Green Sandstone Parquet 17 x 17

Green Sandstone 17×17 mm


Technical specification

Stone mosaics manufacturer Lux4home

What makes our Stone Parquets stand out in the market? It’s simple:

  • All the stones in a mesh are of equal height and sizes – it is a very important factor.
  • The mesh is made of a material which does not absorb moisture – it makes our product mould-proof and prevents it from putrefying.
  • The glue that we use does not colour the grout. Neither does the glue dissolve or melt down even in high temperatures of saunas.
  • We manually sort the stones and classify them according to their further use – class A (the highest), B and C. Mosaics are always made from class A stones.
  • Our parquets have a solid interlocking system which makes the connections between them seamless.
  • They meet the anti-skid standards for public buildings.

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For interior designers we dedicate CAD files for online projects.

Important notes: invisible joins, equal height of stones and regular color stones.

Kind of stone Sand stone
Tile dimensions 30cm x 30cm / 12″x 12″
Weight about 1 kg
Amount in one package 11 mosaic tiles
Designer Lux4home™
Category Stone mosaics, Stone parquets

Green Sandstone Parquet 1,7 x 1,7

Green sandstone parquet 1,7cm x 1,7cm consists of small squares made of green sandstone joint to vinyl mesh 30 x 30 cm.  Stone we use is manually cut and polished. Each little stone square has the same shape and shade. It is dark gray and just a bit grayish. Please notice, that tile makes totally flat surface. Thai is way it is very comfortable to walk on.  When assembling one must remember that using flexible grout is a must.

Green sandstone comes from Indonesian mines directly. As we take it from the source color and shade is always the way we desire. You may notice little sparkling drops of quartz. They make stone look absolutely beautiful. stone-mosaic

Technical specification:

  • Producer: Lux4home
  • Designer: Lux4home
  • Material: Green sandstone
  • Dimension: 30×30 cm
  • dimensions of stone: 1,7 x 1,7 cm h: 1 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Collection: Stone Parquets