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Black Pebbels in luxury  bathrooms

Black Pebbels in luxury bathrooms of Krakow, Poland

Krakow has found out the beauty of natural stone and it’s so much easier to find the interior which can delight you with its charm.

One of these places is the hotel which is located on Bracka street, You can find there bathrooms with some products made by Lux4home™.

Please look how beautiful it looks. You can easily notice black pebble borders on walls, and beige pebbles on floor. You must admit they look great together with unique sinks and brick wall.  Choosing pebble tiles, you can easily give the room character you want .

bracka-pebblesThere are two separate interiors, using two different kind of stones. In this way, the bathrooms have a different character and in the same time both appeared the beauty and luxury of natural stone.

Black pebbles (model Black Sumatra 10×30 cm) allows to create interior full of magic and mystery, and beige pebbles (model Maluku Tan White 10×30 cm sliced pebbles) soft and romantic.

The whole character was emphasized by amazing combination of ornamental pebbles with outstanding sinks from collection made by Lux4home™. Stone sink Opulentus Black Andesite  helps to complement character of the place.

black pebble tiles bathroom
black pebble tiles bathroom
black pebble bathroom
black pebble bathroom

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