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Marble Bathtub ABU

Marble Bathtub ABU
Stone bathtub

Marble bathtub Abu

is manually produced in Indonesia. It is made of one piece of marble rock. No glue or grout is used. Our most talented craftsmen cut the rock, drain and polish the inside. Please notice that the outside is either hammered or polished. It looks the same as it was crated by Mother Nature. Marble we use is taken directly from Indonesian mines. Depending on our clients wishes, we either choose rocks totally white, or white with cream, beige and grey veins in it. As we distribute marble bathtubs like this almost all over the world (Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America) all drain hole standards are supported. Only stone bathtubs mannufacturer can provide you with such wide range of options.

Since the beginning of 2014 we have started to produce stone bathtubs out of Black Andesit. First of all it is much tougher than marble. That is way it does not break nor scratch easily. Also, it is much darker than black Marble. The stone we use is totally black with little drops of black sparkling minerals. Bathtubs or sinks made of semiprecious stones like Andesit are very luxury and delightful.


Technical specification:

Dimensions (inches)


Dimensions (millimeters)

Stone luxury bathtu

  • Producer: Lux4home
  • Designer:  Lux4home
  • Material: Marble / Andesit
  • Dimension: 180 x 80 x 55 cm
  • Weight: 500 – 1200 kg
  • Collection: Natural Stone Bathtubs

Natural stone Bathtub marble Abu is to be seen all over the world in SPA centers, hotels, and luxury residential properties. We produce it Indonesia on Java island, and ship it to Europe, America and Asia.