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Stone Bathroom Basin

Classic collection

Vessel Marble Basin RANDOM WASTAFEL

available sizes

50 x 58 x 18 (cm)

Stone material

Grey Marble; Cream Marble;


32 kg


This natural stone countertop sink designed for interior use

This stone sinks can either be produce from: Cream Marble, Grey Marble (Graphite), Onyx Stone

CAD files for Interior Designers:

Vessel Marble Basin RANDOM WASTAFEL

Our stone sinks are crafted using premium Indonesian materials sourced directly from local suppliers. Each sink, including our Random Wastafel model, showcases unique mineral veins inherent to natural marble, ensuring every piece is one-of-a-kind. Hand-polished to a smooth, glossy finish, our sinks are ideal for natural interior designs, complementing wooden countertops beautifully. Customizable drain holes are available to meet drainage standards in the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia, ensuring practicality and versatility.


Natural Stone Washbasins RANDOM WASTAFEL

The Random Wastafel exemplifies our classic collection, favored by discerning architects and designers alike. Often featured in upscale restaurants and luxury hotels, our classic sinks blend seamlessly with sophisticated interiors. Customizable drain holes cater to specific requirements, ensuring compatibility with American, European, Australian, and Asian standards across different regions.

Model popularity
Years on sale
Lux4home™ exclusivity
Max. amount in 20' container
More Images of Vessel Marble Basin RANDOM WASTAFEL
Vessel Marble Basin RANDOM WASTAFEL Real-Life Application Images


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