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Soaking baths made of natural stone have become more and more popular within recent years. This is mostly due to natural beauty and uniqueness of each single bath. Also, when made of stone, bathtubs are more durable than acryl ones. That is why stone baths and sinks are very popular…

soaking bath of stone

If you already had a bath in a stone bathtub you mast have realized that it is way more comfortable and relaxing than when in acryl tub. Did you also notice that water remains hot much longer? This is due to natural properties of a stone. If you have a look on these pictures you realize quickly, that stone sinks and baths are like pieces of art. Handmade, never with equally the same patterns or shade. With them inside, your bathroom can be easily transformed into most peaceful, and relaxing place you can think of. Just like your favorite spa.

It is true, that they are heavy, but this is stone, and it is supposed to be heavy. Nevertheless, with a little work you can fit them to every single bathroom.

As you can see on the pictures, natural stone fits classic style, oriental style or even new age designs. With a little help of your interior designer you can make your bathroom unique and spectacular. This particular model is called River Stone Bath. We manufacture it together with other stone bathtubs and stone sinks in East Java. These particular pictures you can see, we received from clients, and some interior designers we work with. Don’t you think they are magnificent?

Yellow Sand Stone mosaic

Yellow sand stone mosaic

Yellow Sand Stone mosaic is made of irregular pieces of stones. However they all are the same high (20mm) and make totally flat surface. That is why they look so nice on wall. We use the water texture glue to be the interface between mesh and stones. It makes mosaic easy to integrate with the ground material. Each 30cm x30cm tile supports special interlocking system. That way it is easy to assemble and leaves no visible joints between tiles. All together looks perfectly natural.

Yellow Sandstone mosaic can be used both indoor and outdoor. Most of all it is to be seen in luxury apartments, bathrooms, living rooms. You may cover entire wall with it, or just apart of it. Also it looks great when put on fireplace.

Yellow sand stone mosaic
Yellow sand stone mosaic

Technical specification:

  • Producer: Lux4home
  • Designer: Lux4home
  • Material:  Yellow sand stone
  • Dimension: 33 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Collection: Natural Stone Mosaics
  • Grouting: yes
  • Interlocking: 4 side interlocking system
  • Packing: 1sqm (11 pcs / box )