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Our Products Description


When you start to cooperate with Lux4home™ you will be able to receive:

Pebble Tiles

Pebble tiles, in which all pebbles are of equal thickness and similar diameter. When you want to add products to your stock, even after one year, we guarantee that you will receive  stones of the same size and colour. Our pebbles are sorted manually and glued to a special mesh in such a way that the tiles join perfectly with each other and the mesh does not absorb water.
We used to experience problems with the pebble products when we purchased them from the suppliers; eventually we were able to eliminate the problems while producing goods by ourselves. That is why we use the same colour of stones for the pebble tiles and borders and pebbles of different colours but of the same sizes that can be nicely joined together. Our pebbles are always clean as they are thoroughly washed and packed by us into boxes of the same size. If you want we can print your company name and logo on the boxes. Why? Because you and your customers request it.
Check our wide selection of Pebble tiles here.


Marble Mosaics.

We know that marble has various shades, stripes and streaks. They can easily be seen on large slabs of marble but interestingly they are even more visible on smaller pieces of   marble. Especially when the whole mosaic tile has been made from marble that has streaks on it!
In our company this is not accepted as we know that smooth colour and the same shade is the base for a great interior. Our employees know how to make sure that all random shape and square marble mosaics are made from the best quality marble. Employees who do not follow our principles do not work for us anymore.
Lux4home™ makes sure our marble mosaics have the same thickness, ideal shapes and appropriate gaps for the filler.

Stone Walls

Have you ever seen stone walls on which you can see joints and gaps? We are sure you have. We have also seen them and experienced problems with our previous suppliers. Lux4home™ changed the shape of the individual tile so that the joints can’t be seen. In addition, between the seams on our tiles there are no gaps and each seam pressed tightly to the next one in order to make whole tile look nice. Therefore our stone walls do not need any filler between the tiles which our clients really appreciate.

Wall Claddings

Our wall cladding elements are made from single stone rows which are tightly joined together. If you have already experienced annoying gaps between the rows or you were not able to join two separate tiles together we know how frustrated you must feel. With Lux4home™ stone wall claddings you will not have this problem.
Our company’s Quality Control in our company never allows such situations to arise. In addition, based on our previous experience we have developed a special system of packing ready tiles so they do not break or crack during the transportation process.

Onyx Wall Cladding

Onyx is a semi precious stone and we always assure our clients that our tiles are made from the cleanest and best quality onyx. We know that other companies use cheaper materials in addition to real onyx but we do not. In Europe and the USA our onyx tiles are illuminated and we discovered that recent market trends show a growing demand for the stone products that can be illuminated. Our onyx products are made from pure onyx and look amazing with or without illumination installed behind.

Stone Sinks

Some of our customers could not believe that all of the sinks they bought from our company were made from marble, river stone or sand stone of the same colour and shade. Their stone walls were of the same thickness. In addition they really appreciated that our sinks had no scratches, cracks or small holes and were always nicely polished.
After receiving their first order our customers are very satisfied with our sinks. We guarantee that the sinks have the same colours and shades and more importantly have appropriate drainage holes. We had experienced situations where previous suppliers tried to sell us sinks with gaps filled up with ordinary cheap filler! We do not do this.
At our Polish headquarters we have a ‘Sink Museum’ with more than 100 models of stone sinks that were made badly in order show clients how sinks shouldn’t be made.
Our stone sinks are made in such a way that you will have no complaints about them. Our Quality Certifications and Awards only verify what we are saying. If you are new to this field of business feel free to ask us questions and we will help you to find the solutions

Onyx Sinks

Onyx Sinks produced by Lux4home™ are master pieces of Art made from the gifts of Mother Nature.
We cannot change anything about how Onyx looks like but we can ensure that the shapes and the sizes of our onyx sinks are always perfect. Unlike other producers we will never use filler to cover small gaps in our sinks. Any scratches, cracks or gaps simply disqualify sinks from being sold to the customer. Even though the selection and the production phase is a very lengthy process, the final outcome is worth it. Our clients really appreciate what we produce for them. Presently our sinks are being used by five star hotels, SPAs, at swimming pools as well as private residences.
Everyday users of onyx sinks are absolutely amazed by the changing shades of onyx during bright sunny days as well as sunrises and sunsets.

Ressin Stone Sinks

In this field we are absolute experts. We have created a special department that works on this line of products. As a result, we have eliminated all possible problems with Ressin sinks. Our products have no cracks or gaps and the stones we use inside are always of a similar size and good quality.
Lux4home Ressin sinks are our best selling product in the USA market. We always guarantee appropriate thickness of the sink walls as well as perfect composition of the materials used.
Soon we will present our new products that will absolutely amaze you.

Stone Bathtubs

Our clients expect each stone bathtub of different size, shape as well as the colour. We always hear from our clients that thanks to our service they know from the very beginning what they are buying. We take photos of all our stone bathtubs during the production process in Indonesia and discuss the progress with our clients. As a result they know the exact look of their stone bathtubs before they are sent to their location. Our clients really appreciate this service.
We have several different stone bathtubs in our stock but we can make bathtubs especially for your unique requirements.