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Granite Stone Tub

River stone Bathtub collection

Natural Stone Tub MAGNUS

available sizeS

  • Possible Length Range: 140 cm - 280 cm
  • Possible Width Range: 90 cm - 160 cm
  • Possible Height: 55 cm - 85 cm

Stone material

This bathtub is crafted from stone:

  • River Stone / River Rock / Granite
  • Basalt
*Upon request, the outer part can be polished.


Weight entirely dependent on the size and shape of the bathtub. Weight range for all minimum and maximum sizes: 700 kg - 3500 kg. An average bathtub with a length of 190 cm weighs approximately 1000 kg.​

Freestanding Natural Stone Granite Tub are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, regardless of weather conditions. Learn more about it here.

Representative possible shades of this stone bathtub model: You will receive precise shades corresponding to your bathtub in the approval photos before the bathtub is shipped.

Utilize the photos in the galleries below to assess the diversity of possible shades for these bathtubs.

Download the collection catalogue: here
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Case Studies on the Blog

Natural Stone Tub MAGNUS

Often referred to as river stone tubs, our granite stone tubs are part of our best-selling collection. The Flumen tub, available in this collection, is crafted from natural river stone, adding a unique touch to any bathroom space. What distinguishes it is its finely finished edges, creating a lighter and more natural look. Each tub is meticulously crafted from a single piece of stone, without the use of glue, paint, or artificial adhesives. Our skilled craftsmen in Indonesia handle the cutting and draining process, ensuring precision and quality. With the ability to customize the size, shape, and shade according to your preferences, we source the stone directly from the quarry. This guarantees that we deliver the closest match to your desired boulder bath.

Freestanding Granite TUB MAGNUS

Each stoe bath tub complies with the drainage standards specified for its intended region (European, American, Asian, etc.). Our granite stone bathtubs are shipped worldwide to virtually any destination. Among them, the Flumen stone bathtub is a standout feature of our Natural River Stone Collection, renowned for its immense success and popularity in both Europe and America. Products crafted from natural river stone, including granite bathtubs, sinks, and shower trays, represent luxurious and distinctive choices favored by architects and designers alike. Each natural river stone product is unique, ensuring that no two pieces are identical.


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