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Stone sink Extemplo

100% NATURAL STONE handmade sink. This unique carved, high end sink features a modern finish that will provide the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom! Marble is a natural stone that possesses unmatched colors, veins and other characteristics.

Extemplo is long and thin stone sink with the shape of rectagular. It is made either of white marble or black one. The surrface in amually polished with no use ofpaint, nor putty. Onl natural stone is ever used.
Each sink has natural variations in the stone and is considered a natural work of art.

We provide you high quality stone sinks with FCL (Full Container Loadings) directly from our factory on Java.For more information please use contact

Dimensions (inches)

Dimensions (millimeters)

As with any natural stone product no two basins will be exactly the same. There will be variations in both markings and color. There may be fissures or veining which are natural features of the stone. This sink is representational of what is available. Please give us a call to request photos of actual sinks that we have in stock or available row stone material.