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NATURAL stone Bathtub collection

Marble Shower Tray MAR 11

available sizeS

L=120; W=90; H=12 (cm)

Stone material

Cream Marble; Grey Marble;


300 kg

Marble Shower Trays are preferably installed indoors.

Natural Stone Showe Tray Mar 11

Mar 11 shower tray is made of a single piece of rock. Our very best craftsmen from Indonesia naturally carve and polish the inside of it. The outside, however, remains unchanged, just as it was once shaped by Mother Nature. That is why every piece of tray is unique, and products vary in shape and shades. Nevertheless, thanks to the fact that we gather the stones straight from the mine in Indonesia, we can provide our customers with the exact colour and shade as they desire. Sidewalls of this shower tray are thick enough to ensure safe usage and long durability – no risk of cracks.

Marble Shower Tray MAR 11

This showe Tray is part of Natural Stone Bathtubs Collection, which is very successful and bestselling collection in Europe and America. Natural stone products, like soaking tubs, sinks, shower trays are totally unique and luxurious. There are never two exact copies of the same products made of natural river stone or mable.

Model popularity
Years on sale
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Max. amount in 20' container

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