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Granite Bathtub

Natural Stone Bath collection

Granite Bath Tub AROS

available sizeS

  • Possible Length Range: 140 cm - 350 cm
  • Possible Width Range: 90 cm - 175 cm
  • Possible Height: 55 cm - 85 cm

Stone material

This bathtub is crafted from stone:

  • Polished River Stone / Polished River Rock
  • Polished Basalt


Weight entirely dependent on the size and shape of the bathtub. Weight range for all minimum and maximum sizes: 700 kg - 3500 kg. An average bathtub with a length of 190 cm weighs approximately 1000 kg.​

Freestanding Aros Bath Tubs are designed for indoor & outdoor use. The stone is resistant to weather conditions, provided it is properly cared for.
Learn more about it here.

These stone bath tubs are available in a shade of light or intense gray – graphite.
Utilize the photos in the galleries below to assess the diversity of possible shades for these bathtubs.

Download the collection catalogue: here
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Natural Stone - Granite Bath Tub AROS

We use the same river stone for crafting the AROS bathtub as is used in the Flumen and Eclipse bathtub models. This is a durable river stone that is polished on the outside for this model (Flumen and Eclipse bathtubs have a natural shape). This process results in a ash-gray or graphite stone that is exceptionally hard and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in any conditions.
We produce AROS stone bathtubs in the size that suits your needs. Gray-toned stone is much harder and more durable than marble. We recommend it to anyone looking for dark or black stone bathtubs or bathtubs for challenging conditions.

Freestanding Stone Bath Tubs For Sale

The first AROS polished river stone bathtub was created after numerous tests to match the stone’s color and texture to a resort’s flooring, which had uneven gray spots. We managed to create a product that, to our surprise, is a unique bathtub that we can sell in sizes our customers require. We have tested this type of stone in various climatic and practical conditions in other models.


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Max. amount in 20' container



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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding stone tubs. Everything you need to know when ordering a natural stone bathtub or stone bathtubs.

Contact us directly using the form below. Send us information about what you need, in what quantities, and by when.

We typically respond within 48 hours on business days. If you don’t receive a response from us, please check your spam folder or reach out to us via WhatsApp.

If you’re an individual seeking to procure a singular granite bathtub, we provide multiple avenues for your convenience. You may opt for a direct acquisition from our factory, ensuring a seamless transaction process. Alternatively, should you prefer, we offer the option to facilitate your inquiry by connecting you with a reputable local importer who retails our products.

For wholesale clients or professionals in the architectural sphere, the most advantageous course of action lies in establishing a direct collaboration with us. Bypassing intermediaries ensures streamlined communication and enables us to tailor solutions precisely to your requirements.

We are a manufacturer of granite bathtubs, therefore our pricing is tailored to the order size, bathtub model, and delivery time. Reach out to us to discuss your needs, and we will establish the most advantageous price for a granite bathtub for your order

You can explore the full collection of our standard granite bathtubs on the Stone Bathtubs Collection page. Each stone bathtube model has a detailed description available upon clicking. Below the bathtub description, you’ll find additional photos. Use the ‘+’ symbols in the gallery to view more images. You can download PDF catalogs here.

If you require alternative bathtubs or tub designs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are eager to explore your project with you.

You can order any quantity of products – even just one granite bathtub. We are able to accommodate your order expectations.

If you require granite bathtubs in custom shapes or sizes not featured in our catalogs, please provide us with the specifications. We will assess the feasibility of production. If you would like to view photos of our available in-stock bathtubs, kindly inform us, and we will provide images for your consideration. Should none of these options meet your requirements, we will craft a custom tub tailored to your specifications.

If you choose a granite bathtub that we have in stock and ready to ship, it will be dispatched within 2 days. However, if you choose a bathtub that needs to be manufactured, the production time will depend on the size of your order.

The delivery itself and the delivery time depend on the country you are located in

We dispatch granite bathtubs from the Port of Surabaya, located in Java, Indonesia.

There is also an option for bathtub pickup directly from our factory if you utilize your own transportation company.

The delivery cost depends on the size of your granite bathtub or bathtubs and the delivery location. We collaborate with multiple transportation companies and always select the most advantageous rates for our customers.

  • We are chosen by clients who value craftsmanship and affordability. Our stone bathtubs and sinks have been selected by over 203 hotels and resorts in more than 57 countries worldwide, including notable establishments such as One & Only Palmilla Resort in Mexico, Hatherley Birrell Hotel in Tasmania, Mercure Hotel in Zakopane, Poland, Margot Restaurant in Los Angeles, Six Senses Crans in Switzerland, Nonsuch Bay Resort in Antigua, and many others.
  • We have showcased our products at international trade fairs in Dubai, UAE, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Los Angeles, and Chicago.
  • We are probably the only Indonesian manufacturer of granite bathtubs and sinks with such an extensive portfolio, client-endorsed photos, and a collection of over 4,000+ images showcasing all our products. All of these factors serve as a testament to our reputation.