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The importer ordered river stone washbasins from someone else, and here's what went wrong

The importer sourced river stone washbasins from another supplier, and here are the issues encountered.

 With the help of one of our partners, who previously purchased a whole container of river stone washbasins from the “producer” without experience, we managed to prepare documentation using photographs to demonstrate several errors in the production of stone washbasins that make it impossible to connect such washbasins in a bathroom.

Defect number 1:
The drainage holes in the washbasins were drilled crookedly, likely done manually. As a result, the recess for the drain plug is 2 mm on the right side and 8 mm on the left side. The drain plug will not be level, meaning the pipe under the washbasin cannot be connected. Additionally, a push-down/pop-up type plug will not be able to function. This defect alone renders the washbasin unsuitable for use. Furthermore, water will not be able to drain completely, and there will always be some remaining in the lowest point of the drain hole.

Defect number 2:
The drain hole is too wide. The diameter of the drain hole is approximately 0.5 cm wider than standard drain plugs. This causes any dirt, which cannot be cleaned, to accumulate around the drain plug. Additionally, there is a real risk of water seeping under the plug and leaking under the countertop instead of flowing into the drain pipe. This disqualifies such washbasins.

Defect number 3:
The drain hole is not polished. This will cause the washbasins to absorb moisture and water in that area, potentially increasing the weight of the washbasin by up to 3 times. While this doesn’t completely disqualify the washbasins, it poses a real risk for suspended cabinets on which such washbasins will be placed.

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In summary:
Attempts to install washbasins that, at first glance, appear to be properly made can expose the bathroom owner to significant problems, not only in terms of usage and everyday comfort when using such washbasins, but above all, pose a risk in case of water leakage or an increase in the weight of the washbasin.

Lux4home makes every effort to ensure that each stone washbasin meets the following quality standards for a good reason:

Uniformly drilled drainage hole: Each washbasin has a precisely drilled drainage hole of the same depth. This ensures proper functionality and compatibility with standard drain systems.

Polished surfaces in contact with water: Every part of the washbasin that comes into contact with flowing water is meticulously polished to prevent water absorption. This helps maintain the integrity and durability of the washbasin over time.

Diameter matching country standards: The diameter of the drainage outlet is specifically tailored to meet the standards of the country in which the washbasin is intended for use. This ensures seamless integration with local plumbing systems.

Level base for proper water flow: The washbasin’s base is perfectly leveled to facilitate the smooth flow of water. This allows for efficient drainage and prevents water from pooling or stagnating in the basin.

Polishing instead of waxing: Lux4home prioritizes the use of polishing techniques over waxing. This ensures a long-lasting, lustrous finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the washbasins.

That is why our stone sinks – stone washbasins significantly differ from others, and our partners are well aware of this distinction.

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