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Unique pedestal stone sink

Unique pedestal stone sink
Pedestal Stone sink

How many times have your clients been looking for some unique and unrepeatable bathroom equipment? Have you already faced this problem? There is great solution given by Lux4home!
Pedestal Natural River Stone Sink made in Indonesia. This little piece of art is manually processed by Indonesian craftsmen. please notice, that there are not two exactly the same pieces. this is because Solid pedestal sink is processed only inside. The outside walls remain untouched, just as they were created by Mother Nature. Unique shape, color, and structure – that is guaranteed! but also highest quality is always provided. The inside is manually polished, smooth and shiny. Drain hole is standardized and fits any waste available on the market.

  • No glue! No putty!
  • Only natural stone
  • Unique color & shape

  • Remodeling and Home Design

Natural stone pedestal sink made of boulders is often used not only in luxury bathrooms, but also in gardens, SPA centers and luxury restaurants. It is often to be seen together with stone bathtubs. Wherever it is placed, it always changes one interior into the one full of charm and unique.
Please notice that all stone sinks and bathtubs produced by Indonesia are CE tested. They are allowed to be sold all over the globe. Natural River Stone Collection of Lux4home, that consist of variety of basins, sinks, bathtubs, or even shower trays got many awards mostly in Europe. However thanks to their natural beauty and uniqueness they are appreciated also in America and Australia. All our products are famous of using only natural techniques of production. You will find no paint, no glue nor even putty in any sink or bathtub we manufacture. It is all handmade always! Highest quality is guaranteed always!

Pedestal Stone sink
River Stone sink
River Stone Collection - Lux4home 2015