A real stone bathtub in the bedroom.

Stone River Bathtub Outdoors - Tips & Tricks. (2)

Stone River Bathtub Outdoors  - Tips & Tricks.

Stone River Bathtub Outdoors - Tips & Tricks.

River stone bathtubs, also known as stone in its natural state, untouched by any craftsmanship or machinery, are perhaps the most popular stone bathtubs in the world. Their popularity stems from their uniqueness – each bathtub is different and one-of-a-kind. Even if you find a bathtub made from the same stone elsewhere, it will undoubtedly have a different shape, color, and size. Just as there are no two identical stones in a river, it is impossible to create two identical river stone bathtubs or stone sinks.

Their popularity, along with their resistance to weather conditions, chemicals, stone hardness, and relatively low cost, has led customers and architects to seek new uses for them. A few years ago, when they were only used in the bathrooms of individual apartments, they became increasingly popular in hotels and SPA and Wellness studios. Then, with the trend of smaller bathtubs, they were purchased for bedrooms or terraces. For the past three years, we have observed increased interest in orders for river stone bathtubs for outdoor use, whether the client intends to install them in very hot or very cold climates with snow and freezing temperatures.


What do you need to know to produce or purchase a river stone bathtub for outdoor use?

Certainly, not every manufacturer has the knowledge or experience regarding what happens to a bathtub after it is sold and used outdoors. If you want to use a river stone bathtub outdoors, because there are many advantages to this idea (more on that below), then marble bathtubs, onyx bathtubs, petrified wood bathtubs, and glued bathtubs – not made from a single block of stone – are definitely not suitable options. The only option left is river stone.

Outdoor Stone Bathtubs

River stone bathtubs for very hot climates.
If you plan to use a stone bathtub outdoors and live in a place where it gets very hot, such as Australia, Dubai, Greece, Portugal, Italy, or even Iran, Tunisia, Israel, Egypt, California, Texas, or any other extremely hot place on Earth, as some of our customers do who have had our bathtubs in such conditions for several years, you must inform the manufacturer about the installation location when making the purchase. In this case, you should receive a bathtub with stone that is devoid of veins. The manufacturer must be knowledgeable and able to distinguish veins from what is referred to as the “stone’s pattern” – only visual streaks and discolorations.

Deep veins in the stone, when the bathtub is heated to very high temperatures (in full, southern sun), create tension in the stone, especially with such a large volume and mass, and can lead to cracks in the bathtub! A deep vein causes the bathtub to crack along the entire length of the vein (see the example below – a bathtub made by inexperienced individuals). The stone bathtub manufacturer should consider that stone easily absorbs ambient temperature, accumulates it, and slowly releases it. If the bathtub is left in full sun for many days and the stone’s structure is not well-suited, it will crack. We are more than confident about this.

A bathtub that cracked due to stone stress.


✓ Additional advice from us:
If you have an outdoor stone bathtub in a very hot climate, make sure there is always a small amount of water at the bottom. Water will absorb the stress on the stone, absorb some of the temperature, and allow the stone to work completely differently. Nothing more is needed.

Top 3 benefits of having a river stone bathtub outdoors in very hot climates.

  • Pour very cold water just before taking a bath or soaking. The water will increase its temperature by absorbing it from the heated bathtub, maintaining that temperature for a long, relaxing soak, whether at noon or in the evening, at a pleasant temperature lower than the surroundings.
  • A stone bathtub outdoors is much cheaper than a pool, easier to maintain, trouble-free, more enjoyable, and provides much more relaxation. While lying in such a bathtub, you feel the naturalness of the stone, you can enjoy the view, read, listen to music, or simply do nothing. This is impossible in a pool.
    • Your natural stone bathtub will be an exceptional decorative element for your terrace or garden. Some of our customers also use standing river stone sinks.

Outdoor Stone Sinks


River stone bathtubs for very cold climates

If your investment is in a location where there is a season with a lot of snow and freezing temperatures, such as Canada, Norway, Alaska, Austria, Switzerland, New York, like many of our customers, inform the manufacturer of your idea. The stone used for your bathtub must be free from microcracks, microfissures. Extracting such stone for your bathtub must be free from shocks and impacts that can cause internal cracks or delamination of the stone. If your bathtub even has the smallest cracks, after installation in a cold environment, it will stop being watertight and start to leak. This is because water, even in the form of moisture during freezing, expands its volume. When it turns into ice, it cracks the microcracks in the stone, causing larger gaps over time, which eventually causes the bathtub to leak and become unusable. A stone bathtub manufacturer for such a location must be absolutely certain that the stone used for production has not experienced shocks that could cause internal cracks.

We once received an order from an investor who asked us to cut longitudinal grooves on the bottom of the bathtub because he wanted to place a type of underfloor heating, which was connected to the home’s heating system, in the bathtub’s base. This was four years ago, and it still functions today.



✓ Additional advice from us:

  • If you have a stone bathtub outdoors in a very cold climate, use it more than once a week if possible or apply stone impregnation every two months (simply wipe the inner surface with a cloth soaked in stone impregnation). Nothing more is needed.


Stone Bathtub outdoor

Top 2 benefits of having a river stone bathtub outdoors in a cold climate.

  • Fill the bathtub halfway with warm water even in freezing temperatures, drain it, and fill it again with warmer water. Enjoy the cold surroundings while relaxing in a warm environment, just like in hot springs. Remember that natural stone easily absorbs temperature and slowly releases it.
  • You have your private hot springs whenever you want. The temperature of the water in the bathtub in freezing weather depends only on you. You can pour warm water halfway two or three times and release it before refilling it with water for use to achieve an even higher temperature.


Contact us if you have other ideas for using river stone bathtubs or if you have different experiences.



Boulder Stone Bathtubs


A real stone bathtub in the bedroom.

Natural Stone Bathtubs - Bedroom

A real natural stone bathtub in the bedroom. 

A real stone bathtub in the bedroom.

Trends are changing. From ideas of a bathtub only in the bathroom, designs are beginning to evolve toward convenience and bringing nature into new places. Increasingly, an additional bathtub is beginning to appear in the bedroom. Why? Customers answer, because convenient, because interesting, because it changes the atmosphere of the bedroom.

Natural Stone Bathtub - Bedroom


Until now, we have been used to having our river stone bathtubs installed in bathrooms, spas or gardens. This time we received photos from customers who installed their huge bathtub (length of more than 240 cm) in the bedroom, opposite the bed. They gained something special, a natural boulder of stone with irregular shapes catches the eye more than a TV, is addictive and introduces something unique to the interior, which can not be duplicated. This is how a private spa was created in one’s own apartment. Enjoying a bath with the touch of natural rock and atmospheric interior gives a feeling of deep relaxation, relaxation whether it is evening or morning.

How to install such a stone bathtub in the bedroom?
In this case, the installation of the bathtub, despite the fact that the bedroom is on the first level, was very simple. An HDS-type car jack was used, which with its boom inserted the bathtub through the balcony window into the bedroom. In other cases, customers used forklifts, pallet trucks or simply moving companies, which, using belts and 9-10 workers, brought and set up such a bathtub in the designed place.

Stone Bathtub Instalation

Stone Bathtub Instalation

TOP 3 perks of a natural stone bathtub in a private spa.

Advantage 1 Temperature. Natural stone easily absorbs temperature and gives it back for a very long time. In hot weather, filling the tub with very cold water will make relaxation and cooling of the body a pleasure that can not be replaced by air conditioning, and the body will certainly thank us for it. This combination is probably most often used in river stone tubs inserted from the garden. On hot days they replace swimming pools and soaking in the cool water outside is comparable only to a mountain stream.
On the other hand, when cold days come and we crave warmth, pouring hot water into such a tub is comparable to heated massage stones. They stay warm for several more hours after heating.

Natural Stone Bathtub - Bedroom

Advantage 2. The naturalness of the stone in contact with human skin can be felt. Each person perceives this feeling in a different way, but for everyone the touch of the stone is very pleasant. This affects the feeling of our relaxation, comfort and pleasure.

Natural Stone Bathtub - Bedroom

Advantage 3. unique bedroom interior and furnishings that will stay forever. There is probably no interior where once inserted natural stone succumbs to the pressure of time. Stone is so addictive that it stays forever. Furniture, floors or walls are changed but the bathtub or sink made of natural stone already remains.

Natural Stone Bathtub - Bedroom

If you are looking for stone bathtubs or basins in other sizes – contact us. We produce everything to order, tailored to the customer’s needs and expectations.


Probably the largest stone bathtub

The biggest stone bathtub

Probably the largest stone bathtub 

Probably the largest stone bathtub in the world.

Producing river stone bathtubs is certainly a demanding job involving many teams. It all starts with finding the right boulder in an Indonesian river. The task is not easy, as the selected huge pebble is compressed with other stones. In addition, no one has any idea what the shape of the underwater rock is. With each boulder weighing more than 500 kg and the risk of not getting the shape you need after excavating the stone, it sometimes takes days spent searching for and extracting the right rock.

Just getting the material out of the water for the bathtub is the work of many people, a great deal of experience and skill in using simple equipment that can be used in a rushing river.

We managed to obtain a huge boulder as long as 350 cm, extracted it from the river and transported it to the factory. Then, we carefully cut off the top part of this stone and the craftsmen proceeded to excavate the bath by hand. For the first time, we obtained a huge bathing space that holds more than 700 litres of water! The final weight of this bathtub is almost 3 tonnes and packing it into a wooden box required a huge undertaking on the part of our people. The width of the shipping container is 2.35 m. In that case, packing the bathtub in width was impossible, at the same time, inserting it lengthwise required the use of custom forklifts during loading and unpacking at the customer’s site in the USA.

The biggest stone bathtub
The biggest stone bathtub

This is the first realisation of this kind of river stone bathtub with such a large mass. Until now, we have realised bathtubs of twin shape and size (2 bathtubs cut from one piece of rock in the middle), round stone bathtubs or a bathtub and basin that was one rock before being cut.


We are writing about this because we want to showcase our capabilities. We manufacture natural stone bathtubs according to the expectations of our customers, and if time allows, we are able to fulfill most of our customers’ special orders. We always precede production with preliminary consultations and explanation of all the possibilities and limitations associated with manufacturing stone bathtubs. We have certainly become specialists and experts in delivering high-quality river stone bathtubs, petrified wood bathtubs, onyx bathtubs, and marble bathtubs. Our customers include hotel resorts, private investors, local importers and distributors, and interior designers. We collaborate with companies that are capable of delivering any bathtub to any location on Earth.


10+ Amazing Natural Stone Bathtubs

Natural Stone bathtubs for sale

10+ Amazing Natural Stone Bathtubs 

Get inspired by these unique bathtubs.

Bathtubs made of natural stone provide a one-of-a-kind focal point in the bathroom around which you may organize and arrange everything else according to your own preferences. Don’t worry about the minor things! All you need is a natural stone tub in the proper location of the room. These products are fantastic for people who have got a spacious bathroom. Why not make it into a magnificent spa retreat with a calming, close-to-nature vibe? Have a look at a couple of stone bathtubs that can really inspire you into ordering one for your home!

Simplistic marble stone bathtub

Bathtubs made of marble are a popular choice of those who prefer a minimalistic approach in their bathroom. Both the outside and the inside are entirely polished with extra care. This reveals amazing patterns of marble veins which gives the bathtub a unique charm.

Soaking Marble Bathtub - Natural Stone Bathtubs


Natural finish stone bathtubs

In the case of these tubs, the outside is completely unprocessed by a human hand. Instead, it is left just as nature intended. Only the inside is meticulously polished to provide an ultimate comfort for the end user.

River Stone Bathtub - Natural stone bathtubs


The one and only river stone bathtub

Needless to say this is probably the first image that you have in your head when hearing the word “stone bathtub”. The best selling collection of rock tubs for decades – the one and only river stone. Some say this is the most durable bathroom product on Earth.

Stone Bathtubs for sale

The most unique among stone bathtubs

Petrified wood bathtub is the rarest product of its kind. Made from fossilized wood, its stone structure amazes even the most picky designers. Who wouldn’t want to keep a million-years-old piece of natural art like that?

Petrified Wood Stone Bathtub - Stone Bathtubs



Royal onyx stone bathtubs

Another interesting variant of stone tubs is the one made of pure onyx. This stone type is translucent, therefore it can be illuminated for an astounding effect. It may, for instance, create an amazing contrast in darker interiors.

Onyx Bathtubs - Onyx Bathtub


Custom made stone bathtubs

Having served hundred of customers worldwide, we learned that the key is the communication. Our designers and production team is ready to hear your ideas about the final product and to produce the piece accordingly. That is how flexible we are!

River Stone Bathtub Flumen - Lux4home™


Marble bathtub of your choice

It can be made custom or chosen from the existing collection. The choice is yours. No matter which option you will go for, you are guaranteed to receive a solid piece of stone bathtub. Indonesian marble is considered to be a really strong one.

Freestanding Marble Bathtub - Granite Bathtub

Granite bathtubs or Basalt bathtubs

We definitely recommend basalt as it proves to be more solid material. That is actually what River Stone is made of – it is a type of basalt. Made from molten lava, its structure is virtually unbreakable, unless one decides to use heavy machinery.

Marble Bathtub - Marble Stone Bathtub

More stone bathtub designs than you can possibly imagine

The above examples are only a glimpse of the possibilities that can be achieved by working with us. We supply those beautiful tubs to wholesale recipients, such as big stores with bathroom equipment, distributors or hardware stores. We also work with private clients, interior designers, architects and contractors who wish to purchase a stone bathtub for themselves or their customers. And the best of all – we work closely with all types of client in order to make their vision come true and achieve a product that they will cherish for years and years. That is our principle, and that is what makes our collections unique.



The queen of the stone basins. Meet Solid River Stone Pedestal

Pedestal Stone Sink

The Queen of the Natural Stone Sinks Meet Solid River Stone Pedestal

Ever heard of the River Stone Collection?

One of our collections does not need any introduction – River Stone collection. These types of stone sinks and bathtubs have been successfully earning their reputation ever since they entered the “mainstream” of interior design on a global scale.

We proudly to deliver dozens of these sinks each year, which translates into the rising recongnizability of river rock bathtubs and stone sinks not only by interior designers and contractors, but also by private customers all over the world.

Why us? First of all, impeccable quality which is appreciated in every continent. Thanks to the years of production development we are confident to state that Lux4home™ is probably the only producer with such low quality complaints.
Secondly, it is thanks to the wide catalogue and flexibility. On our website you can see products that cannot be found elsewhere. As experienced producers, we are also doing a great job in customized products, always leaving the customer satisfied.

But recently, we clearly see a trend to purchase one natural stone basin. One and only.
Some interior designers call her: “the Queen of Stone Sinks”! Minimalism combined with nature needs no more! 

Pedestal Stone Sink – Natural River Stone Sinks

Solid River Stone Pedestal Basins are produced by us from a single river rock boulder – just like our stone bathtubs Flumen, a classic rock tub. The outside is left untouched, while the inside is meticulously polished to provide a wonderful user’s experience.

Once designers get to know these products, they usually use them in more than a single project. Let’s show the world how important it is to preserve nature in this rapidly changing world. Contact us directly and join us in this mission! Natural Stone basins and tubs are the future. 

Solid Pedestal River Rock Basins Freestanding

Difference between River Stone bathtub and Marble bathtub

Marble Bathtub

River Stone vs. Marble Tub Which one is better?

What are the main differences between Marble bathtub and River Stone rock tubs?

Despite evergrowing popularity of River Stone bathtubs, there are clients who are still excited with classic, plain shapes of bathtubs. The pictures that we would like to present today present an amazing stone bathtub made from marble and delivered to our very special client from Scandinavia. In this world region and this bathroom project our stone products definitely match the room. Or perhaps the room matches our products? It is up to you to decide after checking these magical pictures.

Praesenti Grey Marble
Praesenti Grey Marble Bathtub

What is the difference between marble bathtubs and river stone bathtubs? The main difference comes from the type of finish. River stone tubs, also called rock tubs, on the outside are left unprocessed so that they resemble a raw river boulder – simple yet unique. In the case of marble bathtubs, all is polished to give that elegant and smart look and to enjoy the feeling of a stone. Marble tubs are also about 25% lighter than river stone counterparts, which might be helpful in choosing a bathtub to your room.

The natural stone bathtub Praesenti made exclusively by Lux4home™ is definitely the focal point of this bathroom. However, there is also a complimentary river stone sink that deserves a shoutout! It definitely fits rustic and modern room designs. There are plenty more stone basins in our catalogue so that anyone can find a stone wash basin that fits any bathroom design and any stone bathtub. Like our creative client from Scandinavia!

Each year we deliver our stone sinks, stone bathtubs and pebble mosaics to dozens of places worldwide. Be next and discover the charm of unique natural stone products created by nature and perfected by the professionals!

Petrified Wood Bathtubs are one of the rarest of their kind

Petrified Wood Bathtub

Amazing Petrified Wood Bathtubs  are one of the rarest of their kind

Amazing Petrified Wood Bathtubs are one of the rarest of their kind

Typical human lifespan is 79 years. It is much too short not to try, at least once, taking a bath in a Fossil Wood Bathtub that ages at least a few millions of years.

Petrified Wood?
Yes indeed. In other words, a tree that spent so much time in the volacanic ashes of Indonesia that it simply decided to turn into stone. Well, it wasn’t really that tree who decided that, as instead it was mother nature in the flesh. That is why we trust her decisions and would like to show you a gift from her which we carefully honed.

Fossil Wood Bathtub LIGNUM is made only from that million-years-old tree log. Therefore, it does not need much treatment. Having survived millions of years underground, who would need it?
The bathtub is manually polished, with no use of toxic or harmful materials. It is quite heavy, usually it weights up to a ton, but that’s the least of our worries. It is rare and, therefore, quite expensive..

A standard model costs over 35 thousands of US dollars. It is the price of having something only a few people on earth have, so we believe it is well worth it. Especially considering that one day we will simply run out of this extraordinary material. Just look at the direction that humanity is following – abandon fossil fuels! Quite right, though.

If you don’t feel like spending tens of thousands of dollars on the stone bathubs? No worries! We’ve all been there. There is an equally beautiful alternative, namely, River Stone Bathtub Flumen, our undeniable best-seller. It costs over ten times less than a standard Petrified Wood Bathtub, so you don’t really need to inherit a fortune in order to become a stone tub lover.

I thought not.
However, if any appear, don’t hestiate to use the contact form below. Charge yourself with Zen energy, either in a River Stone Tub or Petrified Wood Bathtub.
If you are still not fully convinced, below gallery will fix that.

Brown Fossil Wood Bathtub

Dark Fossil Wood Bathtub


5 amazing Stone Bathtubs designs you should see in 2020

Natural Stone Bath Tub

5 amazing stone bathtubs designs you should see in 2020

5 amazing Stone Bathtubs designs you should see in 2020

Although it has been a tough year for most people and industries, we would like you to find comfort in the following pictures which present natural stone bathtubs designed and produced by Lux4home™. Is there something better than a relaxing bath at the end of the day? Yes indeed, a bath in a natural river boulder tub.

Boulder Stone Bathtub

Each rock bathtub is made manually in Indonesia, by our very professional craftsmen. Depending on whether we produce basalt rock tub or marble bathtub for sale, the production method is different. Freestanding bathtubs with rough exterior are made from the boulders that are retrieved from Indonesian rivers. Marble bathtubs are made from high quality marble blocks that come from the best Javanese mines.

Freestanding Stone Bathtub

Why bathtubs from Lux4home™? First of all, we care to employ only the best craftsmen and to provide them with the best working conditions that are possible. As checked by numerous private clients’ audits, we believe that creating a safe and comfortable working environment results in mutual profit of everyone involved in the process. Secondly, as one of the very few suppliers we perform a strict Quality Control each time the production is finished. Thanks to that, our products can be found in almost every continent.

Granite bathtub - stone tub

If you wish to discover more about these outstanding natural stone bathtubs, get in touch with us and we will guide you through the world of Indonesian stone. Apart from rock tubs and marble bathtubs, we are known from producing high quality stone sinks, freestanding wash basins and vessel basins. We encourage you to inspect our catalogues. Here is to a hot bath in a stone bathtub in 2020, we all need it!

Natural Stone BathTub

Freestanding Marble Bath Tube

Fossil Wood Bathtub

Petrified Wood Stone Bathtub
Petrified wood stoe bathtubs

Petrified wood collection

Petrified Wood Bathtub LIGNUM

available sizeS

L=160-220; W=80-90; H=60 (cm)

Stone material

Petrified Wood Stone


800-1100 kg

Freestanding Fossil Wood Bathtubs are designed for indoor use. Drastic temperature changes may shorten the life of this stone tub.

This stone bathtub can be produced in black & brown shade (in different proportions for each individual bathtub)

Download the collection catalogue:
Download DWG files:
Download the technical sheet:

Fossil Stone Tub LIGNUM

Probably the rarest stone bathtub in the world.
The creation process takes millions of years.

Petrified Wood soaking bathtub is made of Fossil Wood. Its phenomenal design comes purely from nature or, to be precise, million-years old trees that were turned to stone in volcanic ashes of Indonesia. Made of only one piece of stone always. No glue, paint or artificial adhesive are used. Every Freestanding Fossil tub is cut and manually drained by our best craftsmen in Indonesia. The outside remains unchanged, just as it was created by mother nature, while the inside is meticulously polished. We take the stone directly from the source, which is a guarantee that the client gets the best bathtub available in Indonesia!

Freestanding Petrified Wood Bathtub Lignum

Each stone soaking bath support the drain hole standards of a destined region (European, American, Asian, etc). These river stone bathtubs are exported virtually to any place in the world. Flumen stone bathtub is part of Natural River Stone Collection, which is the most successful and best seller in Europe and America. Natural river stone products, like soaking bathtub, sinks, shower treys are unique and luxurious choices of architects and designers. There are no two exact same products of natural fossil wood stone bathtubs.


Model popularity
Years on sale
Lux4home™ exclusivity
Max. amount in 20' container



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Basalt Bathtub for sale - river stone

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Stone Bathtub Eclipse

Rock Stone Bathtub
Rock Stone Bathtub
River Stone Bathtub - Freestanding Tubs

River stone Bathtub collection

River Stone Bathtub ECLIPSE

available sizeS

L=160-220; W=80-90; H=60 (cm)

Stone material

River Stone; River Rock; Basalt


700-1200 kg

Freestanding Natural Riverstone Bathtubs are suitable both for indoors and outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

This stone sinks can either be produce from: Cream Marble, Grey Marble (Graphite)

Download the collection catalogue:
Download DWG files:
Download the technical sheet:

Rock Bathtubs ECLIPSE

River Stone Sinks collection undeniably is the best selling collection of our products. This soaking tub is made of natural river stone, and is just another version of Flumen bathtub available in the same collection. The difference lies in the edges – they are finished thinly, to create a light and even more natural look. Made of only one piece of stone always. No glue, paint or artificial adhesive are used. Every Freestanding River Rock Bathtub is cut and manually drained by our best craftsmen in Indonesia. We can produce it in the size, shape and shade you desire as we take stone directly from the source. That is the reason why we can guarantee that the client gets the closest boulder bath to the one that is desired!

Freestanding Stone Bathtub ECLIPSE

Each river stone soaking bath support the drain hole standards of a destined region (European, American, Asian, etc). These river stone bathtubs are exported virtually to any place in the world. Flumen stone bathtub is part of Natural River Stone Collection, which is the most successful and best seller in Europe and America. Natural river stone products, like soaking bathtub, sinks, shower treys are unique and luxurious choices of architects and designers. There are no two exact same products of natural river stone.


Model popularity
Years on sale
Lux4home™ exclusivity
Max. amount in 20' container

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