marble mosaics tile

Stone mosaic Jepara Grey

Grey Marble border

Jepara Grey border consists of small pieces grey marble. Each has irregular shape, but the same height 9-10 mm. Stones are joint together with vinyl mesh. That is why when assembled they make totally flat surface. Each single mosaic border is 10 x 30cm. It is also important that this border supports Easy Fit System, which make tiles interlock and easy to assemble. No visible joints between tiles. Jepara Grey border is often used together with Jepara Grey 30 x 30cm on floors. Two different sizes (10×30 & 30×30) make it easy to adapt in any interior you desire, regardless it is wall, floor stairs or whatever.

Technical specification:

Manufactured by Lux4home
Materials Gey sandstone
Dimensions 10 x 30 cm
Weight about 0,3 kg
Interlocking Lux4home
Category 2 side interlocking system
Packing 1sqm (33 pcs / box)


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