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River stone collection


available sizeS

30-60 x 30-60 x 17-20 (cm)

Stone material

River Stone; River Rock; Basalt


15-40 kg

This stone countertop sink designed for interior, as well as exterior use in every weather conditions. 

This stone sinks can either be produce from: 

CAD files for Interior Designers:

River Stone Basin LAVABO BATU KALI

River Stone Sinks collection has been successfully breaking sales records all over the world ever since it was introduced. The combination of stone’s natural durability with the delicate touch of our artisans results in an exotic stone wash basin that excites for years. Have a look through the Lux4home catalogue and find out about the diversity of our River Stone washbasins. One may wonder why River Stone is the best selling collection all over the world? There are many other collections that we produce, but none have ever come close to the classic basalt basins (sometimes mistaken with granite sinks). Three words: Simplicity, Durability, Price. Get in touch with us and find out why so many customers choose Lux4home™ as their supplier.

Natural Stone Sink LAVABO BATU KALI

Lavabo Batu Kali features thin-ended walls to provide a smooth and elegant design. Pebble sinks are crafted from the natural river stone, which means that every item is unique in terms of its colouristics and outside structure. Note that there aren’t two exact sinks shapes.
Natural beauty and durability of the sink is achieved without using any paint, glue or artificial fillings. Our production methods always guarantee the highest quality of basin that is easily maintainable. No need for special cleaning agents, as these boulder sinks are pure works of nature.


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Max. amount in 20' container

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