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Granite bathtubs

NATURAL stone Bath collection

Freestanding Marble Stone Bath CONTARIO

available sizes

  • Possible Length Range: 140 cm - 280 cm
  • Possible Width Range: 60 cm - 150 cm
  • Possible Height: 50 cm - 85 cm

Stone material

This bathtub is crafted from stone:

  • Indonesian Cream Marble.
  • Indonesian Grey Marble.
*Upon request, the outer surface of the bathtub can be polished.


Weight entirely dependent on the size and shape of the bathtub. Weight range for all minimum and maximum sizes: 550 kg - 2000 kg. An average bathtub with a length of 190 cm weighs approximately 850 kg.​

Freestanding Marble Bath Tubs Contario can only be installed indoors. Marble is not a suitable stone for all weather conditions. For more information, you can visit our Blog.

Preview photos of the marble shade. You will also receive detailed photos before the bathtub is shipped.

Additionally, use the photos in the galleries under the description of the bathtub to see the color variations in the stone.

Download the collection catalogue: here
Download DWG files:
Download the technical sheet:
Case Studies on the Blog

Freestanding Marble Stone Bath Contario

Freestanding bathtub Contario is made of natural marble. No glue, paint or any cement is used in the production process – we process only one solid piece of stone. It is cut and manually drained by our best craftsmen in Indonesia. The bathtub is fully polished. Every product may come in a different sizes and shapes as every piece of rock varies from another. Nevertheless, we are able to provide a customer with the desired size, shape and shade as we take stone directly from the source. That is why we can guarantee that you will always get what you want! Please notice that our rock tubs can supports all drain hole standards (European, American, Asian, etc). We are able to export these stone bathtubs to almost every part of the world. Contario granite bathtubs are part of the Natural Stone Bathtubs Collection, which is a highly successful and bestselling collection in Europe and America. Granite bathtubs, like soaking tubs, sinks, and shower trays, offer a completely unique and luxurious experience. No two granite baths are ever exactly alike.

Marble Tub Contario

Our stone tub collection consists of products made of natural river stones procured from the rivers of Indonesia and marble blocks mined only in the best Indonesian mines. The bath is carefully processed with special care to every detail. Simplicity and minimalism in treatment are reminiscent of peace and meditation, making these products highly desirable for many years for both modern, and classic bathrooms.

Model popularity
Years on sale
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Max. amount in 20' container

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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding granite bathtubs. Everything you need to know when ordering a natural stone bathtub or stone bathtubs

Contact us using the form below to provide details about your requirements, quantities, and preferred timelines.
We typically respond within 48 hours on business days. If you don’t receive a response, please check your spam folder or reach out to us via WhatsApp.

If you are an individual customer seeking a single bathtub, you can make a direct purchase from our factory. Alternatively, we can direct your inquiry to an importer of our granite bathtubs in your country, if available.

For wholesale customers or architects, the most advantageous approach is to initiate collaboration directly with us, bypassing intermediaries.

You’re purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Pricing varies based on your order size, type of granite bathtubs, and delivery timeline. Reach out to us with your specifications for a customized quote.

You can explore the full collection of our standard bathtubs on the Stone Bathtubs Collection page. Each bathtub model features a detailed description accessible by clicking on the respective model. Additional photos can be found below the bathtub description. Use the ‘+’ symbols in the gallery to view more images. You can download PDF catalogs here.

If you need different granite bathtubs or tub, please contact us. We’d be happy to see your project.

You can order any quantity – even a single bathtub. We are a manufacturer of granite bathtubs – that is why we are able to adapt to your expectations.

If you need granite bathtubs in different shapes or sizes than those available in our catalogs, please send us the specifications. We’ll verify the possibility of production.

If you’d like to view photos of our available in-stock granite bathtubs, please inform us, and we’ll prepare images for your consideration. Should none of these tubs meet your expectations, we’ll create another customized bathtub tailored to your concept.

If you choose a product that we have in stock and ready to ship, it will be dispatched within 2 days. However, if you choose a product that needs to be manufactured, the production time will depend on the size of your order.

We ship granite bathtubs from the Port of Surabaya, Java, Indonesia, but you can also pick up the goods directly from our factory.

The delivery cost of granite bathtubs depends on the size of your order and the delivery location. We cooperate with many transport companies and always choose the best rates for our clients. You can also use the transport company that you prefer.

  • We are honored to be chosen by discerning clients who prioritize craftsmanship and affordability. Our granite bathtubs and sinks grace over 203 hotels and resorts across 57 countries, including prestigious establishments like One & Only Palmilla Resort in Mexico, De Moksha Resort in Bali, and Hatherley Birrell Hotel in Tasmania. Additionally, we’ve garnered the trust of over 870 individual clients, drawn to our competitive pricing and unmatched quality. Our products have been showcased at prominent international trade fairs in locations such as Dubai, Riyadh, Sweden, Germany, and Los Angeles. As perhaps the sole Indonesian manufacturer of granite bathtubs and sinks, we boast an extensive portfolio accompanied by client-endorsed photos and a collection of over 4,000 images, reflecting our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.