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Unique interior made of white pebbles on walls. It was made of White Timor Pebble Tiles 30x30cm  in ‘Tokyo Sushi’ restaurant in Warsaw – Poland.

Enjoy the virtual walk and admire the high quality of pebble tiles. Notice that there are no visible joints between tiles!  We found it extremely important that Lux4home™ pebble tiles join easily and suit one another perfectly.  White Timor pebbles are all handmade, including sorting, assembling to mash  etc. Thanks to that gaps between the stones are small. This white timor pebble tiles are available in three sizes :
30×30 15×30 10×30 and borders as well.

Interior designers, architects, pebble mosaics distributors, stone pebble importers or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to cooperate with us.
Lux4home™ is a manufacturer / producer & exporter of white pebble tiles (like this), pebble mosaics in diffrent colours, pebble borders etc.


 Enjoy your virtual walk ( to make it more comfortable please boost the view to all screen)


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