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Pebble Tiles Mosaic

Sliced Pebble tiles collection

Sliced Pebble Mosaics MALUKU TAN

available sizes

30 x 30 (cm); 12" x 12" (inch)

Stone material

Sliced Pebbles

Weight (per SQM)

18 kg

Natural Stone Pebbles are suitable both for indoors and outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

Plaster available in sizes 30 x 30cm. Available also in Regular variant.

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Level Pebble Tiles Maluku Tan

Maluku Tan Sliced Pebbles are more processed than regular White Pebbles. Each single pebble stone is carefully selected and hand-sorter according to color, size and shape in order to provide the highest quality pebble tile available.  That gives you the certainty, that every time you place your order, you receive the same product according to color, size and weight. Pebbles in this mosaic are levelled, which makes each tile perfectly flat. Our Sliced Pebble Tiles support interlocking system which facilitates the installation. We use only non-toxic, environmentally safe glue.

Cut Pebble Stone Mosaics MALUKU TAN

Flat Cut Pebble Tiles can be used: indoors and outdoors. Usually used to decorate kitchens, bathrooms, facades, paths, pools and jacuzzis. 
Lux4home™ Pebble Tiles Features: weather resistance (indoor and outdoor), temperature resistance (e.g. in saunas, baths), equal shape and size of stones, interlocking system

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Max. amount in 20' container

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