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Petrified wood stone bathtub for sale

Petrified wood collection

Petrified Wood Bathtub LIGNUM Brown

available sizeS

  • Possible Length Range: 140 cm - 250 cm
  • Possible Width Range: 60 cm - 140 cm
  • Possible Height: 50 cm - 85 cm

Stone material

This bathtub is crafted from:

  • Natural Petrified Wood Stone / Fossil Wood.
*Upon request, the outer surface of the bathtub can be natural.


Weight entirely dependent on the size and shape of the bathtub. Weight range for all minimum and maximum sizes: 650 kg - 2300 kg. An average bathtub with a length of 190 cm weighs approximately 970 kg.​

Freestanding Fossil Wood Bathtubs are designed for indoor use. Drastic temperature changes may shorten the life of this stone tub.
For more information, you can visit our Blog.

This stone bathtub can be produced in black & brown shade (in different proportions for each individual bathtub).

You will also receive detailed photos before the bathtub is shipped.
Additionally, use the photos in the galleries under the description of the bathtub to see the color variations in the stone.

Download the collection catalogue: here
Download DWG files:
Download the technical sheet:
Case Studies on the Blog

Petrified Wood Bathtub LIGNUM Brown

Probably the rarest stone bathtub in the world. The creation process takes millions of years.

The Petrified Wood soaking bathtub is crafted from fossilized wood. Its extraordinary design originates entirely from nature—or, to be precise, from trees that have been turned to stone over millions of years in the volcanic ashes of Indonesia. Always made from a single piece of stone. Each Freestanding Fossil tub is meticulously cut and hand-drained by our finest craftsmen in Indonesia. The exterior of the tub can remain natural or be polished, as in our standard collection. We source petrified wood from legal and natural excavations, fields designated for cultivation, which can legally be deeply excavated.

Petrified Wood Bathtub Lignum Brown

Each stone soaking bath support the drain hole standards of a destined region (European, American, Asian, etc). These petrified wood bathtubs are exported virtually to any place in the world. Lignum Brown stone bathtub is part of Natural Petrified Wood Stone Collection, which is the most successful and best seller in Europe and America. Natural petrified wood stone products, like soaking bathtub, sinks, mosaics are unique and luxurious choices of architects and designers. There are no two exact same products of natural fossil wood stone bathtubs.


Model popularity
Years on sale
Lux4home™ exclusivity
Max. amount in 20' container


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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding petrified wood bathtubs. Everything you need to know when ordering a natural stone petrified wood bathtub Lignum Brown.

Feel free to contact us using the form below or via WhatsApp. Share your requirements for the petrified wood bathtub and your desired delivery timeline. We aim to respond within 48 hours on weekdays. If you don’t hear from us, please check your spam folder or contact us via WhatsApp.

If you are an individual customer seeking a single petrified wood bathtub, you can make a direct purchase from our factory. Alternatively, we can direct your inquiry to an importer of our products in your country, if available.

For wholesale customers or architects, the most advantageous approach is to initiate collaboration directly with us, bypassing intermediaries.

You’re buying directly from the source. The price of Petrified Wood bathtubs varies based on factors like size, wood color, and production time. Given the uniqueness of Petrified Wood, prices are typically higher compared to other materials like river stone. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and get a customized quote.

The production of a petrified wood bathtub significantly differs from other stone bathtubs (we have described this on this page), and moreover, only a few dozen people worldwide currently own such bathtubs. As a result, we typically maintain a stock of 3-4 pre-made Petrified Wood bathtubs. Prior to making a purchase, we’ll provide you with a selection of photos for each bathtub, allowing you to make an informed decision. If you require a bathtub in different colors or sizes, we can custom-produce one according to your specifications.

For petrified wood bathtub orders, we do not have a minimum order quantity requirement. If you order one petrified wood bathtub, we will manufacture it, pack it safely and help ship it with full cargo insurance.

Certainly, custom-made Petrified Wood bathtubs are available upon request. Clients often specify their preferences regarding color or size for such a bathtub. When producing a bathtub on special order according to the client’s design, we require a minimum of 6 weeks for production alone. If you’re seeking different shapes or sizes of Petrified Wood bathtubs, please inform us, and we’ll assess the feasibility of crafting them from this stone.

The lead time for petrified wood bathtubs depends on whether you choose a bathtub that is ready in our warehouse (in which case it is 2-3 days), or if you opt for a custom production (in which case we require a minimum of 7 weeks to produce the petrified wood bathtub).

We ship Petrified Wood bathtubs from the Port of Surabaya, Java, Indonesia, or another port in Indonesia upon your request. Should you wish to arrange pick-up using your own transportation company, we can accommodate that preference. However, please note that when shipping Petrified Wood bathtubs, we require full insurance coverage through the transportation company for added security.

The delivery cost depends on the size of your petrified wood bathtub and the delivery location. We partner with several transportation firms, ensuring we secure the most competitive rates for our customers.
We select only those transportation companies for shipping petrified wood bathtubs that are able to insure the cargo for its full value.