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Our stone bathtubs collection:

Our stone bathtubs are manufactured in Indonesia ( Bali ), but few models in other countries. Standard sizes are provided in our catalogue. Each stone bathtub can be made to order in other sizes adjusted to customers needs. Lux4home™ Indonesia bathtubes are sold just for b2b customers in wholesale quantities. We are providing our outstanding stone bathtubs to: Australia, New Zeland, USA, Canada, Poland, UK.  

Available sizes
stone bathtub bali
Stone bathtub Abu
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180x80x55 cm Marble Cream / Andesit Black
stone bathtubs australia
Stone bathtub Aurea
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190 x 80 x 60 cm Andesit Black / Marble Cream / Marble Grey
river stone bathtubs
River Stone bathtubs Flumen
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180-200 x 70-120 x 50-60 cm Natural River Stone
stone shower
Natural River Stone shower tray
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90 x 90 x 12 Natural River Stone
natural stone bathtubs
Stone bathtub Praesenti
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195 x 80 x76 cm Marble Grey / Andesit Black / Marble Cream
stone bathtubs indonesia
Stone bathtub Contario
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180 x 80 x 55 cm Marble Cream / Andesite Black
marble bathtubs
Stone bathtubs Lavare
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180 x 80 x 60 cm Marble Grey / Marble Cream / Andesit Black
stone shower
Mar 11 Shower Tray
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90 x 120 x 12 Marble Grey / Andesit Black / Marble Cream