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lux4home quality

All you need for business is here

We used to be in your position. That is why our company knows what you and your customers are looking for.
We would like to invite you acquaint yourself with Lux4home™ standards which will allow you to offer your customers the best quality products. lux4home quality
As a result of cooperation with our company you will be able to achieve the following:
1. The ability to import a great variety of products from only one source. Accordingly you will have a broad range of goods for various customers. You don’t need to mix and match from different suppliers which might cause some problems. You simply have one trusted partner- Lux4home™.

2. All of our products and how they are designed, manufactured and assembled are improved based on feedback we have received from our clients and technicians installing our products. Our research team looks after the optimal designs and the sizes of our products. We guarantee that you will be able to obtain products where thickness of the sink and bathtub walls are optimal and where our cut and pebble mosaics have appropriate shapes and joints. In addition, appropriate mesh nets and glues are used.
We constantly work on additions to our lines of products and offer our customers new collections in line with their expectations as well as all recent market trends.

3. Our Quality Management team examine every product, each single pebble tile or a stone sinks.  Every product that your company has ordered has a person who is responsible for it and who will do their best to make sure that you and your clients will be fully satisfied.
As a result, our products have received awards in several markets and we have gained loyal customers who appreciate our hand finished quality products.

4. FOB. You can decrease the costs of importing from Indonesia as we offer our products with FOB conditions. We can organize the loading up process for you and if you would like us to assist you with the delivery of our products to your country we can help you and offer you CIF conditions.

5. If your company is from Europe and you receive sudden and important small orders (less than a full container) we will be able to offer you our products from our warehouse located in Poland. Your order will be delivered to you within 7 days. You can earn money by selling products and not waste time by waiting for the delivery. No one else can offer you this special service.

6. For your convenience we have CE certification. Our products are checked and certified under strict EU standards .Thanks to this, your company will not have to go through a lengthy and expensive certification process. If your company is already familiar with CE certification you will be aware of how important this is.

7. We have conducted research regarding ‘slipper standards’ for our mosaics and pebble tiles. If you need further information for important public projects please let us know. We will provide you will the necessary information.

8. In Poland- our country of origin, we outsourced research to the Institute of Hygiene and Health and received certification that our products can be used in contact with food. We also conducted research regarding the radiation measure of each stone. This simply guarantees you the best quality.

9. If your company needs promotional materials, marketing support or you would like to put your own company name and logo on the sinks we will be delighted to provide these services for you.

10. By simply evaluating our products you will realize they will help your business grow, your sales will increase and your customers will be more satisfied. All thanks to the Lux4home way of conducting business.