granite, but lighter than a petrified wood bath) for a size of 200 cm x 98 cm x 68 cm (Flumen model, with relatively thick side walls of about 10 cm and a base thickness of about 14 cm) is approximately 1000 kg.
Any other bath, larger or smaller, will have a different weight accordingly.


Can a stone bathtub be placed on my floor? / Can my floor support a bathtub?

If you have any doubts, make sure to consult with your building contractor or architect. However, keep in mind that if you’re installing a stone bathtub on the ground floor, in the garden, or in a hotel building with a reinforced ceiling, you can certainly install a stone bathtub on your floor.

  • If you plan to install a stone bathtub on an upper floor:
    In most European countries, the permissible load on 1 m2 in new buildings is a minimum of 1 ton. However, a bathtub will exert pressure on more than 1 m2. Therefore, if your building is not made of wooden construction or is not an older building, you should be able to install the bathtub on an upper floor.
  • Note that our stone bathtubs have a flat bottom surface, so the pressure on the floor is not point-specific but spread over the entire area. The bottom surface of the bathtub is approximately 3 m2. Hence, if the permissible load on 1 m2 is 1 ton, theoretically, the stone bathtub can hold up to 3 tons (but such stone bathtubs usually exceed 280 cm in length).
  • Restrictions in installing the bathtub due to its weight may arise if you have underfloor heating (consult this with your contractor), or if your building is wooden and you want to install the bathtub above the +1 level.

How do you move a stone bath? / How do you move a heavy bath?


  • Using a small crane, a vehicle with a crane arm (e.g., HDS), or a forklift truck. This is the easiest method and works well when the construction of the house, hotel, or garden is not yet finished.
  • Using a pallet truck or transport rollers when using larger equipment is not possible due to, for example, completed construction or lack of space.
  • Manual lifting using straps for heavy lifting, involving a minimum of 6 people. Straps placed under the bathtub and worn on shoulders enable the tub to be moved in small sections to any location. Typically, moving companies specializing in heavy items handle this task.
    Other investors have shown us methods for moving a bathtub using a lever method – in this case, a very long, for example, wooden beam supported at 1/4 of its length by a stump and propped against the lower edge of the tub acts as a lever. With this method, one person can move the bathtub in increments of several centimeters in either direction.

How do you move a stone bath?

How do you move a stone bath?

How do you install a stone bathtub?

Ensure you know the dimensions of the bathtub you can install. When ordering a bathtub, confirm with us whether you want the drain hole to be in the center or at the end of the tub. Prepare the drainage installation in your floor. You can install the floor before placing the tub or encase the tub after installation. Set and level your stone bathtub (if the tub is not leveled, water flow may be hindered). Connect the drainage system with a click clack plug (for tubs without an overflow, you cannot use a different type of drain plug), ensuring it is watertight. Start enjoying your stone bathtub from Lux4home™.


Can a bath be too heavy? Can a bathtub be too heavy?

Sure. If you intend to install your bathtub on an upper floor or on a floor with an underfloor heating system installed, make sure you can install a stone bathtub.

How do you clean a stone bath? How to care for a stone bathtub?

If it gives you a greater sense of user comfort, apply a natural stone impregnator to your stone bathtub, which is certified for contact with food and skin. Use any impregnators available in your country. You can use similar impregnators as those used for stone kitchen countertops. Repeat the impregnation process no less than once a year, preferably every 7 months.

Cleaning and maintaining a stone bathtub should be done using products that do not contain acids, soda, abrasive substances, or granules. It’s best to use liquids dedicated to natural stone care or simply use water with soap.


How to clean stone bathtubs (1)


Are stone baths hard to keep clean? Are stone baths easy to clean?

Natural stone bathtubs, when properly made, are very easy to clean and maintain. Whether their external surface is natural or polished, every stone bathtub, if used correctly, won’t pose cleaning problems. Impregnating the bathtub can facilitate maintenance as the impregnator serves as an additional barrier against dirt buildup.

Do stone tubs hold heat? Are stone baths cold?

Natural stone bathtubs absorb the surrounding temperature and retain it for a prolonged period. This means that a bathtub placed in a bathroom at around 23 degrees Celsius will also assume a similar temperature. Pouring warmer water into the bathtub will cause the stone to absorb the heat, retain it, and slowly release it. Taking a bath in a natural stone bathtub allows for a longer enjoyment of warm water without a rapid loss of its temperature. A great analogy is the behavior of stones placed in a fireplace or around a hearth. Even after extinguishing the fire, the stones remain warm for many hours.

Similarly, if one desires colder water and intends to use the bathtub outdoors, a cooled stone bathtub will maintain the temperature of the cold water for an extended period during hot days or evenings. We have elaborated more on this topic in our article here.

Outdoor River Stone Bathtub


What to Look for When Buying a Stone Bathtub? How to Purchase a Natural Stone Tub?


Suspiciously low prices for stone tubs found online often hide low-quality craftsmanship, which, after a period of use, becomes inconvenient or renders the tub unusable. We’ve addressed this issue here and have also prepared a slideshow presentation on it on YouTube.

A properly crafted stone bathtub contains no glue, putty, or paint – it consists entirely of natural stone. It’s essential that the slope of the tub’s base enables the complete drainage of water; moreover, the tub’s base should be level. Otherwise, there might be issues with water spillage after bathing. An often overlooked yet crucial aspect is the degree of polishing on the inner surface of the tub. Lower-quality polishing leads to increased stone porosity, causing the tub to absorb water, retain it, leak, and gain weight. Pay attention to the drain diameter as well, especially if you are ordering the tub in a location where you are uncertain about standard specifications. Drain diameters vary worldwide; if your drain is too large, connecting the tub to your drainage system may be impossible.

How long does a stone bathtub last? How long can I have a stone bathtub?

If you’ve purchased a properly crafted natural stone bathtub, it will remain with you forever, enduring through generations. Natural stone, when not revealing its nature during use, is practically indestructible and resistant to normal wear and tear. It also withstands changing bathroom trends. This fact is beautifully illustrated by the historical interiors of castles, palaces, and mansions. Once natural stone was used in these spaces, it remained for years, even centuries, while other elements of the interior were changed. Stone endured the test of time.

Outdoor Stone Bathtub


7+ Most Common Questions and Answers About Natural Stone Bathtubs. Part I. Is a Stone Bathtub…?

Natural Stone Bathtubs

7+ Most Common Questions and Answers About Natural Stone Bathtubs. Part I.  Is a Stone Bathtub...?

Is a Stone Bathtub...?

We’ve gathered the most common questions from customers interested in purchasing a natural stone bathtub. They might prove useful to you as well.

General customer questions:

Are natural stone bathtubs good?

Stone bathtubs have long been associated with luxury. They offer a unique sense of visual aesthetics, and bathing in such a tub becomes a special relaxation experience for the body. The body positively responds to the naturalness of the stone. Bathtubs made from various mixtures, resins, concretes, terrazzo, or artificial materials are not classified as natural stone bathtubs and should not be labeled as such.

What are the benefits of stone bath?

Some believe that baths in a natural stone tub are beneficial for hypertension, joint pains, and skin allergies. However, it is certain that natural stone has a highly relaxing and soothing effect on both the body and mind, with no harmful side effects. This is why it is widely utilized in every SPA.

Are stone baths better than acrylic?

Definitely. The main differences are: the stone used for the tub is harder, more pleasant to the touch, and is a 100% natural product. Additionally, natural stone absorbs and retains heat from the water several times better than acrylic, which does not. This means you can spend more time in the bath without the need to add warmer water. A stone bath provides a much greater sense of relaxation and comfort compared to acrylic.

What are the pros and cons of natural stone bathtub?

Natural Stone Bathtubs Versus Stone Resin Bathtubs: Pros and Cons

Pros: Easier to maintain than an acrylic or stone resin bathtub. Retains water heat longer than any other type of tub. Longest lifespan. Provides a greater sense of relaxation. Each stone is unique and therefore each tub is unique.

Cons: Heavy. Prior to installation, ensure your floor can support the weight and size of the tub. More expensive than acrylic or synthetic material tubs.

What are stone baths made of?

We produce natural stone bathtubs using river stone, onyx, marble (available in Indonesia), petrified wood, and andesite. Our bathtubs are carved from a single block of stone, without any gluing, filling of gaps, or joining multiple pieces. We manufacture the bathtub from a single piece of natural rock. Any other tubs made from composite mixed materials such as resins, adhesives, mortars, concretes, or acrylics cannot be qualified as being made of stone.

Stone Bathtubs producer

Is a stone bathtub a good investment for the value of my home?

Everyone who has purchased a natural stone bathtub so far claims it is. A stone bathtub is so durable and unique that, like any stone, it is resistant to changing design trends. In the bathroom, many things may change countless times, but the stone bathtub and sink will remain the same for years. It’s a good investment. All historic buildings prove that, despite the passage of years, stone remains forever.


What distinguishes a stone bathtub from other materials in terms of durability?

  • Certainly, it’s 100% natural composition. For instance, some acrylic tubs may yellow over the years, while stone remains the same.
  • Scratch resistance (except for marble tubs), river stone tubs are extremely hard and resilient to many external factors.
  • River stone tubs can be used outdoors. 

Are different types of stone used to build bathtubs and how do they differ from each other?

In Indonesia, natural stone bathtubs are crafted from river stone (the hardest), marble, onyx, andesite, and petrified wood. The toughest and most resilient to damage are river stone and andesite. Tubs made from these stones can be used both indoors and outdoors, as we’ve discussed previously. Marble and onyx tubs are more demanding as these stones aren’t as hard as granite or andesite, and cannot be used outdoors. Petrified wood tubs are unique; it’s a rare material, making these tubs quite expensive.

How does the cost of a stone bathtub compare to other materials?

Comparing the cost of a natural stone bathtub to, for instance, an acrylic one can be challenging. Natural stone bathtubs tend to be more expensive, and the final price depends on the size and type of stone used. However, it all depends on how you look at it. When considering that acrylic tubs have a shorter lifespan and may need replacement over the years, while a stone bathtub remains a permanent fixture, the investment becomes more apparent. Additionally, there are the added benefits of relaxation and overall well-being.

Moreover, there are conglomerate or acrylic tubs from companies or brands that have a similar price range to our stone bathtubs. To determine the cost of a stone bathtub, please get in touch with us and provide more details. We need information on the type of stone, the size, and the timeframe you’d like to have the bathtub. All these factors influence the price.

  Stone Bathtub

Stone River Bathtub Outdoors – Tips & Tricks.

Stone River Bathtub Outdoors - Tips & Tricks. (2)

Stone River Bathtub Outdoors  - Tips & Tricks.

Stone River Bathtub Outdoors - Tips & Tricks.

River stone bathtubs, also known as stone in its natural state, untouched by any craftsmanship or machinery, are perhaps the most popular stone bathtubs in the world. Their popularity stems from their uniqueness – each bathtub is different and one-of-a-kind. Even if you find a bathtub made from the same stone elsewhere, it will undoubtedly have a different shape, color, and size. Just as there are no two identical stones in a river, it is impossible to create two identical river stone bathtubs or stone sinks.

Their popularity, along with their resistance to weather conditions, chemicals, stone hardness, and relatively low cost, has led customers and architects to seek new uses for them. A few years ago, when they were only used in the bathrooms of individual apartments, they became increasingly popular in hotels and SPA and Wellness studios. Then, with the trend of smaller bathtubs, they were purchased for bedrooms or terraces. For the past three years, we have observed increased interest in orders for river stone bathtubs for outdoor use, whether the client intends to install them in very hot or very cold climates with snow and freezing temperatures.


What do you need to know to produce or purchase a river stone bathtub for outdoor use?

Certainly, not every manufacturer has the knowledge or experience regarding what happens to a bathtub after it is sold and used outdoors. If you want to use a river stone bathtub outdoors, because there are many advantages to this idea (more on that below), then marble bathtubs, onyx bathtubs, petrified wood bathtubs, and glued bathtubs – not made from a single block of stone – are definitely not suitable options. The only option left is river stone.

Outdoor Stone Bathtubs


River stone bathtubs for very hot climates.

If you plan to use a stone bathtub outdoors and live in a place where it gets very hot, such as Australia, Dubai, Greece, Portugal, Italy, or even Iran, Tunisia, Israel, Egypt, California, Texas, or any other extremely hot place on Earth, as some of our customers do who have had our bathtubs in such conditions for several years, you must inform the manufacturer about the installation location when making the purchase. In this case, you should receive a bathtub with stone that is devoid of veins. The manufacturer must be knowledgeable and able to distinguish veins from what is referred to as the “stone’s pattern” – only visual streaks and discolorations.

Deep veins in the stone, when the bathtub is heated to very high temperatures (in full, southern sun), create tension in the stone, especially with such a large volume and mass, and can lead to cracks in the bathtub! A deep vein causes the bathtub to crack along the entire length of the vein (see the example below – a bathtub made by inexperienced individuals). The stone bathtub manufacturer should consider that stone easily absorbs ambient temperature, accumulates it, and slowly releases it. If the bathtub is left in full sun for many days and the stone’s structure is not well-suited, it will crack. We are more than confident about this.

Stone River Bathtub Outdoors - Tips & Tricks. (2)

A bathtub that cracked due to stone stress.


✓ Additional advice from us:
If you have an outdoor stone bathtub in a very hot climate, make sure there is always a small amount of water at the bottom. Water will absorb the stress on the stone, absorb some of the temperature, and allow the stone to work completely differently. Nothing more is needed.

Top 3 benefits of having a river stone bathtub outdoors in very hot climates.

  • Pour very cold water just before taking a bath or soaking. The water will increase its temperature by absorbing it from the heated bathtub, maintaining that temperature for a long, relaxing soak, whether at noon or in the evening, at a pleasant temperature lower than the surroundings.
  • A stone bathtub outdoors is much cheaper than a pool, easier to maintain, trouble-free, more enjoyable, and provides much more relaxation. While lying in such a bathtub, you feel the naturalness of the stone, you can enjoy the view, read, listen to music, or simply do nothing. This is impossible in a pool.
    • Your natural stone bathtub will be an exceptional decorative element for your terrace or garden. Some of our customers also use standing river stone sinks.

Outdoor Stone Sinks

River stone bathtubs for very cold climates.

If your investment is in a location where there is a season with a lot of snow and freezing temperatures, such as Canada, Norway, Alaska, Austria, Switzerland, New York, like many of our customers, inform the manufacturer of your idea. The stone used for your bathtub must be free from microcracks, microfissures. Extracting such stone for your bathtub must be free from shocks and impacts that can cause internal cracks or delamination of the stone. If your bathtub even has the smallest cracks, after installation in a cold environment, it will stop being watertight and start to leak. This is because water, even in the form of moisture during freezing, expands its volume. When it turns into ice, it cracks the microcracks in the stone, causing larger gaps over time, which eventually causes the bathtub to leak and become unusable. A stone bathtub manufacturer for such a location must be absolutely certain that the stone used for production has not experienced shocks that could cause internal cracks.

We once received an order from an investor who asked us to cut longitudinal grooves on the bottom of the bathtub because he wanted to place a type of underfloor heating, which was connected to the home’s heating system, in the bathtub’s base. This was four years ago, and it still functions today.

Stone River Bathtub Outdoors Tips Tricks. 1

Stone River Bathtub Outdoors Tips Tricks. 3


✓ Additional advice from us:

  • If you have a stone bathtub outdoors in a very cold climate, use it more than once a week if possible or apply stone impregnation every two months (simply wipe the inner surface with a cloth soaked in stone impregnation). Nothing more is needed.

Stone Bathtub outdoor

Top 2 benefits of having a river stone bathtub outdoors in a cold climate.

  • Fill the bathtub halfway with warm water even in freezing temperatures, drain it, and fill it again with warmer water. Enjoy the cold surroundings while relaxing in a warm environment, just like in hot springs. Remember that natural stone easily absorbs temperature and slowly releases it.
  • You have your private hot springs whenever you want. The temperature of the water in the bathtub in freezing weather depends only on you. You can pour warm water halfway two or three times and release it before refilling it with water for use to achieve an even higher temperature.

Contact us if you have other ideas for using river stone bathtubs or if you have different experiences.

Boulder Stone Bathtubs


A real stone bathtub in the bedroom.

Natural Stone Bathtubs - Bedroom

A real natural stone bathtub in the bedroom. 

A real stone bathtub in the bedroom.

Trends are changing. From ideas of a bathtub only in the bathroom, designs are beginning to evolve toward convenience and bringing nature into new places. Increasingly, an additional bathtub is beginning to appear in the bedroom. Why? Customers answer, because convenient, because interesting, because it changes the atmosphere of the bedroom.


Natural Stone Bathtub - Bedroom


Until now, we have been used to having our river stone bathtubs installed in bathrooms, spas or gardens. This time we received photos from customers who installed their huge bathtub (length of more than 240 cm) in the bedroom, opposite the bed. They gained something special, a natural boulder of stone with irregular shapes catches the eye more than a TV, is addictive and introduces something unique to the interior, which can not be duplicated. This is how a private spa was created in one’s own apartment. Enjoying a bath with the touch of natural rock and atmospheric interior gives a feeling of deep relaxation, relaxation whether it is evening or morning.


How to install such a stone bathtub in the bedroom?

In this case, the installation of the bathtub, despite the fact that the bedroom is on the first level, was very simple. An HDS-type car jack was used, which with its boom inserted the bathtub through the balcony window into the bedroom. In other cases, customers used forklifts, pallet trucks or simply moving companies, which, using belts and 9-10 workers, brought and set up such a bathtub in the designed place.

Stone Bathtub Instalation

Stone Bathtub Instalation

Stone Bathtub Instalation

Stone Bathtub Instalation

Stone Bathtub Instalation


TOP 3 perks of a natural stone bathtub in a private spa.

Advantage 1 Temperature. Natural stone easily absorbs temperature and gives it back for a very long time. In hot weather, filling the tub with very cold water will make relaxation and cooling of the body a pleasure that can not be replaced by air conditioning, and the body will certainly thank us for it. This combination is probably most often used in river stone tubs inserted from the garden. On hot days they replace swimming pools and soaking in the cool water outside is comparable only to a mountain stream.
On the other hand, when cold days come and we crave warmth, pouring hot water into such a tub is comparable to heated massage stones. They stay warm for several more hours after heating.


Natural Stone Bathtub - Bedroom


Advantage 2. The naturalness of the stone in contact with human skin can be felt. Each person perceives this feeling in a different way, but for everyone the touch of the stone is very pleasant. This affects the feeling of our relaxation, comfort and pleasure.


Natural Stone Bathtub - Bedroom

Advantage 3. unique bedroom interior and furnishings that will stay forever. There is probably no interior where once inserted natural stone succumbs to the pressure of time. Stone is so addictive that it stays forever. Furniture, floors or walls are changed but the bathtub or sink made of natural stone already remains.


Natural Stone Bathtub - Bedroom


If you are looking for stone bathtubs or basins in other sizes – contact us. We produce everything to order, tailored to the customer’s needs and expectations. You can also consider an onyx bathtub for your bedroom. Onyx can be illuminated, giving you a unique atmosphere and atmosphere.


Probably the largest stone bathtub

The biggest stone bathtub

Probably the largest stone bathtub 

Probably the largest stone bathtub in the world.

Producing river stone bathtubs is certainly a demanding job involving many teams. It all starts with finding the right boulder in an Indonesian river. The task is not easy, as the selected huge pebble is compressed with other stones. In addition, no one has any idea what the shape of the underwater rock is. With each boulder weighing more than 500 kg and the risk of not getting the shape you need after excavating the stone, it sometimes takes days spent searching for and extracting the right rock.

Just getting the material out of the water for the bathtub is the work of many people, a great deal of experience and skill in using simple equipment that can be used in a rushing river.

We managed to obtain a huge boulder as long as 350 cm, extracted it from the river and transported it to the factory. Then, we carefully cut off the top part of this stone and the craftsmen proceeded to excavate the bath by hand. For the first time, we obtained a huge bathing space that holds more than 700 litres of water! The final weight of this bathtub is almost 3 tonnes and packing it into a wooden box required a huge undertaking on the part of our people. The width of the shipping container is 2.35 m. In that case, packing the bathtub in width was impossible, at the same time, inserting it lengthwise required the use of custom forklifts during loading and unpacking at the customer’s site in the USA.

The biggest stone bathtub
The largest stone bathtub
The Largest stone bathtub

This is the first realisation of this kind of river stone bathtub with such a large mass. Until now, we have realised bathtubs of twin shape and size (2 bathtubs cut from one piece of rock in the middle), round stone bathtubs or a bathtub and basin that was one rock before being cut.

So yes, we have produced what is probably the largest bathtub in the world. 

We are writing about this because we want to showcase our capabilities. We manufacture natural stone bathtubs according to the expectations of our customers, and if time allows, we are able to fulfill most of our customers’ special orders. We always precede production with preliminary consultations and explanation of all the possibilities and limitations associated with manufacturing stone bathtubs. We have certainly become specialists and experts in delivering high-quality river stone bathtubs, petrified wood bathtubs, onyx bathtubs, and marble bathtubs. Our customers include hotel resorts, private investors, local importers and distributors, and interior designers. We collaborate with companies that are capable of delivering any bathtub to any location on Earth.


10+ Amazing Natural Stone Bathtubs

Natural Stone bathtubs for sale

10+ Amazing Natural Stone Bathtubs 

Get inspired by these unique bathtubs.

Bathtubs made of natural stone provide a one-of-a-kind focal point in the bathroom around which you may organize and arrange everything else according to your own preferences. Don’t worry about the minor things! All you need is a natural stone tub in the proper location of the room. These products are fantastic for people who have got a spacious bathroom. Why not make it into a magnificent spa retreat with a calming, close-to-nature vibe? Have a look at a couple of stone bathtubs that can really inspire you into ordering one for your home!

Simplistic marble stone bathtub

Bathtubs made of marble are a popular choice of those who prefer a minimalistic approach in their bathroom. Both the outside and the inside are entirely polished with extra care. This reveals amazing patterns of marble veins which gives the bathtub a unique charm.

Soaking Marble Bathtub - Natural Stone Bathtubs


Natural finish stone bathtubs

In the case of these tubs, the outside is completely unprocessed by a human hand. Instead, it is left just as nature intended. Only the inside is meticulously polished to provide an ultimate comfort for the end user.

River Stone Bathtub - Natural stone bathtubs


The one and only river stone bathtub

Needless to say this is probably the first image that you have in your head when hearing the word “stone bathtub”. The best selling collection of rock tubs for decades – the one and only river stone. Some say this is the most durable bathroom product on Earth.

Stone Bathtubs for sale

The most unique among stone bathtubs

Petrified wood bathtub is the rarest product of its kind. Made from fossilized wood, its stone structure amazes even the most picky designers. Who wouldn’t want to keep a million-years-old piece of natural art like that?

Petrified Wood Stone Bathtub - Stone Bathtubs



Royal onyx stone bathtubs

Another interesting variant of stone tubs is the one made of pure onyx. This stone type is translucent, therefore it can be illuminated for an astounding effect. It may, for instance, create an amazing contrast in darker interiors.

Onyx Bathtubs - Onyx Bathtub


Custom made stone bathtubs

Having served hundred of customers worldwide, we learned that the key is the communication. Our designers and production team is ready to hear your ideas about the final product and to produce the piece accordingly. That is how flexible we are!

River Stone Bathtub Flumen - Lux4home™


Marble bathtub of your choice

It can be made custom or chosen from the existing collection. The choice is yours. No matter which option you will go for, you are guaranteed to receive a solid piece of stone bathtub. Indonesian marble is considered to be a really strong one.

Freestanding Marble Bathtub - Granite Bathtub

Granite bathtubs or Basalt bathtubs

We definitely recommend basalt as it proves to be more solid material. That is actually what River Stone is made of – it is a type of basalt. Made from molten lava, its structure is virtually unbreakable, unless one decides to use heavy machinery.

Marble Bathtub - Marble Stone Bathtub

More stone bathtub designs than you can possibly imagine

The above examples are only a glimpse of the possibilities that can be achieved by working with us. We supply those beautiful tubs to wholesale recipients, such as big stores with bathroom equipment, distributors or hardware stores. We also work with private clients, interior designers, architects and contractors who wish to purchase a stone bathtub for themselves or their customers. And the best of all – we work closely with all types of client in order to make their vision come true and achieve a product that they will cherish for years and years. That is our principle, and that is what makes our collections unique.



Can you put a stone bathtub outside? You should and here is why.

River Stone Bathtub Flumen

Natural Stone Bathtub installed outside. A source of many myths

Can you put a stone bathtub outdoors?

Can stone bathtub be installed outside?

The answer is simple, yet requires some explanation. Every stone bathtub was once a tiny fracture of a lava stream. It took millions of years to form a boulder which can finally be turned into an exclusive stone bathtub. If you are planning to put some bathtub outside, there can be no better choice than River Stone bathtub.

River Stone Rock absorbs the heat of the water and, therefore, keeps the water temperature on a comfortable level for much longer than regular bathtubs or concrete bathtubs. This makes every bath unique, not to mention how much aesthetics the room (or the place) gains. It makes every visitor wanting to return as quickly as they can so they can keep enjoying the natural stone bathtub. 

Have a look at our full stone bathtubs collection: https://www.Lux4home.com/products/stone-bathtubs

Natural Stone Bathtub Outside

Natural Stone Bathtub Outside

Natural Stone Bathtub outside

Natural Stone Bathtub outside

Natural stone bathtub outside


A great example of a bathtub successfully placed outside is the resort in the photos above. Lux4home™ provides the best quality of river stone bathtubs on the market. They can be placed even in harshest weather conditions, from Aspen to Tijuana, from Portugal to Norway, From Turkey to Tokio. You can find at least a few examples in every continent of the world, maybe except for Antarctica.


Natural Stone Bathtub is suitable virtually everywhere.

What is perhaps one of the best features of these bathtubs is that they can be used all year round, no matter the seasons. That makes a place like Hatherley Birell Collection Hotel a unique and versatile place that can be visited in every season. Investment in such a crucial element returns very quickly, owing to the easy maintenance of these stone tubs.

Thanks to the flexibility of our production, Lux4home™ can provide bathtubs suitable for any place. Interior and exterior. Get in touch and find a natural stone bathtub for your island resort or inland hotel. Our service can include delivery to a designated location, all supervised by our trained personnel and enthusiastic customer service.

You may wonder why you should trust Lux4home™ when planning to purchase a natural stone bathtub? The answer is very simple – we have taken part in lots of prestigious design projects and each year we ship dozens of containers to our wholesale recipients who are not interested in looking elsewhere.

These numbers make us stand out in the market. The full service that we provide leaves no room for dissatisfaction of any customer, therefore, each year our numbers are increasing. That is the trend we would never like to lose and, therefore, high quality of our services is our priority.

You will not find this level of service in any other supplier of natural stone products made in Indonesia. Unparalelled quality goes hand in hand with exceptional prices, as you are working with a producer directly. Looking forward to hearing from you!



Cream Marble Bathtub is as luxurious as it can get

Granite Bathtubs for sale

Cream Bathtub Aurea Frequent choice of the designers with superior taste

Cream Marble Bathtub Aurea are taking over the global design market!

Specifically why Marble bathtub?

The reasons are countless.. Versatility, durability, pristine beauty that comes from the qualities of natural stone. 

Natural Stone bathtubs Aurea, made exclusively by us in exotic  Indonesia, are getting more and more popular all around the world. Back in the day, stone tubs like this might have been spotted mainly in the hotels on the island of Bali. Today, Lux4home™ proudly  presents the photos of these soaking tubs not only in countries like Philipines, Holland, Poland, UAE or South Africa.

We present to you our latest project in Antigua – the place whose interiors were enhanced with a stone bathtub of our production. This prestigious item filled the place with magnificence and excitement.
This is yet another location which, thanks to the natural products of Lux4home™, offers relaxation and pleasant sensations for the body and skin. The stone baths may be manufactured in different ways, but the fact that Lux4home™ is privileged to add the final touches to places like leaves no doubt as to the significance of our products.

Marble Bathtub

Marble Bathtub

Marble Bathtub

Marble Bathtub
Freestanding Marble Bathtub – Granite Bathtub
Marble Bathtub
Freestanding Marble Bathtub – Granite Bathtub


Marble Bathtub

We produce marble bathtubs in various sizes. You can order your own bathtub size to suit your design. We deliver our marble bathtubs to shops, interior designers and individual customers. Interested in learning more about our magnificent cream marble bathtub model Aurea? Follow this link:

Many had no clue about rock sinks or stone bathtubs. However, we are here to help you in choosing the best fit for your interior!


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Difference between River Stone bathtub and Marble bathtub

Marble Bathtub

River Stone vs. Marble Tub Which one is better?

What are the main differences between Marble thtub and River Stone rock tubs?

Despite evergrowing popularity of River Stone bathtubs, there are clients who are still excited with classic, plain shapes of bathtubs. The pictures that we would like to present today present an amazing stone bathtub made from marble and delivered to our very special client from Scandinavia. In this world region and this bathroom project our stone products definitely match the room. Or perhaps the room matches our products? It is up to you to decide after checking these magical pictures.

Marble Tub
Praesenti Grey Marble
Marble Tub
Praesenti Grey Marble Bathtub

Marble Tub

What is the difference between marble bathtubs and river stone bathtubs? The main difference comes from the type of finish. River stone tubs, also called rock tubs, on the outside are left unprocessed so that they resemble a raw river boulder – simple yet unique. In the case of marble bathtubs, all is polished to give that elegant and smart look and to enjoy the feeling of a stone. Marble tubs are also about 25% lighter than river stone counterparts, which might be helpful in choosing a bathtub to your room.

The natural stone bathtub Praesenti made exclusively by Lux4home™ is definitely the focal point of this bathroom. However, there is also a complimentary river stone sink that deserves a shoutout! It definitely fits rustic and modern room designs. There are plenty more stone basins in our catalogue so that anyone can find a stone wash basin that fits any bathroom design and any stone bathtub. Like our creative client from Scandinavia!

Each year we deliver our stone sinks, stone bathtubs and pebble mosaics to dozens of places worldwide. Be next and discover the charm of unique natural stone products created by nature and perfected by the professionals!