Black Candi standing stone

Black Candi standing stone is made of irregular lava stone pieces they are put on vinyl mesh making a tile 30cm x 10cm. We use the water texture glue to be the interface between mesh and stones. It makes this stone mosaic easily to integrate with the ground material. even though stones are irregular, they are all the same height about 20mm. Also stones are placed very tight one another, so no grout must me used. Black Candi is dark grey and black. Please notice that stones are not polished and are full of small holes. These holes come from air bobbles inside lava when stone arose. That looks absolutely phenomenal and natural as well.

Black Candi standing stone is used most of all as indoor wall cladding. It cowers walls in living rooms, halls, fireplaces, but also bathrooms. Also, it can be used outdoor e.g. on fences and facades.

Black Candi standing stone
Black Candi standing stone

Technical specification:

  • Producer: Lux4home
  • Designer: Lux4home
  • Material: Lava Stone
  • Dimension: 10 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 1,1 kg
  • Collection: Natural Stone wall covering
  • Grouting: no
  • Interlocking: 2 side interlocking system
  • Packing: 1sqm (33 pcs / box)