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Pebble Tiles Oase

Pebble Tiles Oase
Pebble tiles

Green & White Pebble tiles Oase are very fresh and exotic addition to the Lux4home™ pebble catalogue. Ever since it was designed, it has been used in thousands of interiors around the world including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, even staircases. Although most of times you will spot these inside, they can also be used in gardens, fountains and other exteriors – wherever one can imagine – sky is the limit! Finest quality of pebbles, which are carefully selected from Indonesian beaches, allows to create visual masterpieces. Each stone is sorted according to its shape, colour and size. The stones are attached to the mesh using environment-safe glue. This helps a lot in tiling. The shape of the tile is so well design, that it seamlessly interlocks, so it cannot be spotted where one ends and where the other begins. We call it Easy Fix System. Pebble mosaic Oase pattern consists of greenish pallette of colours all painted purely by nature. One can find greenish ones, white ones and many other connected with the general tone – forming a state-of-art tile of multiple purposes..

Technical specification:

Manufactured by Lux4home

Stone pebble tiles Oase – check examples of Bali pebble mosaics usage in bathrooms, and other unique interiors.

Stone Pebble tiles of Lux4home ™ feature:

  • weather resistant (indoor and outdoor)
  • temperature resistant (eg. in saunas, baths)
  • equal shape and size of stones
  • interlocking tiles

We invite interior designers, shops with interior and bathroom furnishings, stone companies, retail customers to work with us. Lux4home ™ manufactures all these stone products in Indonesia. Natural Pebble Stone Mosaic Oase 30×30 cm for sale – We also produce it in other sizes: 10×30, 15×30, 3D boulders. For interior designers we dedicate CAD files for online projects.

Important notes: invisible joins, equal height of stones and regular color stones.

Materials Earth pebbles
Tile dimensions 30cm x 30cm // 12″x 12″
Weight about 1,8 kg
Designer Lux4home™
Category Pebble mosaics, pebble tiles
Style Natural
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Let yourself be inspired and trade with us. Inquire about whole sale prices, incoterms, and delivery conditions. It is much simpler than you can imagine…

Oase pebble tiles indonesia