Marble black pedestal sink crl 142

Freestanding Marble Sinks  CRL 142

Freestanding Marble Sinks CRL 142

Inspite of being wholesalers, we work with hundreds of architects and interior designers all over the world. They use stone sinks, bathtubs, and stone mosaics we produce with their commercial and residental projects all over the globe.

Please have a look at this black marble pedestal sink with of Lux4home™ blended into the interior of the bathroom by one of them.

It is a challenge to fit black stone pedestal sink in a bathroom. Especialy if you put it next to ceramic tiles, wood and steal. However when you do it right, the effect is astonishing. Did you notice how nice light, linear shapes on tiles emphesize natural structure of column of the marble sink? Dark grey wall tiles behind the sink are in the opposite with white floor and walls. Altogether it looks spectacular and cozy. It is only one of the countless options of interior arrangement that includes freestanding marble sinks. Make sure to see the rest of our products, like rock sinks, boulder bathtubs and pebble tiles which may twist the interior even more!

Freestanding marble sink CRL 142 black marble is handmade in 100%. It has nothing to do with Chinese mass production. Manually drained, shapped and polished, each single piece is unique.


freestanding marble stone washbasins
Black Stone Sink – Standing Stone Sinks
freestanding stone sinks
freestanding stone sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding stone sinks
freestanding stone sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding marble sinks
freestanding marble sinks

Interior designers, distributors, importers of natural stone or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to contact us regarding the possible cooperation. Our team is waiting for your call.
Lux4home™ is a producer & exporter of freestanding marble sinks (like this), freestanding stone sinks, vanity sinks etc.

Luxury apartment with pebble tiles on walls

Luxury apartment with  pebble tiles on walls

Luxury apartment with pebble tiles on walls

Can you imagine placing each pebble individually?

Maluku Tan pebble tiles on wall

Don’t worry! These pebbles are put on vinyl mesh! That way covering entire wall takes minutes. It is as easy, as placing traditional tiles. However, the finall effect is way more spectacular! Don’t you think?

Please have a look at this Maluku Tan Pebble Tiles produced by Lux4home™ in Indonesia. Each single tile consists of number of similar pebble stones. Similar shade, colour and size make entire tile look ellegant, and still natural. Maluku Tan is one of the most popular color of natural pebbles. Variety shades of gray, and beige or even sometimes very light brown. These natural coloures make any interior look cozy and warm. It really does not matter if you place them on floor or on a wall or if on a bathroom, hall or livingroom. Either way they always fit and look great.

You may wonder how it is possible that there are no visible joints between tiles. It is tricky! EasyFit Interlocking System makes each single tile perfectly fit another – just like puzzles. That is why, entire wall looks like it was covered with pebble loose.

  • No paint!
  • Only natural stone
  • Unique interlocking system

Remodeling and Home Design



Natural pebble mosaics on mesh are often used not only in luxury bathrooms, but also in gardens, SPA centres and luxury restaurants. They fit perfectly any design you can think of. Wherever placed, they always change one interior into the one full of charm and unique.
Please notice that all pebble tiles, and marble mosaics produced by Lux4home™ in Indonesia are CE tested. They are allowed to be sold over the globe. Pebble Tiles Collection of Lux4home, that consist of variety of mosaics, borders or even standing stones got many awards mostly in Europe. However thanks to their natural beauty and uniqueness they are appreciated also in America and Australia. All our products are famous of using only natural techniques of production. You will find no paint, no nor putty in any mosaic we manufacture. It is all handmade always! Highest quality is guaranteed always!

pebble tiles beige
pebble tiles beige
Beige pebble wall
Beige pebble wall
Beige pebble mosaic
Beige pebble mosaic
Beige pebble tiles manufacturer
Beige pebble tiles manufacturer
beige pebbles
Beige pebbles on wall
Beige pebbles on wall
Beige pebbles on wall
Pebble tiles
Beige Pebble tiles producer & exporter
Beige Pebble Tiles
Beige Pebble Tiles – livingroom wall stone pebble

Interior designers, stone mosaic distributors, importers of natural stone products or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to cooperate with us.

Zen Stone Bathtub drained in rock

stone freestanding bath

Stone bathtub drained in rock  Stone Soaking Tub

Stone bathtub drained in rock

Lux4homestone bathtubs are mostly made to order. If clients of yours decide to have rock bathtub, they definitely want it to be unique and to fit their expectations perfectly, regarding size, color, stone material and shape. Natural river stone bathtubs Flumen are produced in Indonesia, Java island. Each one weight about 1500kg. We need approximately 2 to 3 weeks to produce your dream zen bath. It is not long, especially if you consider that each single product is handicraft made manually by our best craftsmen from Java. After getting stone from the source, our craftsmen crosscut it and drain. Flumen bathtub is only drained and polished inside. The exterior remains untouched, just as it was created by Mother Nature. Thanks to that, each tub is unique and the products always differ one from another. Each piece has unrepeatable shape and shade. Also fossil plants often appear. That make these stone bathtubs absolutely phenomenal.

Please also notice, that unlike many others producers Lux4home™ does not use glue, adhesives, paint and dyes during the process of manufacturing. All that we produce and export is nature by itself.

Each of our distributors  confirm that their clients who put natural river rock bathtub in their bathrooms claim that stone is not cold. It adopts room temperature. That is why it gets warm easily and quick during bath time, and keeps the temperature longer than regular bathtubs. Taking a bath in this piece of art like is immensly relaxing and pleasant. 


River stone bathtub
River stone bathtub







Lux4home™ produce marble bathtubs, river stone bathtubs, onyx bathtubs & andesite bathtubs – black bathtubs. The whole collection is free standing tubs.

Interior designers, distributors, importers of natural stone or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to work with us. Why should you choose Lux4home™? Have a look at this video.

Extra long marble sink

long sink stone

Extra long  marble sink

Extra long marble sink

Lavoir Smooth is one of the largest vanity sinks we produce. It is 120cm x 40cm 10cm big. The one you can see on the pictures is made of Indonesian cream marble. It can be also made of grey or yellow marble, black andesite or honey onyx. The most important thing is that it is made of one single piece of stone always! No glue nor putty is ever used. Also it was CE tested, so can be used all over the world, including Europe and America. Lavoir Smooth is designed in minimalistic form. Straight sidewalls and regular shapes make it look very luxury and beautiful. It fits perfectly modern bathroom designs.  It is only 10cm high and that way looks very light and smooth.

This particular sink got Golden Customer Award in 2014 in Poland as the finest and the most extraordinary bathroom equipment.

long marble sink - Lux4home



These 2 unique Illuminated onyx sinks will charm you.

Illuminated  onyx sinks.

Illuminated onyx sinks.

Pedestal Hammered stone sinks by Lux4home™ are the very first in Europe made all of onyx. More demanding clients, who look for unrepeatable solutions, know that onyx sink can be illuminated, & so can these sinks. It changes every single bathroom in its very own special way. With one sink you get two different faces – one with its natural shade, without lightening, & second when you get amazing sensation with illuminated sinks. How to illuminate Onyx Sinks Lux4home™? Pedestal hammered onyx sinks has an empty space inside its column. This is to hide all the pipes & water system, but not only. This empty space can be easily used to put e.g. LED lightning system. In that simple way you can illuminate the basin & the column too. All the rest is just a case of your imagination. No matter if you use a light bulb, or LED system you always get astonishing effect. Lux4home™ is the very first who made this kind of free standig onyx sinks. Admire the pictures below: pedestal onyx sinks      

                                              onyx sink                                     Illuminated onyx                                   illuminated sinks                       onyx sinks                         onyx vanity sinks                                                  

See full Youtube Video about Illuminated Onyx Sinks

How do we achieve a stone basin that is translucent and can created astonishing illumination effect? It is more simple than you think. First and foremost – the finest quality. Before we begin the production, we always make sure to acquire only the best stone resource. In order to do that, we often go beyond our Javanese region and travel to different Indonesian islands. All this effort to provide our clients with the stone sink useable for long long years.

Once we have the right material, we are moving on with the production. Our products are made from solid pieces of stone only. No artificial substances used in the manufacture. It guarantees perfect translucency. Once the product is finished, it is tested as part of our multi stage quality control. No product is shipped to a client until it meets all necessary criteria. Lux4home™ is a brand that guarantees high product quality. We are the one and only supplier in Indonesia, because we have worldwide experience.

If you take a look at our portfolio, you will find many beautiful examples of projects that required our royal onyx wash basins. Keep in mind that this is only one type of stone sinks that we specialize in. Other than that, you can find Cream and Grey Marble wash basins, River Stone wash basins, but also Stone bathtubs and Shower Trays. Our offer caters both for classic and modern bathroom trends. Each year we also release our designer collections that you will not find anywhere else. Moreover, we are happy to run the production of your customized models. Sky is the limit. Get in touch with us and find out the possibilites of improving your business and creating brand new opportunities for your clients. We are waiting for your call. Our team is always willing to advise and support your business even if this is a completely new venture. A lot of our partners started from the bottom and were positively surpised about the stone sinks reception. 

Interior designers, bathroom articles distributors, importers of natural stone or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to cooperate with us. Lux4home™ in a manufacturer / producer & exporter of freestanding onyx sinks (like this), freestanding stone sinks, vanity sinks, tubs etc.

Retro style kitchen

Retro style stone kitchen  Stone Farm Sink

Retro style stone kitchen - Stone Farm Sink

Lux4home™, in spite of many bathroom building materials, like stone wall claddings, marble tiles or stone bathtubs, also produces kitchen furniture e.g. sink San Marino cream marble.

Please look at this nice retro style kitchen with granite counter tops, marble sink, and bricks on walls. All together with wooden cupboards looks absolutely phenomenal.

Retro style kitchen sink San Marino is made of one piece of Indonesian marble. It is manually drained and polished by our best craftsmen in Indonesia. Please notice that no glue, nor paint nor even cement is used. It may be also produced out of gray marble, yellow marble or black andesit. It fits retro style kitchen like this perfectly. Please look at these beautiful grey veins on quartz inside marble. Both inside and outside walls are manually polished. There is no paint used. Classic shape with rounded corners look just great! Doesn’t it?

Retro style kitchen is very popular in USA where we export San Marino sink most of all. However you can also get it from our European dealers.

Lux4home™ is a manufacturer / producer & exporter of farm sinks (like this), kitchen stone sinks, vanity sinks etc. Interior designers, distributors, importers of natural stone you are all welcome to cooperate with us.



White pebble tiles on walls

White pebble tiles on  Stone Walls

White pebble tiles on walls

Unique interior made of white pebbles on walls. It was made of White Timor Pebble Tiles 30x30cm  in ‘Tokyo Sushi’ restaurant in Warsaw – Poland.

Enjoy the virtual walk and admire the high quality of pebble tiles. Notice that there are no visible joints between tiles!  We found it extremely important that Lux4home™ pebble tiles join easily and suit one another perfectly.  White Timor pebbles are all handmade, including sorting, assembling to mash  etc. Thanks to that gaps between the stones are small. This white timor pebble tiles are available in three sizes :
30×30 15×30 10×30 and borders as well.

Interior designers, architects, pebble mosaics distributors, stone pebble importers or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to cooperate with us.
Lux4home™ is a manufacturer / producer & exporter of white pebble tiles (like this), pebble mosaics in diffrent colours, pebble borders etc.



Natural marble mosaics in Wierzenica Dwór

Natural marble mosaics in  Wierzenica Dwór

Natural marble mosaics

Black and white marble mosaic may be used in many ways. We want to show you how marble mosaic from collection  Parquet 10×10 Lux4home™ can be used in unusual way. In “Dwór Wierzenica” we can see unique interior design.   Please look marvellous stone floor made of  marble in white interior.

The idea of using stone floors is really unusual. In many interiors we can see marble kitchen floor tiles and stone floor in hall, but they are usually in one colour. “Wierzenica Dwór” is a place, where black marble tiles and white marble mosaics are mixed.

The project was realized. with 50% of black marble mosaics and 50% of cream  marble mosaic. Each single marble slice was separated from mesh and composed as a chequered pattern black and white. It is harder and time – consuming to lay the floor using single pieces, but it is really worth it.

Design was realized in “Wierzenica Dwór”  (Wierzenica 15; 62-006 Wierzenica – Kobylnica; distance: Poznań – 4 km, Berlin – 294 km, Warszawa – 308 km ) place worth visiting.

Lux4home™ is a manufacturer / producer & exporter of mosaic marble tiles (like this), stone mosaics on mesh, marble borders or marble mosaics etc.
Interior designers, mosaics tiles distributors, natural stone importers of natural stone products or bathroom fittings, you are all welcome to cooperate with us.


Lux4home have become a number 1 expert in choosing the perfect basalt boulder bathtub…

Stone Marble Bath Tube for sale

We have become a global expert in choosing the perfect  basalt boulder bathtub...

We have become a global expert in choosing the perfect basalt boulder bathtub...

The period of last few months is a proof of Lux4home™ expertise in delivering bespoken bathtubs made from River Stone. We attracted many new customers, as well as worked with our regular partners producing a number of stone tubs with great diligence. Each project assumed different colouristics and size, each customer had their own vision of a dream bathtub. We are proud that it was us who completed all those projects with flying colours. Have a look at those beautiful baths:

Big rock bathtubs for 3-5 people
We have produced a freestanding stone tub that will be holding up to five people in a wellness center. It is made from one piece of River Stone boulder and the final dimensions are 260 by 180 centimeters. The overall weight is almost 2 000 kilograms. After it was delivered to a four-star hotel in Dubai, we immediately had to deliver two more pieces to a resort in Mexico.

Basalt boulder bathtub - stone tubs
Basalt boulder bathtub – stone tubs
Basalt boulder bathtub - stone tubs
Basalt boulder bathtub – stone tubs

Other project included a basalt boulder bathtub made from our design. It resembles our stone sink Lavabo Batu Kali – the edges remain rough and natural. This particular rock tub imitates a stranded rock which is a great illustration of nature. Last few months have proven, that these lava stone bathtubs tend to be more popular than the regular, top-cut counterparts.
It is worth noting that these type of tubs are sometimes referred as granite boulder bathtubs whereas in fact, these are basalt boulder bathtubs.

Basalt boulder bathtub - stone tubs
Basalt boulder bathtub – stone tubs

lava stone bathtub - rock bathtub

The project which blazed a trail for us in terms of complete design assumed a freestanding stone bathtub and a washbasing made from the very same riverstone rock. One of the client, who turned to us by recommendation, demanded such a two-pieces twin set. In this case, the long sink was a sort of “lid” of bathtub’s rock. Basin’s external structure was identical and integral to the bathtub’s. This is a perfect example of our flexibility that enables to make client’s visions come true.

Rock Bathtub - Granite stone bathtubs
Rock Bathtub – Granite stone bathtubs

The distance which Lux4home™ baths travel should not be a surprise anymore. You may find our lava stone bathtubs in most of the continents. They decorate prestigious interiors and exteriors in: New Zealand, Dubai, Mexico, USA, Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, South Africa, Fiji, Indonesia, Antigua and more. Our basalt stone tubs are installed in gardens, Spa & Wellness centers, hotels, private houses and apartments, massage massage parlours and many more.

Our customer service team is always willing to help and provide valuable advices throughout the process of purchasing and producing. The production team in Indonesia is one of the most experienced and meticulous in the whole country. All this is supplemented by our strict Quality Control process. For this purpose, we employ separate QC personel whose role is to inspect each and every stone basin or rock bathtub before it leaves our factory. This possibly makes Lux4home™ the best supplier of natural stone sinks and basalt boulder bathtubs in the whole region. This video presents what you can expect from other suppliers versus what can you expect from the well-known quality of our company.

Stone Marble Bathtubs - granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs – granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs - granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs – granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs - granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs – granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs - granite boulder bathtubs
Stone Marble Bathtubs – granite boulder bathtubs

Which stone is right for your bathroom?

Your bathroom countertop  takes a beating.

Your bathroom countertop takes a beating.

Stone SInks Not a beating like the one your kitchen takes. After all, there’s no searing heat or constant clanging of pots and pans on the surface of your bathroom countertop. Yet, there is a lingering danger that can destroy weaker countertop materials.

It’s called moisture.

From the condensation that forms after a hot, steamy shower to the frequent running of water from the faucet, your bathroom countertop is exposed to moisture all day long. How do you account for the slow damage caused by moisture?

You choose a stone countertop for the bathroom. The question is which stone is right for your bathroom?

Tips for Choosing the Right Stone for Your Bathroom

Because of the constant threat of moisture, we can rule out several types of countertop materials, such as laminate and heavily treated wood. Stone is the best option for a bathroom countertop, but how do you go about choosing the right stone for your bathroom?


Durability should be at the top of the factors list for selecting the right bathroom countertop stone. The surface must be able to handle prolonged exposure to moisture, as well as endure the lingering carnage left behind by soap, cosmetics, and cleaning chemicals. If you have a second bathroom used primarily by guests, you can get by using a less durable and hence, a less costly bathroom countertop material. For the main home bathroom, go with the toughest stone you can afford.


For many homeowners, cost plays a pivotal role in determining the type of stone used to design a bathroom countertop. For instance, granite costs less than prefabricated quartz and both materials are costlier than solid surface materials. Although cost is a factor in determining the type of stone used to construct a bathroom countertop, it shouldn’t be the only factor considered when making a buying decision.


Most stone countertops require minimal maintenance, especially when it comes to repairing dents and scratches. Still, you have to consider the impact of cleaners on a stone countertop. Some stones don’t do well when exposed to chemical cleaning agents for extended periods. If you select a stone that possesses tiny nooks and crannies, you have to deal with the effect sealing agents have on the stone.

Let’s look at several different types of stone to help you decide which stone is right for your bathroom.


As we mentioned, granite costs less than manufactured quartz, but the stone still ranks high in terms of cost. Nonetheless, the cost is well worth it, as  that complements virtually any bathroom décor. The stone works aesthetically well with darker paint colors applied to bathroom walls, as well as granite presents a deeply rich appearancedarker woods used to accentuate a more rustic bathroom ambiance. Highly rugged granite withstands constant exposure not only to condensation, but frequent streams of strong running water. You would have to perform a magic act to dent or scratch granite. The glimmering stone under natural and artificial light comes in a wide variety of colors to give you the ultimate in bathroom design flexibility.


The polished look of marble makes the stone ideal for homeowners that want their bathrooms to sparkle. With a reflective property greater than the reflective property of granite, marble is available in a wide spectrum of rainbow colors. If you want to add a feminine touch to the bathroom, marble is the go to stone for the countertop. You can also pair the stone with darker colors like black and deep blue. Marble sits at the top of the cost list for bathroom countertop stones, but because of its beautiful appearance, you can recoup the cost of marble and then some when you enjoy an increase in the value of your home.


Slate is compressed on several layers of clay, which causes the stone to split into thin, wide layers. The formation process of slate makes the stone perfect for bathroom countertop surfaces. You don’t have to worry about moisture pooling at the corners, as well as having to deal with lingering moisture that collects near the sink drain. The finely textured look brings an organic ambiance to the bathroom, which you can enhance by placing wooden accessories near the bathroom countertop. Softer than granite and marble, affordable slate remains one of the more durable stones used to design bathroom countertops.


If you took a chemistry course in high school or college, you probably worked on a lab table that consisted of soapstone. That should give you an idea about how the stone endures being exposed to heat. The question is how soapstone fares against constant exposure to moisture. It’s a highly dense material, which means the stone is an excellent choice for designing a bathroom countertop. Moisture cannot penetrate the surface of soapstone and maintenance of the stone typically requires only a few swipes of a dry cloth to soak up any residual moisture in the sink and along the edges of the countertop. Color options are limited for the stone, with black and charcoal gray by far the most common choices.


Because of its more casual appearance, you might not consider limestone to be in the mix for the right bathroom countertop stone. The sandy stone quickly absorbs moisture to make it a viable option for homeowners that operate on tight home improvement budgets. However, the absorption capability of the stone means you must pay attention to cleaning and maintaining the surface of the countertop. You can buy a limestone countertop that receives a matte finish to remove most, if not all of the primitive look. Certain minerals like iron can change the color of limestone to a faded red or yellow, which can dramatically transform the ambiance of your bathroom.

Spend the time you need to choose the right stone for your bathroom. A rush to a decision might turn out to be a costly decision that you regret for years to come.


Natural Pebble Stone Mosaic as long as its stones are levelled and well-sorted, is a perfect alternative for regular patterns and can be applied both on walls and floors. Crucial factor that needs extra attention is whether all pebbles are the same in height, so that no stone rises above the other. Apart from that, the mesh onto which pebbles are attached cannot absorb any moisture. Natural Pebbles on a vinyl mesh are easy to install, and there are a lot of variants to choose from: completely flattened and cutted, slightly convex, or even 3D Pebbles suitable only for walls.


Onyx is a semi-precious stone that is transparent enough to let the light come through. Appropriate installation of this type of stone may result in one bathroom having two faces: first being the regular and warm environment when the stones are not lightened, and the second one being a spectacular and atmospheric place when the lights (e.g. LED bars) that are installed underneath onyx are turned on. Onyx is the only stone that allows to create 2in1 interiors within a friendly budget.