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Special Marble Sink

Classic collection

Marble Bowl Sink SECURUS

available sizeS

45 x 45 x 20 (cm)

Stone material

Grey Marble; Cream Marble; Marmor


40 kg

This natural stone sink is suitable for interior use

This stone sinks can either be produce from: Cream Marble, Grey Marble (Graphite) and Onyx

CAD files for Interior Designers:

Stone Basins SECURUS

An unconventional choice for avant-garde interior designs. While it may not fit in every bathroom, it will surely be a focal point once it is installed. This is a perfect opportunity to design a remarkable and unique interior. 
Drain hole sizes available in any local standard.

Natural Marble Sink SECURUS

Always made from one piece of stone only. Every natural stones sink, including this particular sink, is unique and urepeatable in terms of its structure and shape. This comes from the natural marble characteristics, its veins and fragmentary shades.
Unquestionable beauty and durability of the sink is achieved without using any paint, glue or adhesives. Our production methods always guarantee the highest quality of basin that is easily maintainable.

Model popularity
Years on sale
Lux4home™ exclusivity
Max. amount in 20' container

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