Kuta White Stone parquet 30×30

Kuta White 30×30 mm


Technical specification

Stone mosaics manufacturer Lux4home

What makes our Stone Parquets stand out in the market? It’s simple:

  • All the stones in a mesh are of equal height and sizes – it is a very important factor.
  • The mesh is made of a material which does not absorb moisture – it makes our product mould-proof and prevents it from putrefying.
  • The glue that we use does not colour the grout. Neither does the glue dissolve or melt down even in high temperatures of saunas.
  • We manually sort the stones and classify them according to their further use – class A (the highest), B and C. Mosaics are always made from class A stones.
  • Our parquets have a solid interlocking system which makes the connections between them seamless.
  • They meet the anti-skid standards for public buildings.

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For interior designers we dedicate CAD files for online projects.

Important notes: invisible joins, equal height of stones and regular color stones.

Kind of stone Marble
Tile dimensions 30cm x 30cm / 12″x 12″
Weight about 1 kg
Amount in one package 11 mosaic tiles
Designer Lux4home™
Category Stone mosaics, Stone parquets

Astonishing stone wall in luxury apartament

Stone Wall Cladding

Astonishing stone wall in luxury apartament Stone Panels

Astonishing stone wall

Wall cladding Marble stone

Slate stone wall in living room released by Lux4home™ is made of marble. However stone siding are made so, that a single slices interlock in such way, that the whole slate on the wall do not show where the slices combine…
It is most common for the interior designs, such as living rooms, that wall covered with stone slate look so that individual elements of the slate overlap. however the whole slices do not! It neither looks good nor prestige, nor even spectacular. And after installation it has nothing to do with beauty of natural stone.
Decorative wall in the living room or hallway should be refined. Therefore collection of stone wall claddings designed by Lux4home™ is made that way, that when combining 2, 3, 4 or even 100 slices, whole surrface always looks as it was was arranged with individual components of stone. As a result, decorative stone walls in the living room look like on the pictures below ….

Wall cladding Marble stone
Wall cladding Marble stone
Wall cladding Marble stone
Wall cladding Marble stone
Wall cladding Marble stone

Wall claddings of Lux4home are made of marbles, onyx, sand stones, or even volcano stones. Cream marble and yellow sand stone are most common. They are used as indoor and outdoor decorative materials. We can supply you with entire collection full of variety of patterns, colors, and stone materials. As a distributor or whole sale you have also an opportunity to join these products with stone mosaics, pebble tiles, or even stone sinks and bathtubs, that we produce. That way you are fully covered to fit you clients expectations. Also you may want to create your own collections based on our products! It has never been so easy! Importing stone products from one supplier gives you never ending possibilities to create your company’s identity.

Marble border Kuta White

marble mosaics tile

Kutas White marble border

Grey Marble border

Marble border Kuta White is made of irregular white marble pieces joint with vinyl mesh. Each single piece of stone is the same height 9 – 10 mm. That is why when joint together borders make totally flat surface. Please also notice that marble borders of Lux4home support interlocking system. That is the reason why they are so easy to assemble & leave no visible joints between tiles. It was our priority to make it look totally natural.As we take care of our natural environment a lot, marbles we use for mosaics come from remains of sinks and bathtubs production. They are manually sorted, cut and polished. Also it is very important that we only use non toxic glue to join marbles with mesh.

Kuta white marble border is often used with white marble mosaic 30 x 30 cm. It is often to be seen on floors and walls both indoor and outdoor. e.g. bathroom, hall, garden, etc.

Technical specification:

Manufactured by Lux4home
Materials White Cream marble
Dimensions 10 x 30 cm
Weight about 0,3 kg
Interlocking Lux4home
Category 2 side interlocking system
Packing 1sqm (33 pcs / box)


White Marble mosaic

white marble mosaic

Natural Marble Mosaic Kuta White 30×30 cm

Kuta White marble mosaic is made of pieces natural white marble. It is manually manufactured in Indonesia. Even though each piece of stone has different shape it has always the same height (9 – 10 mm). Thanks to that Kuta White Marble Mosaic can be easily put on any floor you desire. I always make totally flat and comfortable to walk on surface. Please also notice that unique shape of tile makes it interlocking with another ones. That is why after assembling there are no visible joints between tiles.

As we care of natural environment a lot, we never use harmful products or toxic glue. For the convenience of our customers we make our every tile in Quick Fit System. Thanks to that you can easily assemble one tile with another. Tiles are so design, that one fits another perfectly. There are no visible joints between tiles.

Technical specification:

Manufactured by Lux4home
Materials White Marble
Dimensions 30 x 30 cm
Weight about 1 kg
Interlocking Lux4home
Category 4 side interlocking system
Packing 1sqm (11 pcs / box)