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How to make your bathroom luxury and unique? Natural Stone Sinks

Transform Your Bathroom into a Luxury Oasis: Tips for Creating a Unique Space


white marble stone sink

When remodelling your bathroom you often consider variety of floor tiles, wall mosaics with different patterns, designs, and materials. There is a lot of to choose from e.g. glass, ceramic, stone or even wood tiles. But do you take as much attention to the sink as well?

Choosing a sink in not less important than flooring or wall coverings. Stone sinks seem to be good choice to make your bathroom look luxury and unique. Those produced by Lux4home™ in Indonesia are mostly made of marbles, onyx or send stones. Hundreds of designs and variety of colors make great opportunity to find exactly what you are looking for.
Padovani sink you may see on the pictures is made of cream marble, that comes directly from Indonesia. It is made of one piece of stone material always. No glue no paint is ever used. Looks perfect with black marble counter top. The outer of front and side walls remain unprocessed, that emphasizes the natural origin of the sink. If the cream marble does not fit your interior design, black, grey or even yellow marbles are also available.

Countertop Stone Sinks Marble Wash Basins

Padovani sink is mostly used in medium big and big bathrooms. You may often find them in luxury hotels and restaurants, however they are also common with residential projects.

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  • No paint!
  • Only natural stone
  • Unique natural design

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