Modern artificial river in the middle of city

green pebble tile outdoor

Green Pebbles in a modern artificial river in the middle of city

You have never seen Indonesian green pebbles like this before, have you?

Have a look at this video and find out how easy it is to install our top quality pebble mosaics!

You have already recognized pebble tiles as brilliant idea for covering walls and floors in bathrooms, living rooms, spa centers etc. Did you however know that pebble tiles produced by Lux4home™ can be placed outdoors too? We have shown you by now variety colors of pebbles covering facades, fences, or even swimming pools. But have you seen anything like this? Artificial river in the middle of city square.

river pebble tiles

Pebble tiles Taipei Green are a mix of greenish, grey, and brownish pebble stones. They are gatherd from Indonesian rivers. Later on they are being sorted regarding size, shape and colour. Only those, which fit our expectations are used to produce a pebble tile. Stones are glued onto a 30x30cm mesh. Ready made products are packed and distributed all over the world. You may find them on all continents with number of arrangements and projects. Both indoor and outdoor ussage is available.

taipei Green30x30

Taipei Green pebble tiles (30×30) cover entire bottom of the river. Plates of blue glass imitate running watter. It look even better when illuminated during the night?

Our clients surprise us more and more with their designs including stone products of Lux4home.

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