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Stone Sinks Production

Product Quality Control

This is our distinctive procedure. Before the products are shipped, we need to be sure that every little piece is perfect. Find out more on how we put emphasis on the final quality of our stone sinks, bathtubs and pebbles.

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Learn how to become our Partner.
Regardless whether you are an experienced importer or just about to begin – you can count on our service and flexible possibilities


Crafted just as you require

Tell us what you need, and we tell you how we produce it. Working with hundreds of customers all over the world and making their visions happen, we always strive to achieve the most satisfactory service level.


Satisfy your clients

Rise with us. Our Partners and importers cater for their clients’ tastes through keeping wide product collections. We aim towards constant development basing on your ideas and our experience.

Stone sinks exporter

Crafted just as you require

For years, our Indonesian team of artisans have specialized in the production of:

• Sinks made of natural stone.

Lux4home Stone SInk
We use what is available in Indonesia: marble in different shades, onyx, petrified wood, river stone, basalt. We have done it all: stone sinks, stone washbasins, standing stone sinks, countertop stone sinks, vanity sinks, farmhouse sinks, kitchen basins, double stone sinks, even illuminated onyx sinks. Our offer comprises not only standard and classic stone sinks, but also released yearly collections made by Lux4home™ designers which is unavailable anywhere else. You can find the models under this link.

Apart from our main line of sinks, part of our partners demand exclusive sinks models produced only for them. No matter what natural stone is used: marble, onyx according to the blueprint. These are their own designs which we respect as an untouchable intellectual property, therefore, reserving the production of thereof solely for them. That being said, if you want us to produce something that is not present in the main catalogue – feel free to contact us so we may hear your expectations and start discussing details.

Stone Bathtubs

• Natural stone bathtubs.

No other Indonesian supplier but us can proudly present so many pictures of their freestanding bathtubs after being installed at the customer’s destination. You can find some project descriptions here. Stone bathtubs, especially ones made of river stone, are made according to your, or client’s requirements, always. We are aware that a bathtub is a serious investment, we always deliver a picture of the actual product for the final approval before the shipping is carried out. Just as in case of the stone sinks, we may produce individual models according to given specification and adjusted to individual taste. Make sure to check our stone bathtubs offer.

• Pebble Tiles & Stone mosaics.

Pebble Tiles Production
Part of our recipients keeps supplying with highly selective Pebble Tiles, keeping in mind the colour mixture and the shape of the mosaics. We do our best to procure the most appropriate stones and to craft just the product that meets client’s requirements. Also, as one of the very few companies, we are able to customize the packing process and boxes, e.g. packing each plaster separately, including barcodes and labels or sorting pebbles for individual projects like king pebbles. Get to know our pebble tiles collections.


Product Quality Control

Product Quality Control

Pebble Tiles ProducerOur headquarters are located in Europe, and this is where we derive our quality standards from. We are working on the method of quality control of every single product. No matter if it concerns natural stone bathtub, onyx sink or a pebble tile, we need to be certain that you receive the product that meet your expectations. At the same time, we are aware of the fact that quality is the most crucial factor for companies and customers who have no previous experience in natural stone products. That is precisely why quality control is a very important stage in our production process. As on of the very few, we have introduced:

• Internal multi-stage quality control for appropriate colour, size, uniform structure, lack of imperfections. • On request, it is possible to hire an external quality control to verify larger amount of products • Monitoring of the production process. On every stage of the production you may be delivered with photos of current level of work. • Initial sample delivery prior to bulk orders in order to confirm the products.

It is thanks to these procedures that our products were awarded three years in a row with European awards in their market category. Furthermore, our stone products have been certified by Atest PZH which is applicable in the entire EU and prove that the products are safe in contact with food and sink.

Lux4home awords 1 Lux4home awords 2Lux4home awords 1

Satisfy your clients

Sinks-draftSatisfy your clients by offering them the product quality and choice that they expect. Welcome to Lux4home™ –  there is probably no better place in Indonesia where you can find stone sinks and bathtubs fitted so perfectly to your company’s profile. Only in our regular collection you can find over 150 models of sinks made of natural stone some of which are made in different sizes and shades. Freestanding sinks, countertop ones, wide or narrow, long or short. Made of marble, granite, basalt, pebbles or beautiful onyx or river stone, even petrified wood. And if you really want your products to stand out in the market – we are able to produce them according to your own reserved design!

We are aware of the simple fact that the better your sales are, the more products you need to be supplied with.

Therefore, we make sure that every single sink you receive will make your client say “Wow, I really want it!”. We have been doing it for years, and it is clear for us that price and quality has to make compromises. Apart from wide selection of products, we are doing our best to deliver a product that is pleasant and safe to work with – special packing to ensure no damages in transport, additionally on request we can make customized boxes, markings and barcodes. Furthermore, every bathtub or basin complies with the drainage standards of every region it is destined to.

Increase your opportunities by cooperating with Lux4home™ and supply your market with special products thanks to having access to probably the widest selection of stone sinks, bathtubs, pebbles and mosaics. Find out how crucial the quality is in achieving sales – your clients are going to love beautiful products they receive…

Natural Stone Bathtub
Natural Stone Bathtub

Become our dealer

How to import stone products (sinks, tubs, pebbles) from Indonesia.

You need to be aware that you are safe on every stage of our cooperation.
Regardless who you are.

Retail Client Stone SInkRetail Client?
If there happens not to be a distributor of our products in your country, we are indeed able to serve you directly from the factory. You can count on our help on every stage, we assist in shipping to your place using our trusted freight forwarders’ discounts. Before we pack and secure your products for shipment, we require your approval by sending product pictures. This procedure guarantees that you always receive exactly what you desire.

– Since you cannot see it personally, we can only deliver photos
– The shipping, depending on the delivery place, may take longer than acquiring from a local distributor.
+ Fair price
+ You always receive a product that is unique in your market

Stone Sinks ExportLCL Client (Less than container amount)? If this is your first time as an importer and you wish to inspect the products personally, see the reaction of a market or just planning to deal with non-wholesale amount, this option is a perfect solution. Among our wholesale recipients, there are companies who started exactly like this and then developed their venture into a major turnover. If you require assistance, we will help in organizing transport and filling necessary documents. At every stage you will be informed about the progress of the order.

– Export fees less cost-effective in case of LCL
– Lead time is longer for LCL than in case of FCL
+ You do not need to invest in bulk
+ Possibility to develop your sales step-by-step avoiding risks and increasing turnover

Indonesia Stone Export minFCL Client (Full container amount)? In this option, the final price of a single unit is the most cost-effective. That is why many of our partners decide to order 40-feet container instead of standard 20-feet ones, the difference in shipping price is not drastic but at the same time more products can be acquired at once to reduce costs. At this stage of partnership, we are happy to create individual cooperation terms that are flexible and negotiable, including payment terms. Just as in previous options, you are fully informed with the order progress, estimated dates, footage from chosen stages of production and prior packing. You can also use our discounts in the freight forwarders that usually operate our deliveries. Soon, we will allow access to our system where you will be able to overwatch the whole progress online in real time.
+ Working wholesale we can achieve the lowest possible product prices
+ Shipping takes much less than in case of LCL
+ Access to every product

Share containerShared container slot: As the only supplier in Indonesia, we occasionally organize “Shared container”. We ship one container to our warehouse in Europe that contains multiple smaller orders of European companies. As soon as the sum of orders fills the container, we ship it to our main warehouse in Poland where we forward each order directly to respective EU destination, either by a client-chosen transport companies or by us.
– Lead time dependent on all client’s order status
– Frequency of the shared containers dependent on current demand
+ Lower transport cost than in case of LCL – shipping cost balances over participating companies
+ Lux4home™ takes care of shipping documents and license, all custom clearances are handled by us

pebble tiles manufacturer export packaging 2 minDropshipping: Certain products, like bathtubs or freestanding sinks, can be shipped worldwide! It is a good opportunity for companies to offer bathtubs that are available in stock or made bespoke. In the former case, we send the photo for approval, and if there is a green light we can ship the bathtub within a week.

container 20 ftHelpful information regarding Containers: Standard 20-feet container can hold up to 350-450 stone sink or around 900 square meters of Pebble mosaics or other natural stone mosaics or 4 medium-sized stone bathtubs made of river stone. The products can be mixed. The container becomes cost-effective solution even in the amount of 200-250 sinks.
Standard 40-feet container can hold up to 700-750 stone sinks, 1500 square meters of mosaics or up to 6 riverstone bathtubs, as far as the weight limits are concerned.