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Unique Petrified Stone Sink inside the bathroom

Another unique and atmospheric implementation of our petrified wood washbasin.

We have produced a very large countertop washbasin (petrified wood stone sink), which is 37 cm high and 65 cm wide. The uniqueness of this washbasin lies in the fact that it is made of an exceptionally rare material, which is petrified wood (a real tree trunk that transforms into stone for millions of years below the earth’s surface, without access to oxygen) and that its size is equally impressive for a countertop washbasin.


It has been installed in an awe-inspiring, atmospheric bathroom where it harmonizes with the natural colors of green, black and twilight. No unnecessary elements. The interior somehow forces you to calm down, relax and refers to nature. Minimalism at its finest form. A piece of art exhibited between the corners of the bathroom

Petrified Wood Stone Sink

From the same material, we are able to make a stone bathtub (although it is more and more difficult to find it), or a bathtub made of petrified wood. These very unique and unrepeatable items cost much more than river stone or marble bathtubs, but they are also of a completely different value – we estimate that in a few years this material will be completely unavailable, because it is more and more difficult to find.

Nobody’s perfect.. Well, maybe except for Lux4home™ natural 

Unique Petrified Woos Stone Sink
Unique Petrified Woos Stone Sink
Unique Petrified Woos Stone Sink
Unique Petrified Woos Stone Sink
Unique Petrified Woos Stone Sink

which are always looking naturally. In case there is a river boulder that looks a bit odd, we don’t try too hard to make it look like a perfect rock sink. We just move forward to another one. Ruthless, one may say.. but we keep the “special” rocks for special occasions. Everyone is given a chance at our factory, but we stick closely to standards that work for particular groups of clients.

This point comes from frequent feedback from bathroom designers and architects. “Guys! We are extremely worried about the drain hole. What if we are unable to install your bathtub?”. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Our rock bathtubs and rock sinks are delivered to Europe, Middle East, Asia, USA and Australia. That includes the Petrified Wood Stone Sink. Each of these regions have different drainage standards. That is why the last thing we do on either a natural stone sink or stone bath is drilling the proper drain hole which would work for a local standard. Our freestanding stone tubs are installed just as any other bathtubs.

We have been operating on the market for many years, gaining invaluable experience that allowed us to get us where we are today. We guarantee our clients that they will receive products that are 100% compatible with their personal vision. The Lux4home team are passionate people who are always ready to help and bring their ideas to make this experience unmatched, and create modern stone sinks and bathtubs that will last for years.

The production of Petrified Wood Stone Sink is based in Indonesia, on Java island where the rocks are diverse and the sun is shining all over the territory. Owing to intense volcanic activity in the area called the Circle of Fire, Indonesia offers many solid and beautiful rocks and boulders. You will not find the same quality of stone anywhere else.