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Pebble Borders Panu

Pebble Bordes collection

Pebble Tile Border PANU

available sizeS

10 x 30 (cm); 15 x 30 cm

Stone material

Pebble Stones

Weight (per SQM)

18 kg


Natural Stone Pebbles are suitable both for indoors and outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

Plaster can have following sizes: 10×30 cm, 15×30 cm, 30×30 cm. Available in Standing Pebble variant also.

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Pebble Tile Border PANU

Pebble border Panu, as well as the rest of Lux4home™ pebble tiles, are handmade. Stones are diligently sorted according to color, size, and shape to ensure the final customer always receives the highest quality for each piece. Tiles fit together perfectly, almost seamlessly, thanks to the Easy Fix System. It is also very important for us to use only non-toxic, environmentally safe glue. We attach stones to a sturdy vinyl backing mesh, making tile placement more effective. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, customers benefit from competitive pricing and superior quality control. This direct relationship ensures transparency and satisfaction with every order.

Pebble Tile Decors PANU


Pebble tiles are commonly employed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of swimming pool surfaces or as entire flooring solutions. They also serve as an excellent choice for creating stunning stone walls. Our pebble tiles come in various sizes including 10x30cm, 15x30cm, and 30x30cm, offering versatility in design and application. For those looking to build upright pebble walls, we specialize in providing stones sized at 15x30cm.

Our mosaic products are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring both durability and aesthetic excellence. Each tile is carefully selected for its quality and uniformity, guaranteeing a finished installation that is not only visually appealing but also built to last.

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Max. amount in 20' container
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