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Bathroom remodelling... Pebble Tiles

Bathroom remodelling...
Beige pebble tiles

Pebble tiles Maluku Tan-Lux4home (10)

You have recognized by now Lux4home™ as the manufacturer of stone sinks, luxury stone bathtubs, pebble tiles and stone mosaics. But did you know that we cooperate with number of architects all over the world as well? They are the ones, that make us challenges to improve our products or to spread our offer.
You have already seen some of outstanding interior and landscape designs with our stone and wood products. This is the latest one… Quite minimalistic in its form, but definitely beautiful, and full of charm.
Beige pebble tiles on walls looks impressing together with white floor and white fittings. White led lightning emphasizes natural shade and shape of boulders. No one would ever say, that pebble wall was covered with tiles. it rather looks like each single pebble was installed separately. That is the the quality of Lux4home™:

  • No visible joints between tiles,
  • Regular shapes of stones,
  • Similar shades.

Remodeling and Home Design


As this bathroom is quite small, two large mirrors were placed on walls. All in all looks luxury and cozy.
Maluku Tan pebble tiles (beige pebble tiles) are made of variety shades of grey boulders glued to a mesh. You may find the brownish ones, the cream ones, or the grey ones. However you should realize that, they were manually sorted regarding: color, and size. Thanks to that, they look very natural, but on the other hand, they make totally flat surface, when placed on wall. Special interlocking system makes it super easy to assemble tiles with no visible joints! As spectacular as easy! Isn’t it?

Lux4home™ in a manufacturer / producer & exporter of pebble tiles (like this), standing pebble, pebble mosaics etc.
Interior designers, distributors, importers of natural stone or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to cooperate with us.

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