Marble black pedestal sink crl 142

Freestanding Marble Sinks  CRL 142

Freestanding Marble Sinks CRL 142

Inspite of being wholesalers, we work with hundreds of architects and interior designers all over the world. They use stone sinks, bathtubs, and stone mosaics we produce with their commercial and residental projects all over the globe.

Please have a look at this black marble pedestal sink with of Lux4home™ blended into the interior of the bathroom by one of them.

It is a challenge to fit black stone pedestal sink in a bathroom. Especialy if you put it next to ceramic tiles, wood and steal. However when you do it right, the effect is astonishing. Did you notice how nice light, linear shapes on tiles emphesize natural structure of column of the marble sink? Dark grey wall tiles behind the sink are in the opposite with white floor and walls. Altogether it looks spectacular and cozy. It is only one of the countless options of interior arrangement that includes freestanding marble sinks. Make sure to see the rest of our products, like rock sinks, boulder bathtubs and pebble tiles which may twist the interior even more!

Freestanding marble sink CRL 142 black marble is handmade in 100%. It has nothing to do with Chinese mass production. Manually drained, shapped and polished, each single piece is unique.


freestanding marble stone washbasins
Black Stone Sink – Standing Stone Sinks
freestanding stone sinks
freestanding stone sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding stone sinks
freestanding stone sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding marble sinks

Interior designers, distributors, importers of natural stone or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to contact us regarding the possible cooperation. Our team is waiting for your call.
Lux4home™ is a producer & exporter of freestanding marble sinks (like this), freestanding stone sinks, vanity sinks etc.

Marble Yucatan Brown border

Onyx mosaic
Pebble tiles Indonesia

Yucatan Brown border is made of small irregular pieces of Indonesian brown marble. They are joint to vinyl mesh 10cm x 30cm. Each single piece of marble stone fits one another. There is only small gap between stones up to 6mm. This is the place where grout is applied. Also, all stones are of the same height 10 – 11 mm. Thanks to that they form totally flat surface when installed on a wall or a floor. Yucatan Brown border can be used both indoor and outdoor. It can be seen in gardens, living rooms, on fireplaces, halls and bathrooms. This products is a complement to 30cm x 30cm Yucatan Brown marble mosaic.

For the sake of the natural environment wellness, we use stone remains of bathtubs and sinks to make these borders. They are manually sorted, cut, and polished. Moreover, we use only non-toxic glue in the production process. This is the reason why both marble borders and tiles can be put in any interior you desire, e.g. kitchen or bathroom. Also please notice that no paint is ever used with marble mosaics and borders. It is the natural stone only.

Technical specification:

Manufactured by Lux4home
Materials Marble
Dimensions 10 x 30 cm
Weight about 0,3 kg
Interlocking Lux4home™ Easy Fix System
Category 2 side interlocking system
Packing 1sqm (33 pcs / box)