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Stone bathtub Praesenti

Stone bathtub Praesenti
Stone bathtub

Natural stone bathtub Praesenti is manually produced in Indonesia by our very best craftsmen. It is made totally of one piece of marble or andesite stone. No glue nor paint nor cement is used. Even though it looks like it was made of two pieces of rock joint together, the true is that one part of it is hammered and one is polished. But still it is one piece of stone.

It can be produced out of cream, grey, yellow or red marble, and black andesit. Stone we use, is taken from an Indonesian source always. We pick up only these, that fit our expectations. Marbles are often covered with quartz veins in the shade of grey, orange, or brown. Andesite however is totally black with little shiny drops of black minerals. Both marble and andesit look beautiful. Praesenti bathtub is often used in luxury hotels, SPA Centers and luxury residential properties.

Technical specification:

Stone luxury bathtu

  • Producer: Lux4home
  • Designer: Lux4home
  • Material: Marble / Andesit
  • Dimension: 195 x 80 x 76 cm
  • Weight: 1500- 2000 kg
  • Collection: Natural Stone Bathtubs

Please notice that the outside wall of this bathtub instead being polished, it it hammered. However it can be done polished as well.

Natural stone bathtub Praesenti is to be seen all over the world in SPA centers, hotels, and luxury residential properties. We produce it Indonesia on Java island, and ship it to Europe, America and Asia.