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Pebble Tiles Panu

Pebble Tiles Panu

NO GAPS between tiles !
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Pebble tiles

Pebble tiles of Lux4home are hand made only. Stones are carefully hand-sorted according to color, size and shape. Because of that we can give to our clients the best quality. That way you can be sure that you receive the same pebble every time. Tiles fit to each other perfectly, almost seamlessly. This is the reason we name them Easy Fix System. We want to give our clients the best quality we can achieve, so it is very important that we use only non-toxic, environmentally safe glue. We attach stones to a sturdy vinyl backing mesh.

Pebble tiles are often used as a part of paddling pool covered with pebble or as whole floor. It is possible to use this product to create beautiful stone wall. This model of pebble tiles are available in this size – 10x30cm, 15x30cm, 30x30cm. If you want create standing pebble walls we can gives you this kind of stone in a size 15x30cm.

Natural Pebble Tiles Panu

Technical specification:

Manufactured by Lux4home
Materials Earth color pebbles
Tile dimensions 30cm x 30cm // 12″x 12″
Weight about 1,8 kg
Designer Lux4home™
Category Pebble mosaics, pebble tiles
Style Natural

Take a look at this nice bathroom. It was designed by one of architects we cooperate with. Please notice how nice beige pebbles look on walls. This minimalistic and natural style make bathroom really cozy. Find out more… It is possible to use pebble borders Panu as: decoration in bathroom, flooring around the shower, part of outdoor area, decorative wall in living room

Moreover, if you want to have good loking patio you may also want use pebble tile.