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Flat pebble tiles manufacturer

SLICED PEBBLE collection

Sliced pebbles White and Ocalla

available sizeS

30 x 30 (cm)

Stone material

Pebble Stones

Weight (per SQM)

18 kg

Natural Stone Pebbles are suitable both for indoors and outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

Plaster can have following sizes: 10×30 cm, 15×30 cm, 30×30 cm. Available in Standing Pebble variant also.

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Flat Cut Pebbles  White & Ocalla

Sliced pebbles White and Ocalla is made of levelled pebbles. All stones are cut through and form an ideally flat surface. All of them are manually sorted according to their shade, shape and size. These little boulders are around 9-10mm thick. We never use glue, paint or wax. Go to the section “How is it made” on our website, to find out how we manufacture it. These colourful cut pebbles are most often used in bathroom and wet spaces. However can also be seen on garden paths, facades, and fences. The biggest advantage of flat cut pebble tiles is that you can lay them to form a perfectly even surface and still benefit from their exotic appearance. They look absolutely phenomenal regardless of where they are placed – indoors or outdoors. Sliced pebble tiles White and Ocalla are very popular pattern of Indonesian pebble tiles. They are very popular elements of floors and walls, as well as showers. However, you may often see them on fences, paths, or outside walls as well.

Sliced Pebbles WHITE + OCALLA


Beach pebble tiles are packed in carton boxes. There are eleven pieces in each single box which gives about one square meter. Mosaic tiles are separated by a sheet of carton and then a layer of foil – this is our standard packing method. On request, barcodes and logos can be placed on each single box. Packings can be designed following any design.

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Max. amount in 20' container

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