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Black Marble mosaic  on floor​

Black Marble mosaic on floor

Blak marble mosaic

Black marble mosaic 30cm x 30cm is most often to be seen on floors. They are both put indoors and outdoors. Luxury bathrooms, living rooms but also swimming pools, garden paths etc. Wherever they are placed, they make any design spectacular and unique
Marble mosaics produced by Lux4home™ are available in variety of colours and patterns. Nevertheless they always stand for highest quality:

  • No visible joints between tiles,
  • Equal height of stones,
  • Similar shades.

Please take a special attention to the shape of each single tile. They are designed with special interlocking system. That is the reason why there are no visible joints between tiles. Entire floor looks like it was covered by separate stones, and not by tiles. That is what we call quality of Lux4home.

Even though each single stone is different, regarding shape, they are all more or less the same size.
But the most important thing is that, they are all the same height. That way they make totally flat surface.

Finally, please also notice, that gaps between stones are very small. This is where grout goes in. All together looks absolutely phenomenal.

Interior designers, distributors, importers of natural stone or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to cooperate with us. Lux4home™ is a manufacturer / producer & exporter of stone mosaics & marble mosaics (like this), marble borders, onyx mosaics etc.