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Stone sinks exporter
Lux4home Products Stand

If your company is looking for a good partner for cooperation in one of the following areas:
Stone sinks exporter

  • Stone exporter
  • Stone sinks exporter or producer
  • Pebble tiles exporter or pebble tiles producer
  • Stone bathtubs exporter or stone bathtubs producer
  • Marble mosaic exporter or producer
  • Stone wall cladding exporter or producer
  • Contact us and see how easy it can be to develop the business. Expand your range of products of natural stone, which we produce in Indonesia. Stone sinks importer, stone sinks distributor, pebble tiles importer, wholesale or distributor, these are the business partners we are always happy to work with.

    Lux4home™ provides very good conditions for cooperation such as, multi-stage quality control system for monitoring orders, or even exclusivity.

    Please notice that we do not serve orders smaller than 1/2 of the container 20 ft. It is, therefore, about not less than 200 stone washbasins or not less than 500 sqm of stone mosaics. If however you wished to order smaller amounts (LCL), contact us – one of our local distributors will assist you with your order.