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Stone bathtub Contario

Stone bathtub Contario
Stone bathtub

Stone bathtub Contario is manually produced in Indonesia. Even though it looks like it was made of two pieces of stone joint together, the fact is, that it is made of one piece only. No glue, nor paint nor even groat is used. It is drained and polished inside. the outside is hammered. It is either made of cream, grey, yellow marble or black andesit. Marbles we use come from Indonesian mines directly. They often have some quartz veins, that make it look even more beautiful. However no veins pure marble is also available. Andesit however has no veins of other minerals, but little sparkling drops of minerals often appear.

According to a Mohs scale Andesite is 6 to 10 whereas marble is only 3. It means that andesite is much harder to break or scratch.

Stone bathtub Contario can be polished (not hammered) outside too.

Technical specification:

Stone luxury bathtu

  • Producer: Lux4home
  • Designer: Lux4home
  • Material: Marble / Andesit
  • Dimension: 180 x 80 x 55 cm
  • Weight: 1500- 2000 kg
  • Collection: Natural Stone Bathtubs

Please notice that the outside wall of this bathtub instead being polished, it it hammered. However it can be done polished as well.

Natural stone bathtub Contario is to be seen all over the world in SPA centers, hotels, and luxury residential properties. We produce it Indonesia on Java island, and ship it to Europe, America and Asia.