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Petrified wood stone sinks

Petrified wood stone sinks

Petrified wash basin

Designed by nature, created by Lux4home™.

This basin is produced exclusively by Lux4home™ in Indonesia. Petrified wood vessel sinks are made of special kind of wood which was put through the process of permineralization. The fossil is then manually carved by our best craftsmen. Petrified wood is a true three dimensional representation of the original organic material providing a natural piece of art ready to redefine any indoor decoration.
Just like most of stone washbasins, it is carved from a single solid block stone – not glued. That results in a sturdy and durabile piece of bathroom equipment.

Apart from stone washbasins from our regular collection, we also produce ones made of marble, onyx and sandstone according to the needs of a customer.
Reserved patterns are also available – we can design models which will be produced exclusively for you.
Please contact us for more information.

As with any natural stone product no two basins will be exactly the same. There will be variations in both markings and color. There may be fissures or veining which are natural features of the stone. This sink is representational of what is available. Please give us a call to request photos of actual sinks that we have in stock or available row stone material.