Natural stone bathtub Lavare

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Solid Marble Bathtub price

NATURAL stone Bathtub collection

Natural Stone Bathtub LAVARE

available sizeS

L=180; W=80; H=60 (cm)

Stone material

Cream Marble; Grey Marble;


750-950 kg

Freestanding Marble Bathtubs are preferably installed indoors.

This stone sinks can either be produce from: Cream Marble, Grey Marble (Graphite)

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Freestanding Stone Bathtub LAVARE

Freestanding marble bathtub Lavare is made fully of natural marble. Every product may come in a different sizes and shapes as every piece of rock varies from another. Nevertheless, we are able to provide a customer with the desired size, shape and shade as we take stone directly from the source. That is why we can guarantee that you will always get what you want! Please notice that it is always made only from one piece of stone. No glue, paint or any adhesives are used in the production process. It is cut and manually drained by our best craftsmen in Indonesia. The exterior, as well as interior is carefully polished. Our freestanding stone baths supports all drain hole standards (European, American, Asian, etc). We are able to export these stone bathtubs to almost every part of the world. Abu marble tub is part of Natural Stone Bathtubs Collection, which is very successful and bestselling collection in Europe and America. Natural river stone products, like soaking stone tubs, sinks, shower treys are totally unique and luxurious. There are never two exactly copies of the same products made of natural river stone.

Natural Marble Tub LAVARE

This collection consists of products made of natural stones retrieved from Indonesian mines. The bath is carefully processed with extra care to every detail. Simplicity and minimalism in treatment are reminiscent of peace and meditation, making these products highly desirable for both modern, and classic bathrooms.

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