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Petrified Wood Stone Sink - Pedestal Sinks

Exclusive Petrified Wood Sink Collection: Order Directly from the Manufacturer for Personal or Commercial Use

Our natural petrified wood sinks are expertly handcrafted in Indonesia, utilizing exclusively sourced petrified wood from the region. For over two decades, we have upheld our commitment to quality and authenticity in producing petrified wood sinks. Each sink is meticulously carved from a single, untouched piece of petrified wood, ensuring no amalgamation or adhesives. While our catalog includes standard sizes, we offer bespoke customization options to tailor petrified wood sinks to our clients' precise specifications. Lux4home™ Indonesia provides petrified wood sinks in bulk for B2B clients and individually for retail customers, interior architects, hotels, spas, and more. Our remarkable petrified wood sinks have adorned prestigious locations worldwide, including the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, and Australia, spanning over 15 countries. Discover our exquisite petrified wood sinks for sale today.

Petrified Wood Sink collection for sale:

Luxurious and Unique: Handcrafted Petrified Wood Sinks for Sale

Have you ever wondered how to infuse your bathroom with a touch of ancient history? 

Do you crave a unique and luxurious element that stands out in your home? 

Are you searching for a centerpiece that combines natural beauty with exceptional craftsmanship? 

Look no further than our exquisite collection of petrified wood bathroom sinks for sale.

Petrified wood sinks are truly a marvel of nature. Created over millions of years, petrified wood is formed when trees are buried under sediment and mineral-rich water flows through them, replacing the organic material with minerals while retaining the original structure of the wood. The result is a stunning fusion of wood and stone, capturing the intricate details of the tree’s grain and texture in solid rock. Such extraordinary process makes every petrified wood sink bowl a unique piece of art.

Our petrified wood sinks bring this ancient beauty into your modern bathroom. Each petrified wood vessel sink is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Indonesia, who shape and polish the stone to reveal its natural beauty. These petrified wood sinks are conversation pieces that add a touch of luxury and history to any bathroom.

Washing your hands in a petrified wood bathroom sink – where the smooth, gleaming surface showcases the intricate patterns of the ancient tree – has never felt better! Combining stone’s durability with wood’s unique aesthetic results in a sink that is both functional and eye-catching. In our collection, you can find a variety of styles and sizes to match your style choices and your bathroom design. We are sure to have a petrified wood sink that will meet your needs.

Quality is our top priority at Lux4home™. Each of our petrified wood sinks undergoes a rigorous quality control process before leaving the workshop. We ensure that each sink is free from micro-cracks and imperfections – our goal is to deliver a magnificent and durable product. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every petrified wood sink we offer.

In addition to our standard collection, we offer custom-made petrified wood sinks tailored to your specific requirements. If you need a particular size, shape, or finish, our artisans can create a bespoke petrified wood vessel sink that perfectly complements your bathroom furnishings. Your sink will be truly unique thanks to our personalized approach.

Our petrified wood sinks for sale are not just for residential use! They are also a popular choice for luxury hotels, spas, and high-end commercial spaces. A great investment, these sinks combine natural beauty with durability. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication that is sure to impress guests and clients alike.

Refresh your bathroom with the timeless beauty and luxury of our petrified wood sinks. Each piece is a unique blend of natural history and artisan craftsmanship, designed to elevate any space. Whether for your home or a high-end commercial setting, our petrified wood sinks add elegance and sophistication. Contact us today to explore our collection and find the perfect sink for your needs!


Frequently Asked Questions about Petrified Wood Sinks. Everything you need to know about ordering a petrified wood sink.

To place an order, fill out the form below with your specifications, desired quantity, and deadline.

Expect a response within 48 hours during business days. If you don’t hear back, check your spam folder or contact us on WhatsApp.

Individual customers can buy a single sink directly from our factory, or we can refer you to a local importer if available.

For bulk orders or architectural projects, working directly with us offers the most benefits, cutting out middlemen.

Looking to purchase Petrified Wood Sinks? You can buy directly from our workshop. Prices for our unique Petrified Wood Sinks depend on factors like the specific wood used, the size of your order, and any customizations required. Get in touch today with your specifications for a personalized quote tailored to your project.

Buying directly from our workshop offers substantial cost benefits for individual buyers compared to purchasing through distributors or local retailers. By procuring directly from us, you not only save on costs but also guarantee quality control right from the manufacturing process.

We craft petrified wood sinks using legally sourced petrified wood from Indonesia, available in shades of brown, black, or mixed colors. The exact hue is often revealed upon cutting, reflecting the petrified bark of ancient trees. Our inventory includes sinks in various shapes, primarily classic designs, with options for custom shapes if feasible and desired by customers.

Apart from petrified wood sinks, we also specialize in other stone sinks such as onyx, marble, and river stone.

If you have a unique vision for a sink, let us know. We excel in creating custom designs, including pedestal petrified wood sinks, sinks with external raw surfaces, illuminated sinks, and spa-specific sinks

Can I Request a Custom Petrified Wood Sink? Here’s What You Need to Know.

If you’re interested in custom Petrified Wood Sinks beyond our standard options, please provide us with details. We’ll evaluate the feasibility of crafting a sink to your specifications. Due to the nature of the material, thin walls aren’t feasible, imposing stricter size constraints compared to other stone sinks.

If you’d like to see photos of available Petrified Wood Sinks from our current inventory, let us know. Occasionally, we have pre-made sinks in stock, and we can provide images for your consideration. If none of these match your preferences, we’ll create a new sink tailored to your requirements.

Buying directly from us gives you a broader selection and greater control over the appearance of your Petrified Wood Sink, ensuring both customization and cost savings.

The delivery cost for a petrified wood sink varies based on factors like its weight, dimensions, and the destination. Shipping a single petrified wood sink differs from shipping a larger order or container of sinks.

We work with several shipping partners to secure competitive rates for our customers. Alternatively, you have the option to arrange your own shipping if preferred.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the delivery and installation process of your petrified wood sink, ensuring a smooth experience. Our team of experts is available to assist you at every stage.

Furthermore, we insure petrified wood sinks according to rigorous transportation standards to guarantee their safe arrival.

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