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Natural marble mosaics in  Wierzenica Dwór

Natural marble mosaics

Black and white marble mosaic may be used in many ways. We want to show you how marble mosaic from collection  Parquet 10×10 Lux4home™ can be used in unusual way. In “Dwór Wierzenica” we can see unique interior design.   Please look marvellous stone floor made of  marble in white interior.

The idea of using stone floors is really unusual. In many interiors we can see marble kitchen floor tiles and stone floor in hall, but they are usually in one colour. “Wierzenica Dwór” is a place, where black marble tiles and white marble mosaics are mixed.

The project was realized. with 50% of black marble mosaics and 50% of cream  marble mosaic. Each single marble slice was separated from mesh and composed as a chequered pattern black and white. It is harder and time – consuming to lay the floor using single pieces, but it is really worth it.

Design was realized in “Wierzenica Dwór”  (Wierzenica 15; 62-006 Wierzenica – Kobylnica; distance: Poznań – 4 km, Berlin – 294 km, Warszawa – 308 km ) place worth visiting.

Lux4home™ is a manufacturer / producer & exporter of mosaic marble tiles (like this), stone mosaics on mesh, marble borders or marble mosaics etc.
Interior designers, mosaics tiles distributors, natural stone importers of natural stone products or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to cooperate with us.

Lux4home mosaics Marble mosaic Marble mosaic

Marble mosaic


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